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December 07, 2010

SKYR - an Icelandic obsession (well, it is...)


Anyone in Iceland will tell you about the wonders of SKYR, a 1000-year old recipe yogurt type product.  Just like the Vikings used to make it, pretty much.

Sometimes, we get inundated with enquiries for SKYR, sometimes, it is just a steady trickle.  Initially, we were quite surprised that a country of less than 300,000 could create such a demand when most of them are actually still IN Iceland.  Then we realised that those crafty Icelandics have gotten loads of people addicted to the stuff.

While we cannot import fresh goods from Iceland (simply not logistically possible), we have found a little Danish diary that produces SKYR, using the traditional recipe.  This is the SKYR you can buy at Scandi Kitchen.

The shelf life on this product is not the best, guys, so we only get in what we need.  Usually, it is weekly, but at times it may be every two weeks.  Therefore, it may be a bit hit and miss if we have any in stock.  Therefore, we now have a SKYR APPRECIATION LIST.  Send a mail to bronte@scandikitchen.co.uk to be added - and she'll inform you of when the next delivery comes in.

Which this time, incidentially, is today Tuesday 7th December at 17:30.

Skyr til www







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