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October 31, 2011

Moose of the week?

We're considering changing Penguin of the Week to Moose of the Week.

Because moose, it seems, are just cooler.

October 28, 2011

Weekly news 28th Oct 2011: Scandi hello: Elkoholics Anonymoose, Scandi trick or treat - and some penguins in woolly jumpers

Penguin jumper

Seb and Victor after a trip to the Crown and Sceptre...



We don’t really celebrate Halloween, you know.  So there.  Still, like burgers and pizza with too much cheese, we are being influenced by this American tradition in Scandinavia too.  This week we learnt that in Norway, “Trick or Treat” is called “knask eller knep” which amused the Danes here because that is actually quite rude...  So, this week, amuse any Danes in your office by asking them “knask eller knep” and you may get more than you bargained for.

Elkoholics Anonymoose and more...  

Those Swedish moose are continuing their autumn rampage across Sweden.  This week, they are back in Gothenburg, having fun in poor Peter Lindgren’s Garden.  Picture not for the faint hearted http://xurl.at/61g

Toughest God?

Our chat last week about the Toughest Nordic God ended well.  We had loads of suggestions in – even crowning Sebastian as a Nordic God, which we think is rather fitting too.  

The winner of lunch for two at Scandi Kitchen is Mark Pilbeam, for he was the first to send us the well known Thor inspired rhyme:

The Thunder god Thor,

Went to war,

Astride his favourite filly.

"I'M THOR!" he cried,

And the horse replied,

"You forgot your thaddle, thilly"

We agree: a horse with a lisp is indeed the coolest thing.  

Where’s Santa?

He’s not here yet, silly:  It’s October.  In a few weeks, you will be able to start ordering for Christmas pickups – from pinnekjot to lutefisk Christmas hams, flaeskesteg, Julebryg, Blossa glogg, Marsipangrise, julmust and julebrus and a massive stock of Gingerbread houses.  In the meantime, have a look here and get familiar with the online shop www.scandiktichen.co.uk/shop 

Bits and pieces

•           Penguin of the week http://xurl.at/61h

•           Corporate sponsoring at its best http://xurl.at/61i

•           Red Heads need not apply http://xurl.at/61j

•           Julebrus and Julmust... Soon http://xurl.at/61k

•           We’re SO fashion, you know http://xurl.at/61l

•           The Killing Season 2 starts 12th November on BBC4.  

See you in the kitchen soon

Bye for now 

The Kitchen People

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Find us on Twitter @scanditwitchen or on Facebook: “Scandinavian Kitchen”. 


We're so darn fashion, darling


Scandinavia is in fashion.  Actually, lately it is all about Scandinavian fashion.   It seems we all want to dress like a Scandinavian (patterned jumpers from Faroe Islands), look like a Scandinavian (tall and blone) , murder like a Scandinavian (The Killing, Stieg Larsson)...  Sing like a Scandinavian (ehhh... Ace of Base?).  Oh, and don't forget Eating like a Scandinavian (yummy herring).

Have a peek at this article from The Independent – talking about fashion: from Filippa K to Swedish Hasbeens to DayBirger Mikkelsen and a bit of Acne too.

Yeps, the Vikings are back and this time, there are no silly hats and there’s no ABBA.

Get used to it, sunshine.

Now, pass that herring.



Julmust madness (eh... and Julebrus too)


Every year around this time, a strange feeling excites most Swedes and Norwegians.  It's the annual Christmas soft drink being launched.

Evoking feelings of HOME and CHRISTMAS, quite a few Scandies exhibit worrying obsessive behavior when it comes to getting hold of the first few bottles (or the last, for that matter).

We have a few bottles in store already.  But only a few - and they are not on sale yet, but locked in a special cupboard.  More will come soon - but for now, we just have a little stash of the good stuff - and our team was enjoying the first drops of Julmust and Julebrus yesterday to celebrate.

So, as it is not on general sale yet, how about maybe getting your hands on a few bottles anyway, maybe to enjoy this weekend (and you can pretend it is minus 20 and snow outside).

We're giving away a couple of FREE bottles of either Julmust or Julebrus (your choice) to a randomly picked person who either tweets about us (@scanditwitchen) or post something on Facebook about us including our group name (@scandinaviankitchen) in the next few hours  (until 16:00 today Friday)

We'll mail you back if you win and you can pick up your bottles tonight or over the weekend from the store on Great Titchfield Street.

