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January 31, 2011

Mormor's recipies: Tartelette with chicken and asparagus


 Mormor means Mum's Mum.  Literally.  As in Grandmother.   You can also say Farmor, which means Dad's Mum.  Sweet.

Bronte's Mormor was called Erna and she had very white curly hair (sometimes a bit purple-hue).  She was about 5 foot 2 and liked to bang her fist on the table at family gatherings in order to get the entire table to listen - so forcefully that the china and cutlery would jump along with it.  She was rather stubborn and determined.  She also made great Tarteletter.

If you are Danish, chances are you had a Mormor who used to make Tarteletter - little lovely pastry cases filled with a creamy sauce with chicken and asparagus.   A staple of any Danish smorgasbord table in the eighties and nineties and still making guest appearances now and then across Denmark, these delightful pastries are a greast starter or addition to any smorgasbord.

You can find our recipe right here Download 1101 Chicken & Asparagus Tartelette

If you need to get hold of some of those tarteletter cases, you can buy them here

Tartletter cases:  the lighter and crispier Scandinavian alternative to vol-au-vents. 





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Thanks, looking forward to making this for my grandchildren. Danish dish made by an Englishman in Denmark............interesting!!

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