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March 07, 2014

WIN 'The Edible Atlas' by Mina Holland


Sometimes, a book lands on our desk for a competition that we really don't want to tell anyone about just so we can keep it to ourselves! This is one such book. We think every serious foodie should have a copy of this. 

Mina Holland (follow Mina here) has written an amazing book entitled The Food Atlas - about food from all over the globe; a journey of 39 cuisines. How we eat it, why we eat it... It's even got a bit about our corner of the world in the book (and we're pleased to see a recipe for Danish Dream Cake making an appearance). THE EDIBLE ATLAS explores what and why people eat as they do across the world, demystifying the flavours, ingredients, techniques and dishes at the heart of thirty-nine different cuisines. With fully adaptable recipes to suit beginners and confident cooks alike, learn to recreate dishes from all over the globe.

We've got a copy of this book to give to a lucky winner. To be in with the a chance to win Mina's book, just answer this easy question:

Norwegian band 'Ylvis' sang a (quite annoying) song called...

a) What does the herring say?

b) What does the fox say?

c) What does the Swede say?

Answers to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before noon on Thursday 13th March 2014. Winner will be notified by email. Only one prize, no cash alternative, usual rules apply. No cheating. 

Russell Norman (from 'The Restaurant Man') says: "The Edible Atlas deserves a place on every serious cook’s bookshelf. Intelligent, informative, entertaining and very handsome. Mina Holland’s prose is as engaging as her recipes. She is an exciting and authoritative new voice in the world of cookery and food writing."

‘Fascinating, telling some fantastic stories about a broad range of cuisines … The food cries to be cooked’ YOTAM OTTOLENGHI

BUY MINA'S BOOK 'The Edible Atlas' here 

February 13, 2014

WIN: 'The Almost Nearly Perfect People' - by Michael Booth


Did you read the article that got everybody talking a few weeks back? (if not, read it HERE) Are we Nordics not all we're cracked up to be? Who decided to put us on a pedestal in the first place and how do we get down from there without ruining everything? Are we really obsessed with Midsomer Murders? (Ed: Yes).

Michael Booth, writer and journalist, currently living in Denmark (and, we can vouch, speak Danish pretty well) is not sure all is as it is cracked up to be. Well, actually, that is if you only read the article (so don't be offended just yet). In the book, you see, Booth goes deeper into the psyche of what makes us Scandinavians special and finds that, in fact, we might just be almost perfect...

Confused? Don't be. It's a good book and it is worth a read. You can buy it here

We've got a copy of the book to give away - fancy being in with a chance of winning it?

Just answer this easy question:

The statue of the Little Mermaid is in which Nordic town:

a) Stockholm

b) Copenhagen

c) Skagen

Answers by e-mail, please, to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before Monday at noon (17/2). Winner will be drawn at random from correct entries. No cheating, no cash alternative, no non-sense and all usual terms apply. 

May 16, 2013

WIN the 'Van Veeteren' DVD set and novel.


To celebrate this week’s release of Hakan Nesser’s “Van Veeteren” films on DVD, we have a great Scandi-crime prize bundle to give away. We are offering one lucky winner the chance to win not just the “Van Veeteren” box set, but also a copy of Nesser’s acclaimed new novel “The Weeping Girl”.    

Based on Nesser’s best-selling series of novels, Van Veeteren is an experienced Swedish detective who, now well into his sixties and approaching retirement, has a vast knowledge of policing and an intuitive skill for reading people and situations. Divorced, grumpy and more than a little cynical, the match stick toting Van Veeteren may be rough around the edges, but he has a heart of gold, enjoying nothing more at the end of a long day that a dark beer and a quiet game of chess. The first three Van Veeteren films are released as a DVD box set by Arrow Films.

“The Weeping Girl”, available from Pan Macmillan, features Van Veeteren’s protégé Ewa Moreno investigating her most perplexing case yet... A community is left reeling after a teacher – Arnold Maager – is convicted of murdering a female pupil. The girl was pregnant with Maager’s child.

