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12 posts from October 2009

October 28, 2009

Scandinavian Christmas Lunch 2009

Jingle bells, jingle bells.  It's time to book your Christmas party.  This year we have several options available:

  • Flat-Packed Christmas Lunch - think IKEA style:  it's got all the ready made ingredients, but it comes packed in a box for you to assemble it all yourself and pop the last few bits in the oven to re-heat.  £20 per person, minimum 10 people. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
  • Julefrokost / Julbord - traditional Danish or Swedish Christmas lunch at Scandinavian Kitchen - can be booked after hours only.  You get the whole shop to yourself with our lovely staff waiting on your every need (almost).  Minimum 25 people, max 32 - price depends on menu chosen, but it is around £25-29 per person.  Note - very limited dates available. Mail iwantfood@scandikitchen.co.uk for details.
  • Julefest - A standing Christmas after-work event.  We are hosting wonderful Christmas drinks with a selection of yummy Scandi canapes, mulled wine and traditional festive fun.  Minimum 40 people, max 75. Price per person only £12.95 CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Any questions or specific requests, just mail iwantfood@scandikitchen.co.uk - you never know, we might just be able to help out.


Chris Windsor's Photography workshops - a big hit

Chris Windsor, our wonderful photographer friend www.chriswindsor.com, has now hosted several short photography classes at Scandi Kitchen - and these are proving to be very popular. 

Chris is organising more classes for November - if you are interested in taking part, mail iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk and we'll put you guys in touch.  Classes are always held late aftrnoon, are about 2 hours in length and cost around the £20-25 per person. 

Classes are seperated into DSLR cameras and "Point and Shoot" (that's any normal digital camera to you and me, unexperienced people).  The point of the lessons is to learn to photograph food - one of the trickiest things to photograph.

You can read a few blog entries here from people who have attended the latest classes:





Photograph borrowed from

http://aforkfulofspaghetti.blogspot.com - wow, she's good...

Little Scandi Country #1 Solvang, California


It seems Scandinavian culture is alive and well outside Scandinavia too - welcoem to our new blog feature, where we seach for all those little very Scandinavian places around the world.

If you have any good links or knowledge of places, do let us know - send any info to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk

Little Denmark: in Solvang, California, Denmark is alive and well.  They have everything Danish, from little shops selling pastries and open sandwiches to being surrounded by gentle rolling hills, windmills and horse drawn carriages.  They also have wineries.  For, eh, making traditional Danish wine.  Maybe.

During the 1880's, around 90,000 Danes emigrated to America and settled largely in Minnesota and surrounding states.  Moving west throughout the next few decades, lots of Danes finally found the perfect place in California and set up Solvang, meaning "Sunny Hill".  Solvang was officially founded in 1911 and is today the "official" Denmark in America.

Bronte really, really wants to go there.

You can visit Solvang here http://www.solvangca.com


October 20, 2009

Norway is the best place to live. Must be the Bamsemums.

Norway has once again been voted the best place to live in the world.  Is it the food?  Is it the weather? The jumpers? Whatever is may be, it has come top in the UN pole once again.

You can read the full article right here http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8290550.stm

The rest of the Scandinavian countries featured 3rd (Iceland), 7th (Sweden), 12th (Finland), 16th (Denmark).  Niger and Afghanistan came bottom of the list out of 182 countries.


Best hockey goal?

This player is the nost talked about hockey dude in the Us at the moment.  Oliver Wahlstrom is from Portland, Maine - and is the son of a professinal Swedish hockey player (go figure!).  Oliver is only 9 years old.  Now watch this kid in action

October 14, 2009

Part Time opportunity at Scandi Kitchen (Christmas Elf Wanted)

We're looking for some part time help during the Christmas period as we tend to get really, really busy.

The job will be in all areas of Scandi Kitchen - from helping out behind the counter, making great coffee, serving lunch and helping people with their shopping.  You will also be helping in the kitchen, stock room and with all our incoming orders from Scandinavia (and helping pack up our overnight orders that we send out to all over the UK).  It is also likely that you will help on some catering assignments out-of-house.

