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January 29, 2010

Our semlor contain no calories*


*this is a lie.

But man, are they worth every last calorie.

We bake fresh semlor every day until FAT TUESDAY (mid Feb this year) and they are usually ready by 12:30 and most afternoon (although when they are gone, they are gone).  if you want to PRE-ORDER, you can do so by mailing iwantfood@scandikitchen.co.uk.

Can we deliver?  Yes we can - although delivery is charged at cost (we use an external courier service).  or big orders, please do order in advance so we can make sure we bake enough.

Can you reserve?  Yes.  Again, mail us and we'll sort something out.

Price for our home baked, marzipan and vanilla cream filled cardamom buns is £2.25 for t/a and £2.75 for eating in.

We also stock all the ingrdients you need in order to bake some buns at home if you prefer to do things that way.

Now, where did I put the scales?  Sod it.  Time for another semle bulle...




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