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May 03, 2012

Weekly news 3rd May 2012: A goat named Jesus, get married in Ikea and cats who look like Sarah Lund

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I have a faint memory of eating at the Danish Food Centre in central London(possiblyin Conduit St.) as a child. Am I imagining this, or does anyone else remember such a place?

Yes! The Danish Food Centre. And yes I think it WAS Conduit Street. I was an exchange student in England 1963/1964 and I visited the DFC many, many times whenever I was in London. They had absolutely the best coffee I'd ever had (I asked and they told me it was Twinings) and a chocolate mousse to die for.
Now I live in Europe and am investigating finding Twining's coffee here on the continent (germany).

I shopped at The Danish Centre nearly every lunch time during the late 70s! They had the best Oped Sandwiches - Prawn being my favourite! And Sauté Potatoes and Potatoe Salad. Another favourite was their Russian Salad. I so wish it was still there. Have been looking online to see if it still exists elsewhere but haven't had any success. If anyone knows where they moved to I would love to know!

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