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May 03, 2012

17 Mai 2012 - Norwegian National Day London


Think St Patrick’s Day is cool?  Then you’ll also enjoy Norwegian National Day, except everything is blue, red and white instead.  Oh, and less Guinness.  Possibly a bit more aquavit instead.  And waffles.

Norwegian constitution day is celebrated on 17th May every year and Norwegians across the world come out of the wood work, adorn their national costumes and get together to celebrate.

In London, these celebrations take place all over – but start in Southwark Park at 9:00 with the hoisting of the Norwegian flag.  There’s dancing, there’s music, there’s hotdogs and there are sure to be an abundance of waffles with or without brown cheese.

You can find the whole programme for 17th May (17. Mai i London 2012) right here

At our Great Titchfield Store we’ll be celebrating Norway too – with flags, cakes and tasters – so pop on down to see us.

We’re expecting our full Norway National Day delivery on 10th May so that is when you need to get ordering via our online shop www.scandikitchen.co.uk/shop to ensure your stash in time for the celebrations.




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I love Norway. That's why I made this picture, the first on this page, on may 2011 for my blog "Le défouloir de Krn". If you like it and take it, add a mention to tell where you found it, please.
Gratulerer med dagen og Alt for Norge !

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