Years later, on her eighteenth birthday, Maager’s daughter finally learns the terrible truth about her father. Desperate for answers, Mikaela travels to the institution where Maager has been held since his trial. But soon afterwards she inexplicably vanishes. 

To win this fantastic Scandi prize, simply tell us which of the below is also a Swedish detective –

a) Martin Rohde

b) Kurt Wallander

c) Lennart Brix  

Answer to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk by Monday noon (20th May 2013). Winner will be picked at random from all correct entries. No cheating. No cash alternative. Usual competition rule apply. 

Order the Van Veeteren DVD box set from Arrow Films here and order “The Weeping Girl” from Pan MacMillan here.  


November 15, 2012

Evening Standard recommends what you need for The Killing Night

Evestandard article
How to enjoy The Killing Season 3

November 13, 2012

Meet the Authors - Thursday 15th November 2012 at Scandi Kitchen

TRINE1  Dfdf-image-2-108442859 (1)  EMMA  PATRICK


Thursday 15th November, 6-8pm


Scandinavian Kitchen hosts an evening with four brilliant authors.

Trine Hahnemann, Signe Johansen, Emma Kennedy and Patrick Kingsley

Join us for an evening of great chat, mulled wine and book signings.

- Trine Hahnemann, celebrated Danish cookery writer, author of Scandinavian Christmas, Nordic Diet and The Scandinavian Cookbook. Trine is hugely popular both in the UK, Scandinavia as well as in the US and features regularly in cookery magazines across the globe. 

- Signe Johansen, London-based Norwegian author of ‘Scandilicious’ and ‘Scandilicious Baking’, her recipes are traditional and have proven a masive hit with the public.  Signe features regularly in the media both via recipes published in the major food magazines as well as Tv apperances and her extremely popular blog.  

 - Emma Kennedy, actress, writer and TV host – has just published The Killing Handbook, a brilliant guide to the The Killing, Sarah Lund's jumpers, and all things Danish.  

 - Patrick Kingsley, superb Guardian journalist and author of How To Be Danish – a look at modern Danish life.  This is Patrick’s first book - and there’s already plans for more guides to different countries.

All four authors will be signing books on the night.  The event starts at 6pm – simply turn up and join in.

Hope to see lots of you there.


The Kitchen People x

Scandinavian Kitchen - Good food with love from Scandinavia

61 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 7PP

‘Phone 020 7580 7161


November 10, 2012

Meet Trine Hahnemann & Signe Johansen at Scandi Kitchen on Thu 15th Nov 2012


UPDATE 13th NOVEMBER:  This event will also be attended by the wonderful Patrick Kingsley, author of the book "How to be Danish'.  Patrick will be on hand to sign books, chit chat about Denmark and his thoughts on what makes people Danish.

We adore both Trine and Signe's books and we have stocked all of their books for years.  From the first Scandilicious book to the The Scandinavian Cookbook and The Nordic Diet, we have read and loved them all.

We're super pleased to be able to invite you all to an evening of Meet the Authors at the cafe on Great Titchfield Street.

When:            Thursday 15th november 2012

Time:            18:00 (for a few hours)

What:         Signing of books, mugs of mulled wine, all your questions about Scandinavian cooking and baking answered by the experts. 

Cost:        Free.  

Bye for now

The Kitchen People

PS - Signed copies of some books available now in store and online 




January 05, 2012

Fad Diets versus 'Good Looking & Healthy The Nordic Way'


Look, you don't need us to tell you that fad diets don't work.  It's common sense, isn't it? 

See what it has done to Norway:  All those people suddenly deciding that they were going to listen to those 'doctors 'who says that it is perfectly okay to stuff yourself with high fats and butters, as long as you don't end the meal with a loaf of bread and an apple?  What happened there?  The country ran out of butter, is what happened.  People didn't get any thinner and everybody got upset. 

