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November 10, 2011

It's J-DAY (Tuborg Julebryg Day 2011)

IMG_1552Our Roy Karlsson and our Magic Moa celebrate the delivery

J-Day means Julebryg Day.  Julebryg is the annual Danish Christmas beer and J-day is the day it is released and the day where most of Denmark stops to go to the pub and celebrate the first day of Christmas.

We have our own J-Day today because last night, the delivery came in and we now have enough Julebryg to forget all about Christmas.

As with every year, this stuff WILL sell out.  The only way to secure your order is if you pick up your stash now or order it online - because once it's gone, we wont get more in.

We have both Julebryg from Tuborg and the delightful Hansa juleol.

Pick up a whole case of Tuborg Julebryg (24 cans) for £31.95.

Single cans of Tuborg are £1.75 and six packs are £8.95.




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