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January 02, 2014

Cinnamon buns: A perfect way to start the year.

This is a basic recipe for cinnamon buns.  Try this and then adapt to suit you: Less sugar, more sugar, more butter (can you ever have too much butter?), vanilla sugar in the filling, no egg, a whole egg, thinner roll out, nuts, marzipan...  If you're going to make cinnamon buns, get a hang of the recipe and then start making it your own.  Use your hands for the kneading and get a feel for the yeast dough and really learn how to work it. We even know someone who uses Messsmör in the filling (soft, spreadable brown cheese) - and it is delicious.  Slightly unorthodox, but still: he made the buns his own and they are lovely.

We'd love to know what you do to your buns to make them yours? 

Downlod the PDF here  Download PDF of the Cinnamonbuns Recipe Here




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