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March 08, 2012

Eurovision 2012: Update

Tomorrow evening, Sweden’s roads will be empty.  Nobody will venture outside.  Sales of Estrella crisps will be up by 500%.  Why?  Because it is Melodifestivalen final, the evening when Sweden (after 5 long regional heats) finally choose their song to represent them in Eurovison.

Our bets are on this one

This year for the Eurovision final in Baku, we quite like Russia’s old grannies - mainly because they are only doing Eurovision to raise funds to repair their church

We are totally in love with Engelbert Humperdink (bet he thought he was going to be the oldest one there, but nope...)


Norway’s entry (Is it Eric Saade?)

Denmark’s entry written by one of Bronte’s mates

In case you missed the other news, Ireland this year is represented by Jedward.  Again.

Catch all the latest Eurovision goss on Mr Jørgensen’s www.schlagerfiasko.nu




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These days the quality of Turkish music is measured by its success at the Eurovision song contest.

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