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January 24, 2012

Sweden's smallest student flats

Lund, in Sourthen Sweden, is a big university town.  At times, with a bit of a space issue for accomodation.

The company AF Bostader are showing Sweden's smallest student flat as from today - and people are invited to apply to get their hands on one of these as they are planning on building 100 of them this year (pending permission to bypass strict Swedish guidelines as the project was initially rejected due to lack of disabled access).

So, why the outcry?  Well, these pods are only 9 m2 - that is about 100 square feet to you and me - which is teeny tiny in Swedish eyes, but about twice as big as the average Hackney tip rentable for the same money (ba boom).  Price?  £230 a month.  There's even a bit out outside space to grow your 'erbs, bruvva.

What can you get in London for £230 a month?  A parking space or a room in a shared house (on a good day, if you don't mind egg-shell wall colouring and an old mattress).

There's room to swing a cat...

LivingIt comes complete with an empty wine bottle a la student mode

Look, it even has a shower and there's no carpet in the toilet...  And not hot/cold taps, just plain, fuctional mixer taps...

The cheapest London studio we could find had this picture...

If you're planning to move out of London and going to Lund to study, the flat is being shown as from today.  You can read more on the Local's website (thanks, people at The Local, we borrowed your pictures, hope you don't mind)



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There's even a bit out outside space to grow your 'erbs, bruvva.

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