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May 02, 2013

Celebrate our Cinnamon Bun week 7th May - 12th May 2013

We're going a bit bun-nanas next week.

When you pop by and show us the special bun-voucher, you get a cinnamon bun (Swedish Kanelbulle) free with any coffee or hot drink purchase from 8-midday.

Yes, really. 

Why? Because we think the wonders of the humble cinnamon bun should be felt by all.

You'll need a voucher to claim your bun (one per day person only: we have to safeguard your waistline somehow).  We're handing out vouchers all this week - but if you can't make it past the cafe, you can find a voucher to print just here Download KanelbulleVoucher

Ps Feel free to help us with bun-puns for our A-board outside.  Such as "Buns and Roses", "Bun Jour", "We like big buns and we cannot lie" and "Cinnamon Bun Paradiso".  You get the picture.






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