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10 posts from September 2011

September 21, 2011

Weekly news 20th Sep 2011: Moose attends swing party, George Clooney sees sense plus, win tickets for the Scandinavia Show

_S5O8988 Hej friends

Last week, Denmark got its first ever female Prime minister (her name is Helle and she swings to the left. A bit). She seems like a nice lady. This leaves Sweden as the only Nordic country without ever having had a Lady in Charge. Still, Sweden has Carola Häggkvist and that beats everything hands down.

Other Scandi news: A Danish director swears on British TV (naughty) http://xurl.at/5t3 and George Clooney gets close to a Norwegian lady http://xurl.at/5t4

Want to feel a bit Scandinavian?
Only a few weeks to go to the Scandinavia show at Earl’s court. The organisers have masses of stuff planned – and of course we’ll be there too, strutting our stuff and hoping to have our picture taken with the lady in the fancy jumper.

We’ve got 10 pairs of tickets to give away http://xurl.at/5t5

Open Sandwich Maker WLTM similar
Our Olivia has decided to move back to Sweden in November and we’re looking for a new Tastebud/Kitchen Angel to join our Kitchen Team from mid October onwards. Day time work (although early 6.30 am starts, so only for morning people), Wed-Sun work with Mon and Tue off. Nice. Read the whole advert here http://xurl.at/5t6

Moose at Swing Party in Sweden
Last week, we told you about the moose that got stuck in a tree in Gothenburg after snacking on too many fermented apples and getting drunk. This week, we bring you the story about the moose that had a party in someone’s back yard and things got a little out of hand… http://xurl.at/5t7

Goodies in...
Andy and Jonas down at the warehouse are super busy this week: not only do we have a big delivery in from Sweden, we also say hello to a whole load of Norwegian goods later this week. Yeps, indeed, more stock of solo, brunost, smash and the likes. Did you know we now also stock the Norwegian brand Sorlandschips? http://xurl.at/5t8

Also, we still have crayfish left and some hats and bibs and stuff…but it’s getting to the end now, folks, so be quick and order if you are planning a party.
Order online for home delivery – or for pick up in store. Easy peasy www.scandikitchen.co.uk/shop

Inside Scandi Kitchen this week...
Rebekka moved house, Bronte finally moved her smelly shoes, Victor and Anette moved back to London (welcome back to us). Sebastian moved the pick and mix stash, David got a fancy excel job and decided to move too (we’ll miss you, David) and a lovely chap called Andy moved to London from New Zealand and decided to become Scandinavian for a while and look after our warehouse (welcome Andy). Phew.

Bits and bobs
• The one who has the last laugh gets evicted http://xurl.at/5t9
• Norwegian Wild man is fake http://xurl.at/5ta
• Fantastic new Swedish bicycle helmet http://xurl.at/5tb
• The Danish Household (thanks, David) http://xurl.at/5tc
• Don’t leave your gun at IKEA http://xurl.at/5td

See you in the kitchen soon

Bye for now
The Kitchen People

Scandinavian Kitchen – good food with love from Scandinavia
61 Great Titchfield Street W1W 7PP

p: 0207 580 7161 e:iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk
Find us on Twitter @scanditwitchen or on Facebook: “Scandinavian Kitchen”.

Kitchen Angel for Scandi Kitchen (full time) from 15th Oct

We love our little lovely Olivia, but she is going back to Sweden at the end of October and we're looking for a new Kitchen Angel to take her place full time.

Here's the advert - details at the bottom on how to apply.

Kitchen Angel (Scandinavian Kitchen seeks amazing kitchen person)

We’re Scandinavian Kitchen and we’re a deli/grocery shop/café for anyone who likes Scandinavian food.  We’ve been open since 2007 and have gone from strength to strength.  Our shop in Great Titchfield Street W1 is a hub for ex pats and Scandophiles alike.

Our cafe is full of great people: from our customers to the people who work here.  We pride ourselves in being not just about the food, but also about surrounding ourselves with super duper people.

We’re looking for a Kitchen Angel to join the kitchen team full time from mid October.  On a day to day basis, the team preps all the open sandwiches for our café, prepare the salads, bake an array of super cakes and sometimes also make food for out of house orders (anything from buffets to canapés).  The role offers great scope to get involved and not only make great food and cakes - but also use your initiative and help make the Kitchen Team even stronger. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Making open sandwiches, salads, rolls and other lunch prep needed daily
  • Heaps of baking of Scandinavian cakes and pastries
  • Keeping the kitchen clean to a very high standard
  • Champion stock rotation and stock control
  • Help out with catering orders when needed, both in and out of house

The person we’re looking for has the following skills and qualities:

  • Experience of working in a kitchen
  • Experience of retail and/or food service
  • Good knowledge of Scandinavian food
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Has good comprehension of least one Scandinavian language and is fluent in English (read/write)
  • Good numeracy and logic skills
  • Can think on your feet and work under pressure and stress
  • Knows all the lyrics to Roxette’s "She's got the look" - backwards. Na na na naaa na.