Jokes aside (they really did run out of butter, though) - it is largely agreed amongst the clever nutritionists of this world that cutting out a food group isn't the way to go to find peace and long term slim-ness.  Eating sensibly IS.  Moving around and getting some exercise IS good because not only does it help top keep you healthy it also helps to reduce that muffin top.

You may have heard about the Nordic Diet.  Let's decide right now that we're going to re-name it because the word "diet" makes it sound like a fad diet, we think.  So, let's call it "the way the Nordics have eaten for thousands of years and this is why they all look like the lovely ladies from ABBA" instead. 

In short, ditch that strange diet that only allows you to eat onion soup and boiled eggs (you may lose weight, but you will fart like a trooper and put it all back on when you head for the mars bars).  Instead, get hold of some nice crisp bread or rye bread, ditch the top of the sandwiches and go topless every day - and by the summer, you may be able to take your own top off on the beach and show off your flat belly.

Here's our Top Ten Tips for following a Nordic style of daily diet:

  1. Swap the wheat bread for rye and fiber crisp bread. You’ll eat less as it is slow releasing and filling.  Look here for some inspiration for great crispbreads
  2. Make open sandwiches.  Less bread, focus on what you put on top.  No need to big lumps of mayo to hold it all together.  You spend time to make it look pretty – eating with your eyes is also surprisingly filling. 
  3. Get into Herring.  It’s a great little friend and it tastes really nice and has loads of omega 3.    Try the Scandinavian pickled herring – it is less sour than German and Dutch varieties and more tender.   The good news is there’s lots of herring around in the sea still.
  4. Mackerel is a fantastic fish any way you prepare it.  It’s also reasonably cheap and a great alternative if you’re not ready for herring – but still contains buckets of omega 3 oils.  Try mackerel in tomato on dark rye bread as an open sandwich.
  5. Eat your porridge.  If you don’t like porridge, eat muesli with lots of oats, barley and rye flakes and some tasty dried berries such as blueberries and cranberries.  Make your own muesli in a jiffy by buying the ingredients in a health food store (tip: add a spice to make it exciting, such as a sprinkle of cinnamon). 
  6. Be friends with the berries, especially seasonal ones where they are bursting with flavour and nutrients.  Be concerned about food miles out of season, but know that frozen berries are also excellent and do not lose much of their nutritional values at all so you’ll still get great antioxidants and vitamins.   
  7. Cabbage is your new friend.  It may make you let out a few sneaky ones in the beginning if you’re not used to it, but your body adapts and you’ll feel great.  Pickled red cabbage is great as a side dish with your evening meal, shredded white cabbage in your salad.
  8. Catch a moose.  Oh well, this might be a bit tricky.  But when you choose meat, try to include some game in there, and ask your butcher for meat that is proper free range and not intensely farmed.  Yes, it’s a bit more pricey but so full of flavour you don’t need as much.  A lot of specialty butchers can order in game for you.   Game meat is very low in fat.  In our London store, we sell reindeer fillets and loins - check the freezer.
  9. Eat sitting down.  Don’t rush.  Don’t eat on the go.  It’s not very good for the digestion and you’ll never catch a Scandinavian trying to munch an open herring sandwich whilst waiting for Bus 38.
  10.  Don’t be too strict about it. It’s not a quick fix diet, it’s a way of eating better and giving your body what it needs in order to function well and for a long time.   


From Monday, we're adding many new salads to our lunch time range - containing great wholesome veg such as kale, fennel, cabbage and root veg.  We're cutting back on the mayo so you can cut back on the calories and the flab and end up feeling fab.  Pop by and try, from Monday onwards.

May we recommend getting your hands on The Nordic Diet by Trina Hahnemann to get your started? 




June 08, 2011

Hungry by innocent drinks


Back in her youth, many moons ago, Bronte spent most of her days at a place called innocent drinks.  There was grass on the floor and as many smoothies as you could drink.  A wonderful, amazing and inspirational place of work - with a bunch of the most inspirational and amazing people ever.

