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March 19, 2009

Aunt Inga and her sticky chocolate cake

Our sticky Swedish chocolate cake is very popular (for some people it has proved so popular that they're considering rehab to beat the habit).

We are often asked about this cake - where does the recipe come from and whyis it so good?  Well, the type of cake, kladdkaka, is a very popular cake in Sweden.  There are hundreds of different ways you can make it and most are very nice.  Aunt Inga's recipe, however, is one of the extremely nice ones.

Aunt Inga is Jonas' auntie.  Unfortunately, she is no longer with us but her recipes are.  Aunt Inga was a true foodie - when she passed, we found a bunch of books that were a bit like diaries, but had details of every meal she'd ever cooked for her friends - just so she could be sure she'd never cook the same thing twice.

Do pop by for a pice of Inga's kladdkaka - or sample our more recent addition to the daily menu of our Scandinavian Kitchen Carrot cake - it has pine nuts in it and is very yum.


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Please, please, please share with us a recipe for kladdkaka... the only one I can find in English told me to add 3 tablespoons of vanilla essence and cook at 300C...

try searching kladdkaka in google, and use the translation tool. Im sure there are dozens of recipes out there :). I myself recently started a swedish chocolate blog, check it out here http://swedishchocolate.net

Thanks! :)

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