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December 02, 2008

Little places in Scandinavia # 6 - Sara's Stockholm

Stockholm2 Sara’s Stockholm – City of islands

Stockholm is made up by quite a few islands, 30,000 to be sort of precise. Faringö is one of these, located far out west in Lake Malaren. Färentuna - my little village - is located here, 40 km west of Stockholm city centre. My island is part of Ekerö municipality - a beautiful place (without too many fun things going on – apart from skinny-dipping) and famous for three things.



Sweden’s own Knugen Kalle, the missus and the kids (Vickan, Philip and every guy’s dream girl Madde) make up Sweden’s royal family. They have two royal palaces, one big monster in the middle of Stockholm and Drottningholm, their residence, a boat ride away on the island of Lovön. It even has its World Heritage listed Chinese theatre and palace gardens – good for greenery, Christmas markets and a bit of history.

For lovers of history, there’s even more to be had on the neighbouring island, Bjorkö, where you will find the only existing Viking town in the world, Birka. Although the Vikings left quite a few years back it is definitely worth a visit, if not to see how the Vikings used to live then at least for the beautiful boat trip there.

If in Stockholm and you find yourself hungry, try the Shanti – the best Indian restaurant ever (unless you’re in India).  It’s on Katarina Bangata 58.  For coffee and cakes, get yourself to Systrarna Hedin & Voltaire on Djurgarden.  It’s hard to find so ask me to draw you a map next time you’re in.




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