Last week innocent's new book "Hungry" was published and it contains one of Bronte's recipes - the same recipe we use at Scandi Kitchen today.  This recipe was born while Bronte was still at innocent drinks and used to bring cake into Fruit Towers on Friday afternoons (because 'we all like a bit of cake on a Friday.')

With photos by the amazing photographer Clare Shiland and words by the super wonderful Ceri, this is a lovely, lovely book that deserves to be in your kitchen. 




May 18, 2011

Fancy winning a beautiful book?

We have five copes of the beautiful new book by Signe Johansen to give away:  The Secrets of Scandinavian Cooking.

If you are lucky, your copy might even be signed.  By Signe, that is.  Well, we could probably also get Seb to sign it, but that isn't as exciting, really, but feel free to ask him.

To be in with a chance to win, answer this question:

Which of the following is not Norwegian

1)    A-ha

2)    Abba

3)    Alex Rybak

Please send your answer by e-mail to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk by Friday evening this week and we'll enter all correct answers into the competition.  Most likely this will involve a big hat, a lady wearing a sequinned dress and a fanfare.  Well, she's not actually WEARING the fanfare but you know what we mean.  Usual terms and conditions apply.  No cash alternative.  

Scandilicious Image



May 16, 2011

Scandilicious by Signe Johansen - NEW BOOK OUT

We know this lovely Norwegian lady called Signe.  Not only is she super duper nice, she has also been one of our regular customers since the year dot, pretty much.  We *heart* Signe. 

We were thrilled to learn that she is publishing a Scandinavian cook book and we are super proud to be stocking it.  The book is called 'Secrets of Scandinavian Cooking' and it is simply a stunningly beautiful book with heaps of amazing recipes.

Signe's background is as a chef and a food anthropologist.  She has co-authored several books, but this is her first solo project.  You can find Signe on Twitter where she is super active as well as on her blog and home page

The book will be available at Scandinavian Kitchen from tomorrow - and later in the week we'll have signed copies too. 

Even better, we'll be giving away signed copies as well to celebrate - so sign up to our newsletter or join our Facebook Group to be in with a chance to win a SIGNED COPY OF SCANDILICIOUS:  Secrets of Scandinavian Cooking, as we'll be doing the competition on there first.  Oh yes.

This book is the perfect gift to anyone who is interested in Scandinavian food and cooking.  Signed copies from late Friday in store and on-line.

Scandilicious Image

July 21, 2010

Food + Lovers + London = essential bliss

Food lovers1

It's got all about amazing food.  It's for people who love food.  Possibly one of the most essential books if you live in London (aside from your A-Z), Jenny Linford's book "Food Lovers London" has been a staple in thousands of foodie  households for years and years.

But things change in the food shop world, especially after a big grim recession.  Old places close down - but new exciting ones open up too.   Jenny's been busy updating her book and the launch was at Scandi Kitchen last week for the new edition.

A sleek new look, an easier to read format and more amazing photographs than ever, this book is worth every last penny.  Use it to eat your way around London and find exciting new ingredients.  Try out new exiting cuisines.  Use the book to discover new areas of London.  Last but not at all least:  support small shops who need new customers to stick around:  they provide an essential service for everyone by being the ones who introduce the new stuff to our pallets before the big supermarkets step in. 

We've got a signed copy of Food Lovers London to give away to one lucky person.  Just answer this question to be in with a chance to win:

Ouzo is a Greek specialty.  What is it?

a) A flirty waiter wearing an open shirt and a smile?

b) An anise flavoured liquor

c) A cheese used in greek salads

Send your answer to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before Friday.  Usual competition rules apply. 

BUY THE BOOK at Scandi Kitchen or get your copy here from amazon

the lovely Michaela from Scandi Kitchen (she's in the kitchen, which is why you probably haven't seen her much)


July 06, 2010

Food Lovers London: essential reading if you like food. And, eh... London.

