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12 posts from December 2009

December 22, 2009

Hi everyone. Stock that was reserved but has not been picked up has now been released. Pop by now for pinnekjøtt, flæskesteg, æbleskiver et cetera. We're open today tuesday till 7 pm and tomorrow from 8 am till midday.

December 20, 2009

Sunday 20th December - we're open for a bit...

Hello and merry Christmas to you.

Today Sunday 20th December we'll be open from 11:00-17:00 and we'll serve a basic menu.  Cakes, coffee and some christmassy food too (until we run out, that is...)

No bookings possible - it is a turn up and sit down kinda thing.

Pop by to do your last minute Christmas food shopping and share a Christmas hug or two with us.  We'd love to see you.  And yes, we still have ham, curry herring, cherry sauce etc etc in stock - we ordered extra, just for you.

Warm Swedish meatballs with potato salad, beetroot & apple salad and green stuff           £5.95

Viking Scandinavian Hotdog – topped with remoulade, ketchup, mustard and crispy onions        £2.50

Swedish Christmas Ham  - a thick slice served with sourdough bread, butter, dollop of Skanian mustard and a side salad        £3.95

Swedish Christmas platter – Xmas ham served with warm Janssons temptation, Swedish meatballs, pot of home made mustard herring, a slice of gravad lax, beetroot salad, organic sourdough bread, Vilmas crisp bread and butter

LIMITED AVAILABILITY – you snooze, you lose £9.95

Danish Christmas platter – Slice of Roast pork served with warm red cabbage, Danish meatballs, pot of curry herring, a slice of smoked salmon, beetroot salad, organic dark rye bread, sourdough bread and butter

LIMITED AVAILABILITY – you snooze, you lose £9.95


Sweet stuff

Ris a la Mandes – traditional Scandinavian Christmas dessert – creamed rice pudding with cherry sauce         £2.95

The Cakes – all £2.50 a slice

Bronte’s apple and cinnamon cake – a delightful result of her cravings

Aunt Inga sticky Swedish chocolate cake served with whipped cream

Carrot cake – the traditional cake, twisted:  made with pine nuts and topped with lime and cream cheese frosting          

Dream Cake – the infamous Danish cake, vanilla scented sponge with coconut and light caramel icing

Lussekatter – Swedish saffron buns for St Lucia        £1.30

Other sweet stuff in counter – from delicate to Valrhona and orange brownies, coconut macaroons and much more...


December 18, 2009

EXTRA DANISH DELIVERY - well, well. This year we predict we'll not run out of cherry sauce. A special last minute Xmas delivery has arrived this morning from Denmark: extra brunkager, kirsebaersovs, glogg, klejner... Sugar and spice and all things nice.

December 16, 2009

We've never seen so much princekorv in our lives...

Last delivery of the year is on - so now is the time to pop by and stock up.  Don't wait around because we're not going to get more Christmas stuff in now and we're no longer reserving stock either.

We're prepared for a busy few days - but we still have time ot hug and chit chat, so pop by.


The Kitchen People


Kuckelimuck Cake - what is it?

Jonas' Aunt Inga, bless her soul, is the inventor of our infamous Sticky Swedish Chocolate Cake - a recipe we guard carefully.  When Inga passed on, we got all her old cook books and we do enjoy reading them from time to time.

The other day we found this recipe in there.  Mainly, we just like the name:  Tart a la Kuckelimuck.  Nobody really knows what Kuckelimuck means, but it sounds like a nice thing.

Someone said it is from a book by Astrid Lindgreen about Karlsson on the Roof:  he is a little man with a propeller on the back who visits kids and his gives them Kuckelimuck Medicine whcih is basically candy.

This recipe has no candy in it, so maybe it is not really kuckelimuck (see how many times we can get that word in this blog post?!). 

The recipe, translated, is basically sugar, egg, flour and butter.  A bit boring.  No flavour, no nothing.  So, Michaela made it yesterday - and guess what?  It is lovely.  Still, a bit boring in taste so we're going to work on it a little bit.  One of the ideas is to add a proper kuckeliuck topping of candy.  We think we can do Karlsson proud on this one, so watch this space:  we have our work cut out for us over the holidays.


December 13, 2009

Shhhh.... Don't tell anyone...

