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February 08, 2012

How to annoy a Swede...

Viking1brilliant photo by jayspec

It's been a week in which we have learnt how to annoy people like us.  

Interesting.  But quite true.

The lovely Kate Reuterswärd has written a blog about 20 ways in which to annoy the Swedes and possibly ensure you never associate with any of those tall blondes again.

Kate's examples include:

1. Speak at an American volume (loudly) in public places, especially on public transportation. 

2. Walk inside with your shoes still on.

3. “I don’t like coffee.” 

4. Tell Swedes who are not from Skåne that Skåne is the real Sweden.

5. Criticize Midsummer.

6. Compare them to Danes.

7. Compare them to Norwegians.

8. Compare them to Finns.

9. Compare them to Germans.

10. Complain about environmentalists.

11. Try to arrange an office happy hour less than a week in advance.

12. Make fun of the Vasa Ship..

13. Install wall-to-wall carpeting.

14. Try to convince a Swede to come to church with you next Sunday.

15. Say you’ve never heard of Astrid Lindgren.

16. Say that Sweden’s government is Socialist. 

17. Corner someone at a party and insist they tell you the secret to why Swedish people are so so beautiful.

18. Lecture everyone on the dangers of candles.

19. Tell people that women should stay at home after their first child.

20. Start a conversation with a stranger.

You can read Kate's blog post right here 




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