Usual competition rules apply.  4 x 2 bottles to give away only.  No, you cant exchange the prize for a handsome Norwegian male model wearing a patterned jumper or anything else for that matter.  


Santa x


Reasons to be careful when considering product endorsements #1: Bacon

It's old but it still makes us giggle.  Not sure if Peter still giggles too?

Bad Swedish Moose: Addicts Anonymoose now open

Remember we told you about the drunk moose in a tree - and the week after we told you about the Moose Swinger's Party too?

Well, the Swedish Moose are just not stopping.

The other day, a nice man from a Gothenburg suburb looked out his window and nearly choked on his morning crisp bread:  in his back garden were three moose, having a big hanky panky session.  As in, all three of them together. 

Whatever next?  

We've decided to set up both an Elkoholic Anonymoose as well as a HankyPanky Addicts Anonymoose.


Penguin of the week: knit a jumper for a cold penguin

There are many reasons to start knitting.  Aside from it being quite a cool thing to do (says Bronte), it helps you reconnect with older generations and now you can also help save penguins from being cold.

A big oil spil recently in New Zealand meant that many little penguins needed to wait to be cleaned up by animal welfare workers.  A Yarn Shop called SkeiNZ started a campaign to get jumpers knitted for the little birdies.  The jumpers stop the birds from poisening themselves by over preening while they wait to be cleaned up by the oil-clean-up-people.  The result of the campaign was an overwhelming donation of little knitted penguin jumpers.

They have already reached their jumper quota, so don't start knitting just yet (but if you really want to knit, join these guys instead - the BIG KNIT at innocent is now massive and raises hundreds of thousands of ££ for Age Concern every year.  Our Bronte tells us she actually wrote the original knitting pattern for innocent back in 2003 and also knitted the very first BigKnit hat of all times - she is a lady of different talents indeed)...

Penguin jumper



Finnish school in Wales

Perhaps Wales is not the first place you think of if you think of big ex pat Finnish communities - but indeed, there is one and it now even has its own school.

The Suomi-koulu (Finnish School) is based in Cardiff.  It helps ex pat kids connect with the Finnish language - and offers a good opportunity for cultural stuff too.  

The Suomi-koulu of Wales says that they don't just aim to connect with Finns and other nationalities are also welcome.  So, if you are living in Wales and feel that Welsh is just not that big a challenge to learn, then why not pop along to the Suomi-koulu and really stretch your linguistic talents a bit more?

Read more about the new Finnish School in Cardiff here


October 21, 2011

Week news 21st Oct: Scandi hello: MAN SPECIAL Tough guys, criminal penguins and where’s our Thor?

Manly sebSeb with flower in hair.  Lovely Seb.

Hejsan people,

Did you hear that after this mini spell of winter weather, rumours has it the weekend ahead promises 20 degrees and sunshine?  Do we trust the weather men?  We’re going to wear our speedos under our winter coats, in case the weather changes really quickly.  Give a thought to Longyearbyen in Norway, where Saturday promises -15 degrees in 24 hour darkness.

Lonely Seb
This week, in solidarity of our Sebastian, we’re doing a MAN special of the newsletter.  With our Jonas and Andy being at the warehouse a lot and Victor only in once a week, Seb is left with all the lovely ladies of Scandi Kitchen.  As nice as that is to be surrounded by an army of ladies, he is starting to suffer from lack of man talk.  So, welcome to the SK MAN Newsletter special.  Roar. 

If you’re popping by today, feel free to man-talk with Sebastian, he’ll appreciate it.  (Although don’t talk about football stuff, he doesn’t know anything about football.  Just other man-stuff).  

