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May 19, 2009

New Scandinavian Potatoes - coming in June

We bet your Mum always told you to eat up your potatoes when you were a kid.   Ours certainly did – not that we minded, especially in the summer when the potatoes were new, fresh and from the farm down the road. 

Today, the taste of Scandinavian summer still starts with the first new potatoes of the year, boiled and dressed in melted butter and chopped parsley.   Perhaps the taste of summer to you is Midsummer’s eve, eating matjes herring with potatoes, chopped chives and crème fraiche...  Either way, it is the taste of home for most of us.  And yes, they DO taste different than English potatoes.

Either way, good news:  we’ll be stocking Scandinavian potatoes again this year.  Not in great amounts, mind you, so if you’re clever, you let us know if you are interested so we can make sure we order enough for you.  We’ll have Swedish potatoes and we’ll also stock some nice potatoes from West Zealand in Denmark (from some nice farmer down the road from Bronte’s mum and dad’s house.  They have an annoying dog that barks all the time and the farmer himself has a scary mono-brow, but man, they grow nice tatties).

They’ll come in early June, in time for Midsummer parties...  Prices depends on local seasonal prices, we’ll keep you posted.




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What are You? From another planet? Chopped Parsley? Never heard....Should read Dill...and not chopped at that...Should go with the boiling water...THEN,when on the plate add butter, but not melted. It will do that annyhow wenn you place it in your mouth, togeter with a piece off fresh-potato...Cheers!

Hello Erik

As we have learnt over the past days, new potatoes in Sweden are with dill - but the ones in Denmark are served with parsley. And this morning, our John told us that he serves his English new potatoes with mint.

It's all the little differences that make the world go round

Love, The Kitchen People

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