A lot of our Scandinavian customers miss home and any applicant who has been away from ‘home’ (meaning country) for a while gets bonus points as it brings an understanding of what it is like to live abroad. We welcome in particular applications from people who have already been customers of ours so you know what we’re all about (although this is not essential).

Please note that this role requires weekend work most weekends because we’re now open 7 days a week.  If you are not committed to weekend work, this job is not for you.

Hours of work are Wednesday through till Sunday either 6:30-15:00 or 8:00-16:00 (shifts depending).  As this is a full time permanent role we are unable to accept applications from people wishing to do placement jobs or similar: we are looking for someone who is going to stick around ideally for a year.  The longer, the better, really.

To apply, please send your current CV and a little note about you and why you want to work at Scandi Kitchen to: bronte@scandikitchen.co.uk.   Deadline is 28th Sep for applying, but we start interviews straight away.

We’re sorry, but if you have not heard back from us a week after the deadline, the job wasn’t quite right for you this time around.

The Swedish Bicycle Air-Bag Helmet

Trust the Scandies to finally solve the problem of having Boris-Hair every time you've been on your bike.

Introducing the HOVDING bike helmet:  you wear it around your neck but in the event of an accident, it blows up around your head and protects the sensitive head nut from damage.  Best thing (aside from saving your brain):  You can't see it.  You can still have wind in your hair...

Very, very smart, we think.

See their website here

Now you don't see it...

Now you see it.

Visit the Scandinavia Show 8th - 9th October at Earl's Court

Woo hoo, it is that time of year again.  A whole massive host of Scandinavian shops and busiensess get together with thousands of thousands of people at Earl's Court for two days of doing all Scandi related things.

There will be vikings (friendly ones), there will be the actor who plays Sarah Lund in the TV Series The Killing.  Trina Hahneman will be there with her cookbooks, Signe Johansson will be there with hers too.  There will be music.  There might be dancing.  And there will most certainly be Scandinavian Kitchen.

Tickets are £16 on the door - so best get yours at HALF PRICE if you buy in advance.  You can get your tickets here

If you fancy winning a pair of tickets for free, then we have 10 pairs to give away.  All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is answer this following question:

What was the name of Sarah Lund's partner in the first series of The Killing?

a)    Meyer

b)    Bajer

c)    Tarquin

Answers to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before this coming Monday, please.

Usual competition rules apply.  No employees of Scan Mag or SK, no cheating and no dancing naked down the steet if you win.  Winner will be selected at random from entries by a man wearing a fancy hat and a sequinned jacket. Og saa vil jeg gerne koev' en vokal, Bengt...  One entry per person. 

The_killing_2 I'm definitely moving to Sweden this time... 

Hey, didn't you die in series one? 


September 20, 2011

Handsome George Clooney

This is possibly Bronte's favourite ad of the week.  And she watches a lot of TV, so that is saying a lot.

The ad is for a Norwegian bank.  

September 16, 2011

Moose attends swinger party

Last week we reported on the drunk moose that got stuck in a tree in Saro (Jonas' home town).  It seems that drunken moose have been partying all over Sweden this past week, not just near Gothenburg.

In Southern Sweden in Storebro in county of Kalma,r a man came out into his garden one morning to find trace of a drunken moose party having taken place that night.  Not only had the moose left left many half eaten fermented apples behind, they had also broken branches from falling about in their drunken stupor - and stole a children's swing set.

The police was called.  Moosoholic Anonymous were called.  The set of swings was eventually found half a kilometre away in the woods, propped up in a tree.

We're considering setting up a drunk moose helpline, but none of us speak moose.

