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March 27, 2012

NORWAY delivery just in. 'Choice bro', says Kiwi Andy.

Andy has been unpacking pallets all morning.  Andy is our Kiwi who takes charge of all things online shop.  He's super nice and we're busy turning him Nordic.

He's told us (say the following in a New Zealand accent to make it authentic) that we've got heaps of:

Walter's Mandler - salty milk chocolate, totally awesome, bro. 

Solo - the traditional Norwegian orange soft drink.  Also awesome, bro.

Smorbukk is back, we've got Mill's Kaviar, Mayonnaise and remoulade, we've got so much Brown Cheese in so many different varieties that we could open a shop.  Wait, we have.  Oh.

Melkesjokolade, Bergen's fiskesuppe, kvikklunsj and much much more.  

Click here to be taken to our shopping area - next day delivery for orders placed before 14:00.   Free delivery over £60.  We deliver to all mainland Uk and can send a limited selection of dry goods to the EU too.


If you are unsure of how to tackle a New Zealand accent, here's a helpful clip from the interknit.



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