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September 15, 2012

Best ever advert for a rural bus service?

Hats off to the Danish agency that made this advert for a Danish bus service.

NOTE:  In Danish but you can turn on the subtitles on the menu bar ('captions')

Thanks to the Mighty Andy for sending us this link.

September 14, 2012

Swedish School: Pronounciation

September 10, 2012

Turn your boyfriend Swedish: Grooming

Want to make your boyfriend Swedish?

Learn from Swedish Olav.

Today's lesson:  stick your head in ice water.  Like a Swede.

September 06, 2012

Learn to Learn to be Swedish

September 03, 2012

Some pigeons are more equal than others

We're all very quick to dismiss pigeons as rats with wings.  

Artists Julian Charriere and Julian von Bismarck wanted to change that so they built a special paint machine for pigeons in Copenhagen.  When a pigeon flies through it, it gets a burst of colour coating.

See the results for yourself.  

Pigeon 1
Pigeon 2

Pigeon 3
Pigeon 4

August 31, 2012

Rotten fish.


July 31, 2012

What is your IKEA name?

Enter your name and voila, you become flat-packed.  Almost.

How do people find time to come up with this stuff?





July 17, 2012

This is what happens when you give kids access to music videos

Three year old Swedish singer - you go, kid.  You go.

July 06, 2012

Regular Swedish Mealtime (in Swenglish): Sticky Chocolate Cake

These three Swedish chaps are very popular in Sweden with their crazy cooking videos.  We like the main guy because he reminds us a bit of Sebastian when he's feeling stressed because someone's eaten his last bag of Cheez Doodles.

This time, the guys are making Swedish Sticky chocolate cake.  Or Kladdkaka, as it is known.

If you want to make a really nice version of kladdkaka Swedish sticky brownie, we do recommend you use our recipe instead.  Its really nice.

Prepare for summer... Feel it. Feel it. Feel the rhythm.

We're fed up with this rain.  Fed up.  

This is what we're feeling, inside our souls because inside all men, there's a speedo wearer longing to get out.

July 02, 2012

Why the Danes are happier than the Americans?

It's the small things that make you happy.

Thanks to Buzzfeed for this one.



BBQ in Sweden (aka "My father never gives up")

We love this clip from Sweden.  Yes, folks, this is HOW WE DO IT.

Ps - watch your volume, Swedish rain is loud.

June 19, 2012

'Små grodorna' is a French song. Shock, horror.

The Swedish song 'Små grodorna', sung at every Midsummer event and much loved by all Swedes across the world, is French.

The song is originally a French march called The Onion March (yes, really).  The Brits made a parody of the song and changed some of the lyrics to "Au pas, grenouilles!" ("I takt, små grodor! / March, Little Frogs).   And so, the swedes took the song and made it all about little frogs with no ears and no tail. 

Don't believe us?  Then listen to it here

And don't say we never teach you anything.

Swedish Midsummer 2012 - this is how they do it?

An old IKEA advert, ut still good:  Swedish Midsummer parody.

A nice way to get you in the mood for the upcoming weekend's celebrations.

June 11, 2012

Desperately seeking Swedish men

This is not a lonely hearts advert, but a call for Swedish men aged 25-40ish to be cast in a 
TV series filming in Kent in June.  It's a show called Call the Midwife.

Bascially, you have to fullfil the following criteria: 
1) be Swedish 
2) be male 
3) look a bit stereotypical Swedish (read: blonde to dark blonde) 
4) not mind getting a short haircut 
5) want to be on telly.

Here's the blurb from the agency:

Ray Knight Casting are looking for Swedish men aged 18 to 45-ish to take part in a period 
drama as background artistes. 

Please email Rachel urgently on ra@rayknight.co.uk, with a photo if interested.  
Short back and sides (haircut) required.  

Interested participants need to look Swedish and will be singing in Swedish. 
Filming in London and Kent in June.

Interested? Get that photo downloaded of your facebook page and contact them as soon 
as possible.


