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March 04, 2010

Berit from Bergen is not from Bergen (sorry, Mum)

We've been writing about Berit from Bergen.  Except she is not from Bergen, she is from Mosjøen which is a lovely place in the North of Norway where the Salmon leaps out of the river and directly onto your dinner plate (Berit says).

For some reason, we thought she was from Bergen.  But her Mum wrote to us to set the record straight, which is a good thing because now we have learnt about the delights of Mosjøen and we do think more people should go visit - it is really pretty.

Mosjøen has 13400 inhabitants and is the oldest town in Helgeland region.  You can read the daily news from the region here .  At the point of writing, it was minus 7 degrees, so maybe wait a few weeks before you go or you'll be a bit cold.

Berit says about her home town: it is so small that you meet everyone you know by going to one cafe.  We also have a very very large red chair (see below) to sit on if you are ever tired while walking through north norway's longest attached wooden housing, and that a 818m high mountain is the towns closest neighbour (http://www.helgeland-arbeiderblad.no/nyheter/article4782189.ece)

So, sorry, Berit's Mum.  We'll never call your daughter Bergen Berit again. 



we can just imagine our Berit skipping merrily down the street on her way to school...




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