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May 25, 2011

Midsummer (Midsommar) in London 2011

Is it Midsummer already?  Yeps.  Time to build a pole, decorate it with flowers and dance around it, pretending to be a little frog with no ears and no tail.

Midsummer the Scandi Way in London is always fun.  While the Danes prefer to burn witches on top of bonfires while they sing songs about how much they love Denmark (click here for the Danish YMCA's webpage for more info).  It's all Shu-bi-du-a and holding hands.  Very nice.  This happens on 23rd June.

The Swedes and most of the Finns much prefer to celebrate it on the Friday 24th and Saturday 25th.  For these celebrations, you bring out the matjes herring, the new potatoes and some chilled aquavit.  Then there's the singing....And the dancing...

There is the official informal gathering of people in Hyde Park, as per usual, on Saturday 25th June from 12-16.  Bring your own food and drink and enjoy meeting Scandies and Scandophiles.  We'll be there, for sure, enjoying ourselves and wearing flowers in our hair.

Having your own Midsummer party?  Well, well - we can help you cater for this one - click here for our Midsummer Menu 2011 (although be warned, we're already pretty booked, so best get in there soon).

Watch this space for our Midsommar PicNic Baskets as well - coming soon. We will also offer on-line ordering of everything you need for both your party at home or the trip tot he park - and have it ready and packed for you to pick up on your way.  Read more on the shop site www.scandikitchen.co.uk/shop






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Oh my goodness - that is my birthday - I am going!

I am getting married in the summer and would love an insight into a costings for a basic menu for around 50 people attending, would you be able to up date me. Thanks

There is nothing better than dining out during the summer months, there are some fantastic ideas for bbq's, home made burgers often go down a treat at our house.

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