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February 16, 2011

Mormor's recipes: Swedish Meatballs

First up, lets get one thing straight:  these are Swedish meatballs.  Not Danish or Norwegian, because those are different, but so quintessentially Swedish.  These meatballs are up there with ABBA, Volvos and Wallander for authenticity.

This recipe is a base recipe.  Seeing as every single Swedish person who cooks has their "own" version of Swedish meatballs, who are we to claim ours is The One?  Cooking is all about adapting your own tastes to a base recipe.  We do think that this base recipe is a good one to work from.

Download 1102 Swedish Meatballs

You can find many of the ingredients in major supermarkets or on our online webshop - or, of course, in  our lovely store near Oxford Circus in London.

We'd love to hear your comments on how you adapted this recipe - just add comments below for other people to see.


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