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August 24, 2010

Our crayfish came in Best in Test - again.

Third year running, the crayfish we get in have come tops in the Swedish Crayfish Test.

For those of you who do not know about a crayfish test, this has nothing to do with the poor crustaceans level of knowledge, but simply part of the Swedish obsession with ranking the quality of everything you can buy in Sweden (from corkscrews to toilet paper, to bread and crayfish - if you get best in test, you beat the rest).

Here's the write up (in Swedish)


5 fyrar
Kräftor Jumbo (kinesiska, Seacold)
Antal kräftor: 17-22 stycken
Kommentarer: Klart bäst! Stor kräfta med stora klor. Lätt att skala. Massor av kött. Perfekt balanserad smak. Stor krispig stjärt. Gott smör. Fin eftersmak. Luktar som en kräfta ska lukta.

So, if you have not yet reserved, feel free to do so now.  Just pop us a mil to iwantfood@scandikitchen.co.uk and we'll pop whatever you need aside for you.




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