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August 19, 2008

Mamma mia

Mother's get-togethers at Scandi Kitchen - a nice place to meet, chat and let the babies play

It can be hard as a new mother sometimes to find places to meet up with other mothers (especially one that allows prams, crying and breastfeeding all at once). At Scandi Kitchen, we have both Scandinavian Mother's meet-ups with babies during the day - and once a quarter we have Scandinavian Mother's evenings where we meet without the children (and sometimes drink a glass of wine or three).

Our space downstairs can hold around 8 prams/kids plus mums (any more and it gets too cramped). Let us know if you want to attend one of the groups we have already - or if you want to start arranging your own one.

Fancy running a Norwegian meet-up group? Perhaps you are a Swedish nanny or au-pair who wants a place to meet other like-minded colleagues for coffee with the babies you look after? Want to meet other Danish mums in London? A Finnish parent but have nobody else for your kids to practise their Finnish with? Let us know, we'll help you set up your group


Picture from the Danish Mother's group that meets on the 2nd Monday of

every month and last Friday of the month at Scandi Kitchen.

L to r: Alexander, Astrid, William and Johan.



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