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July 01, 2008

Lovely innocent smoothies


Bronte went to Fruit Towers (as innocent's head quarters are called) today - she's worked at innocent for many years but now she is finally full-time Scandi Kitchen.

To celebrate, the Cheese CLub at innocent had a Scandinavian day today - and we brought along several interesting cheeses that we also stock at our little shop:

Sweden:  Vasterbotten, a 12-14 month ages hard cheese not unlike parmesan in texture but so seriously tasty on crispbread it is hard not to eat the whole packet.

Norway: Brunost - brown cheese, literally.   Whey, cream and milk is boiled until the sugar in the milk turns almost into caramel and this gives the cheese it's distinct colour and sweet flavour.

Denmark:  Gamle Ole - stinky, stinky cheese.  Strong.  Lovely. Great finish.  Blaa Kornblomst: Blue cornflower, a lovely creamy blue cheese with a great finish.  Not too strong, but still with a good bite (Organic from a small Danish dairy).  Last but not least:  Esrom cheese.  Some claim it is the king of Danish cheeses; strong, and as our Tobias desribes it: "with a nice flavour of cow shed at the end".  Yummy.

It's tradition at innocent drinks' Cheese Club to vote for the favourite at the end of a long tasting session and Gamle Ole was a clear winner. 


Fruit towers, where Bronte used to work and where people love smoothies and cheese.  A lot.



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Hello Bee. Thanks again so much for the very yummie lunch. You are amazing and the cheeses too. Speak soon. x Lautje

It was lovely to see you Bee. But that brown cheese was all sorts of wrong. If any of my A-Board lines make the grade, send me a photo (please). dan

GAMLE OLE as the winner...I knew it! Proper cheese tasters in that club.


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