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the toughest of them all?
Who’s the toughest of the Nordic Gods?  We couldn’t decide.  So we thought we’d ask you.  Give us your opinion and the most humorous answer wins lunch for two, cups of builder’s tea and a piece of manly cake for dessert http://xurl.at/5zh

Thor, where art thou?
The MEN need help at the warehouse, either from a seriously strong lady or a very man-ly Thor who likes the cold – and who can drive and can speak a Scandinavian language.  As things are hotting up in the Scandi Warehouse in South London in time for Christmas, we’re looking for a special someone to help out.  Got the power?  Can you ride a chariot across the sky and make Thunder?  It’s you we’re looking for  http://xurl.at/5zi

Inside Scandi Kitchen this week...
Bronte hammered some nails in the wall with a sledgehammer, Moa did a lot of heavy manly lifting, Anette drank manly pints, Rebekka belched loudly and moved some boulders.  Or something.  It was manly anyway, all the stuff we did.  Sebastian flicked his hair the way only Sebastian can do.  It smells so nice, his hair; like a summer meadow.

We also welcome the lovely Mari from Norway.  Yes, another girl http://xurl.at/5zj

A bit of this and that
•    We’ve got Danish meatballs on the lunch menu today.  Meatballs and 3 sides £6.95 – perfect Friday fodder.
•    Manly penguin of the week:  Crime pays http://xurl.at/5zk
•    The most manly advert we know http://youtu.be/owGykVbfgUE
•    Dramatic manly rescue of sheep (baaah) in Norway http://xurl.at/5zl
•    Mosty manly purchase of the day:  an oil rig in the North Sea http://xurl.at/5zn

See you in the kitchen soon

Bye for now
The Kitchen People

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Honey, let's by an oil rig...

Norwegian firm Statoil are selling off an oil rig. Yeps, really. 

The oil is drying up near the well so instead of scrapping the rig, Statoil are offering it for sale for just 13 pence, although the new owner must bear the cost of transporting the platform elsewhere.

The advert reads:  "Platform for sale in good condition: 20 rooms, panoramic sea view, plenty of space for a helicopter.  No Carpark"

The platform in question is the Huldra platform.

Got a space in your backyard?  Then start bidding.

Read the Statoil advert here



Hej Mari

We have a new girl here at Scandi Kitchen.  Her name is Mari and she is from Trondheim in Norway (population 173486).  Trondheim is about half way up in Norway.  It's cold quite often, although today it's 3 degrees so it's time for barbeque.

You might not see Mari much as we keep her in the kitchen most of the time.  Mari 's favourite drink is Norwegian tap water and she's obsessed with musicals.   Be nice to her if you see her around. 


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the toughest of them all?

Odin_hrafnarThis portrait of Odin illustrates the importance of always controlling your image rights. Not looking like such a tough cookie, now, eh, Odin?  Maybe choosing Clooney to play you wasn't the best idea...

Over half a shandy the other day we got talking:  which of the Nordic gods was the toughest?  Was it Odin, the King of it all, with his one eye and his many talents?  Was it Thor, with his big roars across the sky, throwing his hammer in all directions and making thunder and lightning (very, very frightning.  Mamma Mia).  Or was it Loki, because he was so sneaky and clever and outsmarted them all?

Here are some examples of cool toughness from Valhalla:

The top dude.  God of gods. He rules Valhalla, where all good Vikings woudl end up after the life on Earth.  He had one eye, which made him a bit like a pirate, except the eye was in the middle of his head.  He had ravens on his shoulder who';d fly out an return and report back on stuff happening in the world (they where the internet of the Valhalla days, really).


The God of mischief and trickery.  All the Vikings would blame Loki if things didn't go his way.  He was handsome, like Sebastian, and used it to his advantadge.   He killed Balder, the god of the Light and Joy.  Seriously, who kills off Joy and Light, except maybe the Grinch?  Tough cookie.

She was the goddess of the dead.  Cool name.  Odin, the god of gods, threw Hel into Niflheim itself also known as Hel, where she received full authority, respect and power. Guess where our word for Hell comes from?  Oh yes.  Tough as nails.

The god of thunder. He had a hammer that woudl always come back to him, nomatter what.  He made Thunder and lightning and he gave name to the day Thursday.  He was also a God of War and he was ginger.  Well, yes, he was.  He was a gingernut.  A bit like Prince Harry but with a hammer and some goats and a chariot.  Harry has no chariot, although he might have goats, we don't know.

The Valkyries
Warrior maidens who attended to Odin. The biatches of Valhalla, really, these lady Gods also conducted slain warriors to the halls of Odin, for their judgement on how they fought. 

the hall of slain heroes ruled by Odin. The hall had a total of 540 doors, each allowing up to 800 soldiers to walk. The roof was made of decorated Norse shields.  Okay, so Valhalla is probably not going to win for toughness, but it was a pretty cool place.