This role is likely to be around 15-20 hours a week, likely to start in early to mid November and go all the way through till 23rd December (when the role will end).  It is very important that you can commit to working right up until and including 23rd December (we will close in the afternoon on the 23rd) as well as being available to work on Saturdays and some Sundays.    More hours may be available the busier we get and the more flexible you can be.   

We're looking for a lovely, presentable, nice, friendly Elf who has experience of Scandinavia/Scandinavian food.  You will have some expereince of working in a food related business - ideally in a cafe/deli environment. 

The pay is £6.88 an hour.  Interviews will be held next week and week after.  To apply, please pop us over your CV and a note stating why this assignment is perfect for you to bronte@scandikitchen.co.uk.

October 13, 2009

Photography session at SK

Wowsa, so popular they are, Chris Windsors food photography sessions....  All the next 4 ones are full except ONE space on the 23rd Oct which is a DSLR session.  if interested, mail us asap to grab the last space.

You can also mail us if you want to be kept up to date with any more sessions we arrange - just pop over a mail to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk .  Sessions are for either "point and shoot" or "DSLR" - and are around 2 hours in length on Friday or Monday afternoons at Scandi Kitchen. 

Read more about Chris here www.chriswindsor.com

Looking for a Norwegian, a Finn and a Swede...

We've had a call from the Brazillian Tourist Office in Wells street (near Scandi Kitchen) who are doing lots of events in Scandinavia in November and they are looking for one person from each country to come help them do a bit of work for this over the next few weeks in helping promote these events.

The job pays £10 an hour and it is for around 2 hours a day (mornings) for the next few weeks.  If you speak Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish fluently, do get in touch as soon as possible - contact details below.

Contact Chris Fuzinatto on 07958-233 538 or on ebt.uk@embratur.gov.br


Take La Chance... (little shops we like # 13)

This is not really a "Little Shop" but more of a bit of a success story from Denmark.  La Chance are exclusive Danish designed bracelets and they are really lovely - and recently they have been getting really good press in the UK...

The original La Chance Chinese Lucky Charm is made up by ceramic pieces shaped around the 12 Chinese Zodiacs for 12 years of luck. It is glammed up with 14 carat gold or white gold plated beads and Swarovski crystals.

Each of the 12 animals has accordingly to Chinese astrology each their personality and special abilities.
The legend is that before leaving this world, Buddha invited all the animals of the world to a feast. Only twelve animals arrived. And Buddha decided that a human being born in each animal’s year would inherit its traits. Therefore are people born in the year of the ox known as stubborn, hard working and decision makers, while those born in the year of the dog are loyal and faithful.

And a bit of name dropping too - these bracelets have been seen lately on Dannii Minogue, Sarah Harding, Peter Andre, Depeche Mode, Fearne Cotton, Miss England, Emmanuel Adebayor (Man C football God), Pixie and Peaches Geldof, Stacey, Lucie and Rachel from the X factor, Rcahel Stevens, Kid Rock, Boris Becker, Jesse Metcalfe - and the list goes on.

If you have a look at La Chance's UK pages on Facebook, you can enter their current weekly comptitions to win a bracelet - it's definitely worth doing for your chance to own one of these beauties... 

More info click here http://www.la-chance.info

For the facebook competiton, look here http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=42716022396



Fed up with the British weather reports?

...then try this method - might be more accurate?


October 07, 2009

Bye bye lovely Sara

Our Sara has left us, seeking new exciting horizons.  We'll miss her and had a lovely little leaving do with her last week.  Pictures are all from Sara's blog.

We wish you all the best Sara xxx



Little shops we like # 12 - The Butik

We love this new little online shop, selling lush kiddies goods from Denmark.  Run by Danish Charlotta, the online shop has everything from clothes to toys and really useful stuff such as the foldable bath!

You can find the shop here www.thebutik.co.uk



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