...but the kitchen is doing a secret Christmas platter today, seeing as it is a lovely, cold winter Sunday.  Swedish Christmas ham, homemade Mustard herring, beetroot salad, Swedish meatballs, warm Janssons Temptation, Gravad lax with dill sauce - and bread and butter - all for only £8.95. 

Only very limited supply, so you'll need to be quick on your feet.


The Kitchen People


We are open today, Sunday 13th December from 11:00-17:00 for shopping, coffee and cake (and a few other bits and bobs).

Pop down to see us, sort out your Christmas smorgasbord and taste our lush Lucia Saffran Buns (it's Lucia day today, in case you did not know).


The Kitchen People

December 10, 2009

Christmas Opening Hours

We're open weekdays from 8-19 - except Thursday 10th Dec when we're open until 21:00.  Thursday 10th is also our LUCIA EVENT - pop by for glogg, saffran buns and a sing song.

Saturday we're open from 10 - 18 and Sundays (13th and 20th) from 11 till 17 (Sundays are free parking outside as well, so bring a van for all your prinskorv and brunkager).

Last day open before Christmas is 23rd December when we'll be open from 8:00-12:00 for coffee and cake.  We then go off on a well deserved holiday in the snow and will be back, well rested and with rosy cheeks, on the 4th Janaury.

Please do not leave your Christmas shopping until the last day as we are likely to be short of seasonal stock by then and we'd rather not see a repeat of last years mustard herring wars.  It was not pretty.

For pre-orders, mail Samara on iwantfood@scandikitchen.co.uk - she is in charge of packing your orders and putting stuff aside. 

The important bits:

Our address is 61 Gt Titchfield Street, London W1W 7PP.  Phone 0207 580 7161.  Food orders are to: iwantfood@scandikitchen.co.uk.

Our poor little BT line has been red hot lately so if the phone's enganged, try again later - or mail us, we promise to get back to you.

You can also find us on facebook (Scandinavian Kitchen) and on twitter @scanditwitchen.


December 09, 2009

North London Swedish School - they need your help

A group of London based Swedish parents are setting up a weekend school for Swedish speaking kids and really needs others to join and help support this excellent venture.

We received the mail below:

Norra Londons Svenska Skola – The North London Swedish School

We are a Swedish parent group in the process of setting up a non-profit Swedish Saturday or Sunday morning school in North London. The aim of the school is to keep the Swedish traditions and the language alive and allow it to grow through play, song and fun activities, as well as learning about Swedish history, geography and children’s literature.   

We are looking for Swedish parents of school age children to add to the parents who have already expressed an interest for their children to attend our school.  We are planning to start in February 2010, so please contact Mari West for further details and information: ainamariwest@hotmail.com

If this is of interest to you, do get in touch with Mari as soon as possible - the group needs to know the demand is out there for this kind of activity,

3.Logotyp - uggla


December 01, 2009

Welcome to Nete and Helena

Our busy Christmas times have certainly begun already - and we've got two lovely newbies who have joined our team at the cafe to help out.  Be nice to them if you see them around.  Nete is Danish - from the deepest, darkest Jutland - and Helena is from Iceland, which is also quite dark in the winter time.  Did you know that beer was illigal in Iceland until 1989?  Or that they have 13 different Santas?  Or that they grow bananas on Iceland? 

Which one of our Iceland facts are not quite true?  Send us your answer for your chance to win a free lunch.  Witty replies also accepted iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk

L to r: Helena and Nete

Antique's Roadshow - stuff we found

Here's a bunch of stuff we found at SK whilst clearing out our storage room.  Here's Sebastian proudly displaying our old stuff:


a plate with the Swedish King, Queen and little crown princess on it.  Old.

an empty box of gingr thins.  Very old.

an unopened tin of vacuum sealed coffee from around 1954 (not kidding - this Danish coffee roaster, Poulsens from Slagelse, went out of business yonks ago... A piece of history).  Seriously old.


Henrik.  Quite old.


 Sebastian in front of the pride and joy pictures of Knugen and his lady.  Not for sale.  The rest of the items are (except Henrik, unless you pay cash).

Litte shops we like # 14 - Jake the man

Jake is our good friend and he is great at carpentry.  He's done loads of work at SK and we're happy to have him as our Little Shop we Like. 


Jake in front of some of his handy work - our new grocery shopping area

If you want to contact Jake, you can do so via us.


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