More here


September 07, 2011

Weekly news 7th Sep 2011: Oodles of doodles, London sea monsters and Sarah Lund’s jumpers

  Sarah_lundHejsan friends
A political week in little Denmark – a big election going on and Troels Hartman is going to be re-elected.  No, not really, but we did hear that The Killing 2 will start on BBC straight after the current re-run of series 1.  That means just a few weeks to get ready to spend every Saturday night in front of the box, wondering if Sarah Lund will be wearing the black or white jumper.
We can confirm that she does indeed wear the same jumper in series 2; that series 2 is ace and that there are many, many twists and turns.  Sadly, no Troels Hartman.  
If you fancy meeting the stars of The Killing 1, you could also just buy a ticket for the Scandinavia Show at Earls Court on 8th and 9th October.  Sarah Lund and her sidekick will be there.  As will we, although we will not be wearing Faroese jumpers http://xurl.at/5q8
Hey good loookin’
Thank you everyone who sent in photos last week to potentially star in our new advert.  We were genuinely flattered and pleased with the response.  While we think we may have filled a few of the spots, we do need to keep looking as we don’t have enough of a selection for the role of Thor/Odin/The Viking.  We need a few fits for each role to make our final decision (it’s all based on that good ol’ thing called photogenics).  If you look like a right Viking blooded male (we’re thinking beard, blonde or light brown hair, strong build) – send your mug shot to  iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk.  
Oodles of Doodles
CheezDoodles are the Scandinavian sin-food.  A firm favourite for Saturday nights in front of Eurovision or the latest episodes of Wallander, everybody has a different way of eating them.  Some people, it seems, are even a bit OTT about it.  Take our Jonas, for example:  open bag, leave to breathe for 20 minutes, eat all (don’t share, even if this means hiding the bowl behind the sofa).  It seems he is not alone in this strange Cheez Doodle behaviour, judging from the entries we’re already had in for our  ‘How Much Do You Like Doodles’ Competition http://xurl.at/5q9
Order online for home delivery – or for pick up in store.  Easy peasy www.scandikitchen.co.uk/shop
NEWSFLASH for DANISH LOVERS:  We’ve just had a big Danish delivery in.  Stock up on Leverpostej.  And stuff. http://xurl.at/5qa
What’s that coming over the hill?  Is it a (sea)monster?
The nice people at innocent drinks got scared last week when they found a sea monster in Regent’s Canal just outside their office.  We set them straight about the wonders of crayfish, trying to escape the claws on the hungry Swedes http://xurl.at/5qb
Inside Scandi Kitchen this week...
The Kitchen Angels kick started the autumns catering orders, Sebastian took his girlfriend on a surprise trip to Paris and decided he hates speaking French, David returned from holiday to find himself stuck between several pallets of Cheez Doodles that Jonas had stashed away for his own enjoyment.  Bronte got excited about meeting Prince Carl Philip this week but she was stood up.  We all watched The Killing Season 2 and now we know who the killer is....  We won’t tell.
Bits and bobs
• Penguin is finally going home http://xurl.at/5qc
• Watch out for aliens in Darlarna, Sweden http://xurl.at/5qd
• Norway played Denmark at football yesterday.  We all watched the game with bowls of Explosjonsmajs.  It ended 2:0 to Denmark.
• Watch out for drunk moose in Gothenburg http://xurl.at/5qe
• Focus:  long sausages http://xurl.at/5qf
• Scandinavian Design Festival at Heals http://xurl.at/5qg
See you in the kitchen soon
Bye for now 
The Kitchen People
Scandinavian Kitchen – good food with love from Scandinavia
61 Great Titchfield Street W1W 7PP
Find us on Twitter @scanditwitchen or on Facebook: “Scandinavian Kitchen”. 

Remember that time you got drunk and got stuck in a tree?

It is not just Swedes who take day trips to Denmark who get too drunk to get home.  During the autumn in Sweden, moose sometimes end up rather intoxicated from eating too many fermented apples.

The other day this poor moose got stuck in an apple tree in Jonas' home town of Saro, near Gothenburg, after having enjoyed one too many fermented apples and had to be rescued.

The moose was unharmed, staggered off and went back home to enjoy a massive hangover.  

Read more here from The Local

Moose Photo from Press Association. 

The coolest auction item, like, ever?

Remember the Pink Panther?

Well, today we saw that his car is for sale.

Grab it while you can.  Imagine the power this car will bring you....  Here's a link to the auction site.


September 01, 2011

innocent crayfish

Our Bronte used to work with these guys who live in this tower (for many many happy years):

Fruit Towers IV, near the Regent's Canal

The innocent drinks office is right next to Regent's Canal - handy for that afternoon swim, fishing for old supermarket trolleys and for playing after-work poo sticks.

Last week, they found a monster surfing a plank by the canal side.  Fear engulfed the Tower:  not a prawn, not a fish and definitely not any kind of fruit.  What could this monster be?

That was until we told them it was simply a crayfish.  Just like the ones we like to eat during the current crayfish season.  We're pleased to say they are now all calm again and waiting for the Regent Canal Crayfish to grow in numbers in order to have their own crayfish party.  Read their news here 

This is the innocent nice place to work

Inno2 Inno1
and finally: the sea monster of the Regent's Canal (also known locally as Barry)


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