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February 01, 2012

Bornholm: Everything happens here

We always make fun of Bornholm, the Danish island south of Sweden.  It's probably because Rebekka comes from Bornholm.  Or because nothing ever happens there.  Or maybe a bit of both.  

Today we have to swallow our words a bit, so to speak, because today stuff did happen on Bornholm.  Important stuff: 

They found a big turd.

Not just any poo, but a really old poo.  Really old.  As in 140 million years old poo.  And it is only 4 centimetres of poo.

That seems like an awful lot of fuss for a tiny bit of poo.  Still, the poo (which apparently is believed to be from a turtle) has been given the prestigious ‘national, natural treasure’ status (danekræ) and will be making its way to Copenhagen Natural History Museum.

So, make sure you pop in and say hello to the poo next time you are in town.


Here's a picture of some poo.  Sorry.




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