Who do you think is toughest of the old Norse Gods? 

Ping your answer and make us giggle.  Answers incorporating anything about Sebastian's manliness automatically go to the top of the pile.  Winner is the one who makes us giggle most.  If it is a tie, we will do a draw. 

The winner gets lunch for two at Scandi Kitchen.usual rules apply, so don't you dare cheat.

Mail iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk to enter, before Tuesday 25th at midday.

Thor, where art thou?

We are looking for a tough person.  Someone who likes the cold a lot (or who owns a good, thick Nordic strength jacket).  You see, we need a hand at the Warehouse down in Millwall from now until Christmas (maybe longer).

Didn't know we have a fancy warehouse?  Yeps.  It's located in South East London, near South Bermondsey station.  There, every day, our Andy and Jonas tirelessly unpack deliveries from Scandinavia, re-pack goods to send to customers for the webshop - and also deal with lots of our wholesale queries.

As we approach the festive seasons, Scandi ex-pats across the land will realise they are missing pinnekjot/prinskorv/medister and they'll start to stock up.  Therefore, we are looking for a strong person to come join them in Millwall starting asap - for about 30 hours a week (increasing to full time as we get busier). 

A bit about what you’ll be doing

  • Completing and packing daily orders from the web shop, ensuring they are correct and nobody gets fiskebuller when they have ordered loksill.
  • Developing an almost OCD like behaviour when it comes to stock control and dates on goods
  • Liaise with the couriers, chase packages, books packages, liaise with the driver when he picks up parcels to ensure extra checks are made
  • Take deliveries in from Scandinavia and ensure the invoices reflect the delivery
  • Ensure logic shelving and storage is implemented and adhered to at all times
  • Update stock levels on the web shop (onto the web shop site)
  • Make some local deliveries to customers and delivery to our cafe using our fancy new white chiller van
  • Ride a chariot across the heavens and throw hammers at intruders (maybe)

Who are you?

  • Strong and able to carry and lift a load of stuff
  • Eye for details  and understand importance of date checking and stock control
  • Logic and systemised approach to daily responsibilities
  • Good on the phone and e-mail, dealing with customers the Scandi Kitchen way
  • Able to deal with people on all levels, good interpersonal skills
  • Computer literate
  • In possession of a driving licence (your own, please) (essential)
  • Able to read/write a Scandinavian language (essential)

There’s scope to take on more responsibility as we grow and get more involved with the business – although for the first months, this is most definitely a physically demanding job - and it will be working in a cold environment as the winter starts.   The role is base at our warehouse space in MillWall, South Bermondsey and it is Mon-Fri hours (hours vary – some starts are really early, some late mornings).

Interested?  Ping over your CV along with a cover note about why you’d be perfect for this role, to: bronte@scandikitchen.co.uk

Job starts as soon as possible.



October 18, 2011

Little shops we like #566,213 (or there abouts): Little Duckling

We like to hear of nice Scandi style brands in the UK and have been talking about some of them here on our blog over the last few years.  

Little Duckling is based in West London, but is absolutely Danish.  The owner is called Rosa and is a lovely woman and brilliant designer.  Her clothes is stocked in several places, but you can see a big selection of her new collections right here at the Kidsen Scandinavian Children's shop 

Definitely worth a look - some great things there for the cold season coming up.



Penguin of the week: The penguin who turned to a life of crime

What a smart penguin.

Danes, come get your stuff

We just got a Danish delivery in.  This means Stryhns leverpostej, more labre larver than you can shake a stick at, piratos, Klovborg cheese, gamle ole, Kim's skruer, flaeskesvaer, amo rugbroeds mix and much, much more.

For best shelf life, order today for delivery tomorrow.  Orders in before 14:00 get shipped today.

