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July 18, 2013

Crayfish Season 2013 has begun at Scandi Kitchen - reserve now


Over the next few months, it is all going to be about Crayfish ('Kräftor" here as we enter the Nordic Crayfish season.

You can pre-book your stash of crayfish here on our online store and choose delivery at a date of your choice (we ship across the UK) - or pick up in our London store. Just click right here

Hats and bibs will be added later - and we'll also have a crayfish-party (Kräftskiva) catering option for you coming up.

Our crayfish are 1kg boxes (note: a full 1kg, not 700g).  They come frozen and ready cooked, so just defrost and serve.

Price per 1 kg £12.95 - buget 600g per person for a real crayfish party.


June 06, 2013

WIN a pair of tickets for Nordicana film festival i London 15-16 June 2013

Nordicana in London 2013: It promises to be an amazing two days for anyone who is into Scandinavian crime fiction, film and TV. And hotdogs - because we'll be there serving hotdogs too. 

Two whole days of Borgen, Arne Dahl, Broen (The Bridge) and much, much more. Buy tickets here 

We've got two tickets to give away to one lucky person.

To be in with a chance to win, just answer the following easy peasy question:

In The Killing I, what is the name of Sarah Lund's partner / colleague?

a) Jan Meyer

b) Troels Hartmann

c) Tommy Seebach

Answers to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before Monday 10th June 2013 at noon, please. Winner will be notified by e-mail. no cash alternative. No cheating. Only one winner. Usual rules apply. No, really, no cheating, it isn't nice.



April 25, 2013

Danish HotDog Days with cold beer...


November 16, 2012

A lovely evening with Trine, Signe, Emma and Patrick

2012-11-15 11.45.01

We had a lovely evening of book signing yesterday at Scandi Kitchen.  Lots of mulled wine, great chat and nice biscuits. Bronte drank too much mulled wine and lit up the whole place with her beacon red ears. 

Trine Hahnemann was there, advising on cooking traditonal Scandinavian Christmas food.  Signe 'Scandilicious' Johansen mingled and advised on baking.

The lovely Emma Kennedy showed us all her knitted Sarah Lund doll - and we all got so envious that we're planning to learn how to knit our own.  Patrick Kingsley of the Guardian shared his tips on How to Be Danish.

Thanks to you all for turning up and for being part of it - and thank you most of all to our great authors for being there and signing many, many books.

You can buy all the books here 

If you want signed copies, you can also pop by the cafe on Great Titchfield Street 

Emma and Sarah
Emma Kennedy and Sarah Lund (the smaller of the two).

November 10, 2012

Meet Trine Hahnemann & Signe Johansen at Scandi Kitchen on Thu 15th Nov 2012


UPDATE 13th NOVEMBER:  This event will also be attended by the wonderful Patrick Kingsley, author of the book "How to be Danish'.  Patrick will be on hand to sign books, chit chat about Denmark and his thoughts on what makes people Danish.

We adore both Trine and Signe's books and we have stocked all of their books for years.  From the first Scandilicious book to the The Scandinavian Cookbook and The Nordic Diet, we have read and loved them all.

We're super pleased to be able to invite you all to an evening of Meet the Authors at the cafe on Great Titchfield Street.

When:            Thursday 15th november 2012

Time:            18:00 (for a few hours)

What:         Signing of books, mugs of mulled wine, all your questions about Scandinavian cooking and baking answered by the experts. 

Cost:        Free.  

Bye for now

The Kitchen People

PS - Signed copies of some books available now in store and online 




December 06, 2011

Get your tickets for Lucia at Scandi Kitchen before they go


Still some tickets left for our Lucia celebration at Scandi Kitchen available - order yours here online to secure your place, just £5 per person.

BOOK HERE http://www.scandikitchen.co.uk/search.php?search_query=lucia&x=0&y=0 

At check out, tick "collect form store" and just print your order confirmation as your ticket.

See you there

The Kitchen People x

July 04, 2011

Guild of Food Writers

The UK Guild of Food Writers is an association whose members are professional food writers and broadcasters, journalists and columnists.  To become a member of this Guild you have to fulfil quite a number of criteria and on top of that, you really need to know your food, in great detail. 

In short, these people know their stuff.  As in, really know their stuff.

We were honoured when we were invited to host a workshop at Scandi Kitchen.  We decided to talk about the food we really eat in Scandinavia:  about the importance of husmanskost and smorgasbord/smoerrebrod - and to put on a selection of some of the stuff we Scandies feel represents our regions well.

