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April 27, 2009

Almost time for Eurovision 2009

We're excited, as per usual:  It's nearly Eurovision time and nearly time for in-country votings, eating grill chips with holiday dipmix and flying the flags of Norway/ Sweden / Denmark / Finalnd and Iceland. 

The bookmakers are actually making Norway the favourite this year - but here are the 5 clips so you can make up your own mind.

The semi-finals are on 12th and 14th May and the final is on 16th May.  Unfortunately, Terry Wogan will not be commentating this year, but hopefully Graham Norton will be just as sarcastic in the job.

NORWAY - little chap with the violin trying to appeal to the Eastern block voters

DENMARK - Ronan Keating re-incarnated, except not as good

SWEDEN - scary women. We're hiding.

ICELAND - Zzzzzzzzzz

FINLAND - euro-chewing gum mixed with some lordi style guitar that sounds like Aqua on speed



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Malena Ernman - she's damn good at Operan here... and she's a great interview. But this song... why? How? Eurovision always kinda scares me.

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