Start shopping here www.scandikitchen.co.uk 


October 13, 2011

Weekly news 13 Oct 2011: Scandi hello: Happy Danes, BunJour Mondays and a Hurda Gurda Murder

Sample1sebHejsan people,

Who would have thought that on the same night, Denmark would beat Portugal and Sweden would beat Holland at football?  The two little football-(but relatively rubbish at it)-countries suddenly felt all cheerful again and hopes of European Cup Glory re-appeared.  Thoughts of glorious 1992, Schmeichel and even a few thoughts about Larsson crossed our minds.  Once again, we have hope.  England will play Sweden at Wembley in November.  Get ready.

Thor loves crisp bread but doesn’t like to show it
Our campaign is nearing completion.  The nice people at ICO Design are still tweaking – but we had two posters made for this week’s Scandi show.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the two first adverts feature our very own Seb and a great guy called Simon as Thor.  We still have much more up our sleeve, but here you can have a peek at the first posters to emerge.  Seb will be on display at the café all week, both in person and as a poster (minus the tight white shorts) http://xurl.at/5xq

Jan Meyer:  still alive?
It was an eventful weekend at the Scandinavia show at Earl’s Court.  It was a great chance to get together with heaps of other scandophiles and mingle a bit – and it was also a great opportunity to have a chit chat with two of the stars from The Killing (Series 1):  Sarah Lund and Jan Meyer. http://xurl.at/5xr
This week’s murder http://xurl.at/5xs

Bunday Monday and BunJour
With winter around the corner, we’re hotting this up a bit and we’re continuing our weekly Monday Funday Bunday – with a coffee and a freshly baked cinnamon bun for just £3.  Yeps, it’s on every Monday.  Because Monday is Funday is Bunday.  Just another manic  Bunday.  BunJour, Bun Jovi.  

Also in the shop this week:  it’s the end of the crayfish season and we’ve got a few boxes left.  Pop by in-store and pick up two boxes of crayfish for just £15.  Cheap as chips, but not actually chips.    Just lovely crayfish cooked in brine.  In store only, though – so pop by for some claws.

Inside Scandi Kitchen this week...
Jonas played football, Sebastian played ABBA on the stereo, Rebekka’s boyfriend played the villain in a film, our new girl plays the trombone and Victor is playing the field. 

A bit of this and that
•    You better be happy like the Danes http://xurl.at/5xt
•    We need a part time office admin person (based North West London) 8-10 hours/week – mail bronte@scandikitchen.co.uk for details (must be Scandi speaking)
•    Trine Hahnemann’s book Scandinavian Cookbook is back in stock http://xurl.at/5xu
•    Our Christmas menus will be out next week – watch this space.
•    Ryan Despair in trouble in Norway over bad pay http://xurl.at/5xv

See you in the kitchen soon

Bye for now
The Kitchen People

Scandinavian Kitchen – good food with love from Scandinavia
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p: 0207 580 7161 e:iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk
Find us on Twitter @scanditwitchen or on Facebook: “Scandinavian Kitchen”.


*You like small print, do you?  So do we.  And our mums read it too (hello mum). 

Hürda Gürda Mürder

We utterly love this (thanks, David)

Scandinavia Show 2011 - a job well done

We had a great time at this year's Scandinavia show.  Not only did we get to meet the starts of The Killing, we also got to mingle with thousands of fantastic people - some who knew us already and some who didn't, but do now.

Thanks to all of you who came up and commented on our blog and newsletter - we were really touched.  Especially considering we are a very small place which means the news is usually written at 5 am in the morning before the kids wake up.  Knowing that people care makes it worth getting up early.

A big shout for a job well done to our Emilia who organised our stand and project managed the whole thing.  She made a sweet shop stand decorated with old style lollies, mountains of pick'n'mix goodies and all the Scandinavian favourite chocolates.

Also thanks to the lovely Lydia and Lina from Sweden who popped over to help us on the stand for the weekend.


Bjorn and Thor TAKE #1

Get used to it:  You'll be seeing a lot more of Frida, Bjorn and Thor soon...

Sample1seb Sample1thor
Thanks to the amazing people at ICO design.

Rebekka's wish...

Our Rebekka couldn't make it to the Scan Show this weekend (she is a busy lady, you know, baking and stuff).  So, she set Bronte a challenge:  go meet the stars of The Killing (the Danish TV series on BBC, in case you don't know about it) and get the lead characters to sign their character names, not their real names.

But of course, that is a "normal" request.

