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October 21, 2008

A little place in Scandinavia...

0-1224254344_2 The centre of Hong - you can see Mr and Mrs Blomhoj's house in this picture (the white one right at the back to the left) - don't forget to pop in for a cup of gevalia if you pass by... 

You always hear about the big towns such as Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen.  Seeing as we see ourselves as a bit of a mini-Scandinavian tourist board, we thought we'd introduce you to the places where we come from.  So, over the next few weeks we'll write about Henrik's Ystad, Elisabeth's Drammen and Jonas' Saro.

This week:  Bronte's Høng

The village of Høng on Sealand in Denmark has about 2000 inhabitants (and about 25,000 piggies).  Høng is mostly known for its cheese.  Some of the best Danish cheeses you can get your mitts on come from this region, the more famous one being the Danish version of Camembert and also an amazing type of cheese called rygeost (smoked soft cheese) - incidentally, Bronte's granddad used to make the most famous of rygeosts in all of the land and gave her a secret recipe which she'll one day have the courage to try and make.  Maybe.

Høng is a sleepy village with just one main street running through it.  It has a great kebab shop and and even better proper bakery where people meet in the morning to stock up on Danish pastries and catch up on the local gossip.  There are not any real famous landmarks in Hong, so most tourist drive a few miles south to Trelleborg - an old Viking Fortress, most definitely worth visiting if you're in the area.  Bring your wellies.

Other notable points to see in the area:  Reersoe, a lovely sleepy old island with a sweet habour and cats with no tails.  then there's the beaches by Stillinge Strand - some of the cleanest water in Europe and the lovely bridge of Storebaelt (incidentally, at 254 metres above sealevel, also the highest point in Denmark).



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