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May 26, 2010

And the winner is....


Henrik the Rockstar is... HERREYS.  All of them.

The first semi-final has been and gone: bye bye to Finland but Iceland got through to the final on Saturday.  The second semi is tomorrow, Thursday, with the final - and heaps of arranged voting - happening on Saturday night.

Scandinavia has a long tradition of loving Eurovision.  There's a whole culture associated with it - especially when it comes to the food.

So, if you're going to have a little party on Saturday, here's what you might want to consider adding to your shopping list:

  • Cheeze doodles.  They're so good, they should be illigal
  • Crisps: we favour Estrella grill or dill chips
  • DipMix - it's the best things to come out of the 80's since Miami Vice. Mix it with creme fraiche and you're off to dip-heaven.  Holiday flavour is the best (although it taste very little of holiday.  Strange).
  • Pick'n'Mix - We Scandinavians like a good bag of pick'n'mix.  If you're not use to liqourice, do ask in store for which ones to avoid.
  • The chocolate:  big bars of Marabou chocolate are a must.
  • Flags: we have all the Scandinavian flags you might need

So, once you're settled, you may want to consider making it fun by adding a bit of excitement to it.  How about a little drinking game?  While we do not advocate drinking alcohol, this game is possibly more fun played with aquavit than orange juice.

Have a sip every time...

  • Someone uses a wind-machine
  • The hostess changes her dress
  • Someone has a backing band/dancers dancing Russian dancing
  • Anyone mentions the name Alexander Rybek
  • Any Scandinavian country gives each other 8 points or above
  • The UK gets 'nil' point from a country
  • Any of the phone judges use the words "may I just say what a lovely evening it was been" and "good evening Oslo" and proceeds it with attempting to say something in Norwegian.

Enjoy it, guys - but even more so, enjoy our Carolin's photoshop work to make us all look so lovely:


Berit is... CAROLA.



 And finally, Bronte is... NICOLE.



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