Never one to turn down a bit of a challenge, we'd like to report that Bronte dutifully did as she was asked: even queueing for 27 minutes (Bronte hates queues).

Sofie Grabol and Soren Malling from The Killing now thinks Bronte is a crack-pot.  It's a good job she doesn't care.

We'd also like to report that Soren Malling who plays Meyer is very much alive after his character met such an untimely end in Series 1.

And now for Series 2 of The Killing - soon on BBC:  it's even better than the first one.  We think.  Humbly.  Don't miss it.





Be happy. Go on, do it NOW.

OECD is an organisation that just loves asking questions, do calculations based on the answers to questions and then they like writing shiny reports about it.  In fact, you may have heard the quote "Denmark is the happiest nation on Earth" quite a few times:  it's the OECD who measured that.

They measure happiness every year.  The 2011 Happiness Report is just out, actually, and once again, the Danes are just so annoyingly happy.  The average happy rating across all the countries is 59% - but Denmark is 90%.

So, do we skip down the street, whistling merry tunes?  Do we smile at our neighbours and never complain and moan?  Actually, no.  In fact, we're quite angry at times and we really don't like it when the neighbour buys a new car, especially a shiny one.  And when he does, we bet it's because he's cheated on his tax (shock, horror).

Could it be because the choice of question uses the word "glad" to measure it?  Do they?  Glad means Tilfreds which means satisfied.  It doesnt mean happy.  Still, we are absolutely in agreement that 90% of the Danish population is "tilfreds" because how can you not be "tilfreds" when you have exactly the same as your neighbour has?  No need to be different, just make sure you stay in line and don't draw too much attention to yourself.  If we lose our job, we're okay.  If we have too much, the tax man saves us by taking most of it away again.  We all stay together in a happy "tilfreds" group.

You can read the whole report from OECD here

In short, it will tell you that people in Estonians are really not very happy (24%), whereas Britons are suprisingly non-grumbly at 68%.  Swedes, norwegians and Finns are about as happy as Danes.

Most surprisingly, Holland came out tops at 91%.  They are also taller than the Danes.  We bet they even got a new car.  Pah!  must have cheated on their tax, those Dutch people...

Bronte's Dad is so happy when he walks to work down Hong high street... 

It's the Danish way, after all...

October 06, 2011

Weekly news 6th October 2011: Scandi hello: Seb likes tight shorts, welcome to the cold and come see us at the Scan Show this weekend

New Picture

Hej friends

Ahhh, finally:  The cold.  Enough of this summery weather and Indian summers already, it plays havoc with us Nordic people.  We can’t control ourselves.  By this time of year, we prefer 24 hour darkness, snow up to the knees and watching Bergman/Trier films on repeat.  Bring on winter:  We’re ready.

Scan Show – come see us   
Our Emilia has been working hard to finalise our stand at the Scan Show this coming weekend.  We’ll be there doing our thing at stand 134, which is near the food seating area. 
If you have not yet bought your ticket, do so now at half price here (don’t wait till the day or you’ll have to pay full price) http://xurl.at/5vu

Thanks to all of you who took part in the competition for free tickets.  We had an unprecedented amount of responses.  The winners were informed by e-mail and have picked up their tickets.  We’re sorry if you didn’t get any and we still hope to see you at the show *

Smile for the camera, baby
Last week, we shot the photos for our very first ad campaign.  We have had amazing help from the nice people at Ico Design – and we’re very happy and excited about this new chapter in the Scandi kitchen history.

One of the stars of the show is our very own handsome Sebastian.  He likes wearing tight tennis shorts, apparently. http://xurl.at/5vv

You’re the bun that I want
Monday was the day of the cinnamon bun.  Actually, at our place every day is the day of the cinnamon bun.  We can’t imagine not starting the day with a whiff of freshly baked ‘kanelbulle’ – and so it seems, the rest of the UK are following suit with press last week discussing the humble Swedish bun’s rise in popularity.  Bun fest every day.

If you fancy a bit of bun baking, we’ve got the fresh yeast, we’ve got the Scandinavian flour, the cinnamon and the pearl sugar. Oh, and a great recipe http://xurl.at/5vw

Do you know Robert Wells?