Stero typing? Oh yes.   


May 29, 2012

How to get good use out of an old Volvo?

And here are the votes from the Swedish jury...

Did you think the lady presenting the Swedish votes on Saturday's Eurovision was real?

Sadly, not so - but funny, THAT she is.    Her real name is Sarah Dawn Finers.

We'd like to point out to those bloggers saying she "insulted the host country":  we don't think it was the host country she was making fun of.  Perhaps look a little closer to home?  Hrrrmmm.

Here she is again.  And now let's get Catherine Tate presenting the show next year?

'Euphoria' - by the Swedish Royal Army

This is how much those Swedes love Eurovision.  Their Roayl Army played a version of the winning song to celebrate.

May 25, 2012

Underpants or swimming trunks?

Carrying on the Speedo scenario - here's a commercial from New Zealand that explains it all very well.

Thanks, Jordy, for sending this in.

A stark warning to all men

It might be HOt outside, but please, do not, ever, ever get ideas about Speedos.  Not pretty.  Not now, not never, unless you are Daniel Craig or our Sebastian.

Let this photo be a warning to you.

Hairy Speedos Guy

The Final Countdown. Final.

This video has been entitled: "The worst cover version ever".  You decide.  

Practise is everything.

IKEA camera, anyone?

May 23, 2012

When the thief got stuck in a fence... (also known as: Eat Less Pie)

This cheeky Swedish thief got stuck in a fence the other day whilst being chased by the police.

This incident happened in Enskede in Southern Stockholm last week.  The offender attempted to rob a house and the police took chase - only to eventually find him stuck, unable to get backwards or forwards, in a fence a little way away.

The Stockholm police could not help themselves but to post the picture to their twitter account.

More here 


May 22, 2012

Eurovision semi-final 2012: 20:00 tonight on BBC3

We love Eurovision.  Mostly we love eating dill crisps with dip-mix at every Eurovision oppportunity.

This year, we especially love The Hump.  The Hump.  The lovely, little Hump.  Here he is, in all his former Orange glory:


Here's The Humperdink pretending to be Liam Gallagher

And here's the Hump getting academic


The HOT looking Humpsie Dumpsie


The mini Hump?  Is there is connection there or what?

Humpsie   Seagall

Is it a coincidence The Hump sang a song called The Lesbian Seagall?  Sorry, Seagul?


Engelbert Humperdink is not singing tongiht at the semis because Uk always qualify - so tonight, please supposrt Denmark, Finaland and Iceland:  We're trying to make it an all Scandi-esque final this year.


May 14, 2012

How to wake a Norwegian kid...

We love this.  three year old Norwegian kid who loves his music.  Class.

Drunk Norwegian on ice

He's hammered.  Although we do suspect there may be a deal (or future deal) with this partcular vodka company...

Enjoy.  It's worth watching all the way through for maximum effect.

May 08, 2012

Can someone please do this on the Bakerloo line tomorrow at 8:42?

Flash mob on Copenhagen's Metro last month.


Get your hair cut and play Pacman in Copenhagen

We adore this hairdresser in Copenhagen.  

May 03, 2012

Weekly news 3rd May 2012: A goat named Jesus, get married in Ikea and cats who look like Sarah Lund

Read all about it

Right here


Cats that look a bit like Sarah Lund

Sometimes, we are a bit bored.

Later today:  a competition for you to find Great Danes that look like Peter Schmeichel.  Maybe.


May 02, 2012

Owls that look like Roy Hodgson

Thanks, huffinton post for making us giggle this afternoon


Break Up in IKEA

April 24, 2012

Let's get married.... In IKEA?

A couple in America decided to get married where they met:  at an IKEA store.

And yes, they had meatballs for dinner.  

Word fail us.

More here 



Let's get married.... In IKEA?

A couple in America decided to get married where they met:  at an IKEA store.

And yes, they had meatballs for dinner.  

Word fail us.

More here 



April 22, 2012

What the Finns learnt that the Irish already knew...

