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June 23, 2010

Midsummer delights?


As you can probably guess, Midsummer is not one of our quieter times.  However, this year we have called in the cavalry and are ready to rock'n'roll big time:  Lots of stock, lots of nice people to tend to our needs and Bronte's been forced back in the kitchen to help the Kitchen Angels make extra cakes and yummy food.

So, here's the lowdown on specials and offers and everything in between:

Smorgåstårta.  Ahhh, that traditional Swedish calorie bomb of a sandwich cake.  Laden with a mountain of mayonnaise (full fat only), layer upon layer of seafood and salmon amongst sliced bread of the non-healthy kind.  Are we selling it to you?  Well, admittedly, if you are Swedish you probably either love it or hate it.  

If you love it, you're in luck:  our Bronte doesn't like to advertise that we make these to order as they are tricky to get right, tricky to transport and pricey because they are stuffed with seafood and salmon.  But this year, she has agreed.  Pre-order only, you MUST get the order in before end of Thursday.

Smorgåstårta with Crayfish, Scandinavian prawns and smoked salmon £4.50 a slice (minimum 10 people)

We will also be serving a very limited amount of smorgåstårta in the shop on Saturday - but when it is gone, it's gone.

Jordgubstårta - Light sponge layer cake with custard and cream filling, topped with whipped vanilla cream and loads of British strawberries (last orders Friday noon) £19.50 (serves around 12 people)

Homemade Mustard herring - Nice and tangy mustard, chive and dill dressing with succulent pieces of herring fillets.  Perfect if you like your mustard herring a bit more gourmet than your usual jar of ABBA'S.  £3.25 for 200g (serves 2 Swedes or 4 non-Scandies)

We're also continuing our Midsummer Madness Special offers:

Matjes herring - a must for Midsummer celebration  2 for £5

We have lots of gradfil in stock (Swedish creme fraiche - lighter, with sour notes) - £1.75 a pot

All cheeseis still 10% off - stock up on Vasterbotten, Riberhus, Gamle Ole and Havarti.

For those of you cooking a feat at home:  New potatoes are on sale now, as are bunches of dill and chives (£1 a bunch)

Just a little footnote to everyone:  we're not offering pre-ordered picnics this year - but we'll have lunch up early on Saturday (by 11 am) so pop by and choose your own mix to take to the park.  We'll have chilled beers and snaps available on request too - and some nice cakes. 


 Bronte's secret smorgastartor.  They are so secret we had to take this photo on our mobile phone, hence the general crappiness of the picture.  It looked nicer in real life.  Tasted amazing.  The one in the picture served 21 people.



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