Back in the day, Bronte was one of those curious people who liked going to specialist food shops and buy exotic things to eat - from trips to the Greek delis to the Spanish places; trips to Chinatown for the best Asian ingredients.

One day she stumbled over a book called Food Lovers London - and it soon became her bible when out shopping in London.  it was packed with amazing information, details of little gems of shops and where to go/what to eat and when to do it.  It was also the book that inspired her and Jonas to open Scandinavian Kitchen.

Written by acclaimed food writer Jenny Linford, Food Lovers London is now to be re-published and updated with all the latest information.  Jenny has been revisiting all the places and making sure the readers get the most up to date information about specialist food places in London.

And guess what?  Yeps.  We're in it.  Not only are we IN it, there is also a picture of our Michaela in it.  Oh, and even more exciting:  guess who is hosting the official launch party for the book? 

Yeps.  We are.  on July 14th, at Scandi Kitchen in the evening.  This event is strictly invites only (publishers, journos, people-in-the-know), but because we're hosting it we have 2 x 2 tickets to give away to some very, very lucky people to attend. 

The event starts at 7 pm.

To be in with a chance to win one of the two pairs of tickets, please answer the following question:

Chorizo is a dried sausage originally originating from:

a) Sweden

b) Spain

c) Switzerland

Answers to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk by this Saturday evening, please.  Usual competition rules apply.

The book is available to buy at all good bookshops and at Amazon too.  We will also be selling it in the shop as soon as the new edition is out.


Food write Jenny Linford.  What she does not know about food is not worth knowing.

NEW: Moomin Cookbook WIN WIN WIN


Ahh, images of childhood:   The Moomins (or Mumintroll as they are called in Scandinavia):  the lovely family of trolls who live in Finland. 

Illustrated by Tove Jansson, her iconic drawings made the Moomins what it is today.

The Moomins are getting a super revival this year with loads of books being republished - and new stuff is coming on the market too, like this absolutely fantastic Kids cookbook, published by SelfMadeHero.

We'll be stocking this wonderful book - as soon as it comes in later this week.

We've also got a copy of the book to give away to one lucky person.

To be in with a chance to win, answer the following question:

The little girl in the Moomins is called:

a) Little My

b) Little Muh

c) Little Me

Answers to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.ukbefore Saturday 10th July, please. Usual competition rules apply.  These are something along the lines of:

Only one entry per person, if you work here you can't enter this competition and there is no cash alternative to the prize. The correct entries will all be put into an old hat and some fab looking Scandinavian lady will, to the music of ABBA: The Winner Takes it All, at random pick the winner who will be notified by e-mail.   There is only one winner and that's it.  Bada boom.


January 19, 2010

Nordic Diet by Trina Hahnemann


Our boys and Trina (with some jars of red cabbage in the background)

We love Trina, she writes really nice books about Scandinavian food.  This instantly makes her one of our favourite people, seeing as we're all about spreading the herring-word around the planet.

Her first book, Scandinavian Cookbook, was lush - and the photos by Lars Ranek were amazing.  Her new book, just published this month by Quadrille, is all about the Nordic Diet and how to follow it and maybe, just maybe, end up looking a bit like Helena Christensen (maybe, only maybe).

Trina popped by on Monday to say hello to us and to sign a few books.  The Scandi Kitchen guys were all very pleased, as you can see.

To be in with the chance of winning a SIGNED copy of the NORDIC DIET book, answer the following question:

The infamous 80's rock band Europe had a poodle haired lead singer.  What was his name?

A: Joey Tribiani

B: Joey Tempest

C: Joey the Pink Poodle

Send your answer to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before Friday this week and we'll enter you into the competition.  The usual rules apply (no cheating, no cash alternative, only one winner, no you can't swap your prize for an evening out with Henrik, although he will sign the book as well if you request it).

If you fancy seeing Trina in action, she is hosting a cooking event at the most excellent Divertimenti on 30th January - it is only £40 a head www.Divertimenti.co.uk



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