Here's a clip from a Finnish disco dancing lesson...

Below is a clip from an Irish Disco dancing competition.

It is clear who was wearing the trendy dancing shoes.  We especially ask you to pay attenntion to contenstant number 3 from Ireland who looks like our Victor when he'd had too much coffee.   The Finnish lesson becomes most funky about half way in when the audience joins in.

Eurovision 2012: This song ensures UK will not be last this year

The song from San Marino is up there with the worst Eurovision Songs of all time

Come to my house and click on my mouse?  Really?

The Viking Diet

April 17, 2012

Save one month of your life. Approximately.

Here's how to peel a potato in just a few seconds.  

If you tall yup all the potatoes you have to peel from now till the end of your life, we reckon you may save about one month in total.  Unless you buy all your potatoes in ready-meal form or eat them with the skin on.

April 12, 2012

Holy cr*p: buy toilet paper, now.

You gotta love the unions.  In Sweden, the union representing the people who deliver paper towels and toilet paper is threatening a strike action (in solidarity to a different union... Long story but you can read it all here)

So, from 23rd April, if the strike goes ahead, Sweden could face a dangerous shortage of toilet paper and paper towels.

So, last year Norway ran out of butter.  This year, Sweden may run out of toilet paper.  What's Denmark going to run out of?


April 03, 2012

The Almighty Johnsons: Odin's BACK (in New Zealand)

Ahhh, those Kiwis.  You gotta love them. 

New New Zealand TV series about a bunch of lads realising they are reincarnated from Norse Gods.

The verdict is still out on this one, sorry guys.

You're not in Guatamala now, Dr Ropata, is all we can say about that.

Spiderman and his dolls. Why is it a problem?

If there is one thing that gets the general Scandies blood boiling is gender roles for boys and girls.  Girls can be plumbers, boys can be au pairs.  Who cares what sex you are? 

Which is why we adore this catalogue from a Swedish toy store.

The company is called LEKLUST and they say it is time to move forward and stop this gender nonsense when it comes to toys as it only aids to manifest the stereotypes even more. 

The spokesperson for the Swedish Feminist Movement, Carl Emanuelsen, welcomes to movement.  We just love that the spokesperson for the Feminist Movement is a man.  It just gets better.

In the catalogue, on a predominantly pink page full of dolls and prams, a child dressed as spiderman can be seen pushing a pink pram and on a different page a little girl is seen driving a toy racing car. 

There's also pictures of boys using the pretend kitchen. 

Fantastic, we say:  keep it up.

More here

April 02, 2012

Camilla versus the Crown Princess

This is the oddest photo from Charles and Camilla's visit to Denmark.  Camilla with a gun, Princess Mary holding her head and Sarah Lund stepping in.


Norwegian Explorer Aleksander Gamme Finds Hidden stash of Cheez Doodles

Norwegian explorer Aleksander Gamme - on his trip to the Antarctic - digs down a bag of goodies at the beginning of this trip.  He then re-finds his goods on day 86.  

This is how Scandinavian people react when they find a forgotten bag of Cheez Doodles.  Magic.

Incidentially, this is how Sebastian acts every time we get a delivery into the store.  No joke.  Except he screams in Swedish, not Norwegian. 

March 29, 2012



March 27, 2012

A little Dane channels Elvis...

This little two -year-old Danish boy loves Elvis.  And it seems he loves performing in front of large audiences...

Recycle, recycle - Norwegian style

We love this campaign for recycling. 

In English/Norwegian.

You can take the Royals out of Monaco...

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco have been visiting the cold Northern countries.

No news there, but we just love the very uncomfortable photo.  We think the prefer Versace, sunshine and pina coladas.

Monaco royals

March 22, 2012

Swedes - an overview


March 16, 2012

Best notice we saw this week? From a Swedish grocery store

From a Swedish grocery shop.  The sign says:

We've stopped selling battery farm eggs.  Have a seat in your shopping trolley to understand why.



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