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August 21, 2013

Kransekage / Kransekake - the traditional Nordic celebration cake

Kransekage / Kransekake literally means ‘ring cake’. It’s a traditional Norwegian and Danish celebration cake (Weddings, Christenings, New Year’s Eve and National Days… ) made from baked marzipan, shaped into rings and then stacked as high as required. It’s very rich so not much is needed (it’s usually served at the Coffee course – a bit as a petit four).

As you can imagine, a real kransekage is made from pure almond paste (nothing like the cheap stuff used for normal cake decorating). It’s a hard cake to make, taking many hours of shaping, baking and decorating.

We don’t make these at Scandikitchen – but we get asked about these cakes a lot and we recommend our good friend Karen from Karen’s Kitchen.

You can contact Karen’s Kitchen via her facebook page right here or ping her an e-mail.  She's vry nice and super skilled in this department. In fact, she makes great cakes for all occasions. Tell her we said 'Hi'.

If you're thinking of making your own, this is the type of marzipan you need to make the real deal: Click here to buy Anton Berg 60% 'ren rå' marzipan 



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Norwegian kransekake doesn't have marzipan, just ground almonds, icing sugar and egg whites - and mine takes 1 hour from start to finish....

I also make 9, 18, 27, & 36 level high Kransekaka. But, only in Northern Colorado & if needed also Denver area.

Please contact me at

Amy Martinson

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