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April 24, 2014

How to be more Danish, in ten easy steps.

We asked the good people on Twitter how to be a Dane in 10 steps…

 Here are some of the top replies:


1. Wear black. And only black.



2. Eat open sandwiches. Preferably topped with cheese and jam. Yes, jam.



3. Throw the word "hygge" randomly into sentences, then pretend to try really hard to find an English translation. Yet again.



4. Never use the word please, with the excuse that “but we don’t HAVE a word for please in Danish”.



5. Test ANY non-Dane on whether they like salty liquorice and laugh when they don't.



6. Have an awkward sense of humour and laugh at jokes such as “Do you know how to save a Swede from drowning? No? Good!” HarHarHarHar... See also: making fun of everything Swedish. And Norwegian. And Icelandic. And German.#hilarious



7. Have a flagpole in your garden and raise the Danish flag at every opportunity (Sundays, public holidays, birthdays, popping to the shops…)



8.  If someone asks you how you are, be sure to really explain to them how you are feeling. 


9. Top most food groups with a dollop of remoulade. Especially chips, beef, fish and hotdogs. And salami. And meatballs. 



10. Always have one white sock over one trouser leg (or roll one trouser leg up, if not wanting to wear white socks over your all-black outfit). You never know when you might be going cycling. This way, you can be ready in a flash.




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Some swede is clearly anti Dane at Scandinavian kitchens. Not a pleasant read.

Hi Thomas. Just saw your note. I think your comment is a bit unfair: The post was written by me, a Dane. Født og opvokset i Danmark.

I do feel it is good to be able to poke fun at one self once in a while. The blog post was absolutely intended as a joke (I don't wear black every day, only 99% of the time). Saying that we are anti-Danish in any way is totally off. We are planning the same sort of posts for other nations too.

And don't ever call me Swedish ;o)

Bye for now

I think the list is spot on. And very funny!

I'm half-Danish and I loved it. Actually, it looks like I'm 4/10 Danish but I hope to improve on that now.

Very funny Bronte, after nearly 20 years living in London I have moved away from black - all the way to blue with the odd slash of colour - I feel like such a traitor! ;0)

Yes yes yes! I had cheese and jam this morning!!
Hilarious list :oD

Nonchalantly opening a bottle of beer with practically anything other than a bottle of beer opener... cool :)

Thomas if you are in fact a Dane you have clearly lost your Danish sense of humour.

Its all lies I tell you. Except 5,6 & 7. Liked the comment about opening a bottle of beer with anything but a bottle opener, I've seen that. No mention of Snaps or Sild. Have things changed?

Confidently 60% Danish today.
Had people spit out a GaJol, and its not even salty.

I wear black a lot, maybe I'm a bit Danish deep inside of me. But, what does hygge mean?

@martaAbb Cozy, I think

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