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March 13, 2012

How do you know it is Easter in Sweden? Påskmust arrives...

Paskmust1At Christmas time in Sweden, Coca Cola is outsold massively by a drink called Julmust - a very sweet, lightly carbonated malted soft drink.  

Seeing as it is usually only available at Christmas, the Swedes had to do something to feed people's cravings, so they launched an Easter version too.  It's called Påskmust.  

See what they did there?  Julmust is Christmas because Jul means Christmas.  Påskmust - because påsk means Easter.  Clever stuff.

We've now got the large bottles of påskmust in stock on the webshop and we'll have it in store as well.

We've only got a limited supply, so we do suggest you get your stash reserved as soon as possible if you want to be really Swedish this Påsk.  

Click here to be teleported to the magic online shop where you can get buy your paskmust.  It's a must.

See what we did there?  Must.  Påskmust.  Clever.  Eh, sort of.

Angry chick
Here's a picture of the angriest chick we could find.  Grrrr...



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I wish you had it in the light version as well. :(

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