He’s a rather good pianist.  He’s from Sweden but will be playing the royal Albert Hall in November.  Fancy a bit of culture in your life and a night at the Royal Albert?  We’ve got two pairs of tickets to give away.  Yes, really http://xurl.at/5vx

Inside Scandi Kitchen this week...
Bronte walked a marathon for Cancer Research, Rebekka walked to work, Victor walked home from the pub, Sebastian walked the line and Jonas walked into a door.

Bits and bobs
•    Three things you probably didn’t know about the Nordics:   Faroe islands only have 48,642 inhabitants, the film JAWS is not, after all, called The Super Cod in Norwegian and the kid’s TV show Lazy Town is produced in Iceland.
•    No more Chinese racism on the Swedish sweetie bags http://xurl.at/5vy
•    Ryan Despair to fly to more airports in Sweden http://xurl.at/5vz
•    Going away?  Send your sourdough on holiday in Sweden http://xurl.at/5w0
•    Mr Nobel wasn’t all about blowing things up, you know http://xurl.at/5w1
•    Danish Christiania (free state) is 40 years old http://xurl.at/5w2

See you in the kitchen soon

Bye for now
The Kitchen People

Scandinavian Kitchen – good food with love from Scandinavia
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*You like small print, do you?  Well, well.  We found a sneaky extra pair of tickets for the SCAN SHOW.  First person to pop by today Thursday and hug Seb and tell him he’s got eyes that sparkle like a summery Swedish lake gets them.  Only one pair of tickets, so be quick.  First person = gets the tickets.   The rest of you will have to make do with a Seb hug, which is not bad at all, actually.

Handsome Sebastian

Last week, we finally shot the photos for our new smancy pancy ad campaign, designed and devised by the amazing people at Ico Design

It was a LOT of fun.

While we're not quite ready to show you the final result, we do feel like it would be fitting to show you a photo of Sebastian wearing ultra tight tennis shorts.

Thanks to ALL of you who sent in your photo to be in the ad.  We know we have not gotten back to all of you but we were simply inundated with suggestions and photos.  We'll get back to you all eventually - but for now, thanks for wanting to be part of this and we will bear you guys in mind for the next ads as well.

New Picture does my bum look big in this?

Robert Wells the Swedish Piano Man coming to UK

For those of us who enjoy listening to a bit of jazzy piano, the Swedish pianist Robert Wells coming to the UK is a very welcome thing.

Robert Wells will be playing at the Royal Albert Hall on the 28th November 2011 in a show entitled Robert Well's Rhapsody of Rock.

You can read more about the event right here

And you can reserve your tickets to see him here (Tickets from £25-£75)

Guess what?  We've got 2 x 2 pairs of tickets to give away for the event.

If you fancy being in with a chance to win a pair of tickets, just answer the following question:

How many keys are on the average piano?

a)    88

b)    231

c)    50

Send your answer by e-mail to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before the 15th October and we'll pick out two winners at random.

Usual competition rules apply.





New tax opportunities from Denmark: tax the fats

As the first country, like, ever (we are led to believe), Denmark has today started the Fat Tax. 

There is an extra tax to be levied on all "fat" products - anything containing more than 2,3% saturated fat will be taxed.  This means anything from pizza to cheese - and some meats too. 

The tax is set at 16 DKR per kilo of saturated fat (around £2).  This means that the average family of Mum, Dad and 2,2 kids will spend an extra 1,000 DKR a year on food if they continue to buy fatty stuff.

Many countries have introduced sugar taxes, but Denmark did that years ago on sweets and chocolate, so they had to come up with something new. 

So, if you pop over to Denmark and wonder why your 'hotdog med det hele' suddenly costs quite a bit more, you'll know why.

While we are all for health, we do want to point out that Denmark's obesity rates in general run at about 10% lower than most EU countries so we're not sure how effective this tax will be...

Fat-guy i en lille baad der gynger...

Danish is a tricky language

We love this photo.  Before you start thinking we're very rude, may we just remind you that the word "slut" in Danish means "the end".  By this account, you will also find the end of the words at every fairytale in Denmark:  "And they lived happily ever after..... SLUT".

Slut Spurt actually means "the race to the end" and in this particular context, it refers to the race towards the end of the sale. In English, well, check out the Urban Dictionary.

Read more about the joys of learning Danish on this website we found.



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