We served Kalix Lojrom (Vendace roe), we served moose and reindeer salami...  We sampled different cheeses, enjoyed home made mustard herrings and made sure everyone had a good taste of aquavit snaps.

It was amazing to have so many foodies gathered in our little shop.  In fact, we were so overwhelmed and excited we forgot to take pictures. We all looked dashing and handsome, so just remember that bit.

Thanks to the amazing Jenny Linford for putting  our name forward and to all the members of the Guild for being there.



June 17, 2011

Midsummer 2011 - London

Midsommar in London:  Always a cause for huge celebration.  This year, it seems, lots of people are jumping on the band wagon and celebrating with the Scandi community.

If you want to jump around a pole, pretending to be a little frog... (Swedish)

- Hyde Park 12-16 on Saturday 25th is your best bet.  Great for everyone (BYO) - although if you have smaller kids, try the...

- Swedish Church Midsumer Event at Southwark Park SE16 from 15-18 on 25th June - this is a fantastic day out for kids and adults alike - very family orientated and helps support the Swedish Church in London.  Everyone more than welcome.  Bring your own picnic etc.

If you want to watch the witches burn... (Danish)

- Danish St Hans celebration on 23rd June - add your name to the list for this free event here http://www.kfuk.co.uk

- At the Danish Church in Regent's Park on 25th June at 19:00 - beers, hot dogs and pimms and a nice bonfire.  Free.

If you want to feel hot and see fires... (Finnish)

The Finnish Church is hosting a day event on 25th from 16-19 with sauna, food and drinks.  No food and drink in the sauna, silly.  If you want to run around naked in a rye field, as is tradition, we recommend you don't do it in London.  it's just not done.  NO, the Tesco car park down the road is NOT a rye field.  So, please don't run around naked in the Tesco car park, they don't like it. Thanks.

A night on the town for the younger crowd... (Boogie)

...as in, those over 18. 

Club Okend is hosting a night at Bonds in Kingly Street

We hear rumours there is something Scandi going on at Amika... Fancy that, eh?

If you want to buy Scandinavian food for the day's celebration - try us.  We're on 61 Great Titchfield Street. 





February 16, 2011

Eurovision Watch: Update

Sanna Eurovision season is well and truly in full swing in the Nordic lands now. Indeed, three of the five countries have already chosen the acts that they’re sending to Düsseldorf. Meanwhile, the Melodifestivalen juggernaut thunders on in Sweden, while the Danes wait patiently to do their choosing over the course of a couple of hours. None of this marathon contest nonsense for them.

The big news so far is from Norway, were Stella Mwangi’s Haba Haba took 36% of the votes to win. It’s a fabulous, African-inspired sound that was a world apart from the rest of the entries. Its popularity is such that Norway is the only country where Lady Gaga isn’t number one in the iTunes chart, because Stella refuses to budge. Haba!

Finland has picked a 19-year-old lad called Axel to sing an eco-ballad called Da Da Dam. He’s performing with the name Paradise Oskar, and from a mediocre selection, it’s probably the best song to represent the country. And he’s a lovely chap as well.

Iceland was hit by the sudden death of Sjónni Brink, one of the participants in its Eurovision search, which seemed to change the entire focus of the competition. Despite having Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir (she came second in Moscow a couple of years ago), Iceland went for Sjónni’s song, Aftur heim (Almost Home), which was performed by his friends. It’s unclear whether the song will be allowed to go to Germany yet, but I don’t think anyone cares really – it was a very emotional moment when Sjónni’s widow, Þórunn Erna (also the song’s writer) accepted the prize.

Meanwhile, Denmark will have Ace Of Base’s Jenny Berggren in competition, while Sweden is falling in love with schlager again. Sanna Nielsen topped the leader board last Saturday, while Jenny Silver’s ABBA-tastic Something In Your Eyes is also tipped to be in the final. With Shirley Clamp and Linda Bengtzing also back, it’s all very exciting.

To hear the three winning songs from Norway, Finland and Iceland, visit Schlagerfiasko.nu at schlagerfiasko.nu/scandikitchen/

December 05, 2010



Just checking in to see if we're open?  Oh yes we are - from 11 till 17.  And yes, we have glogg (Blossa mulled wine) and yes we have hams, julebrus, julmust, remoulade, flaeskesteg, aebleskiver, risengrod, cherry sauce...  Everything.

Today we'll be doing a special Sunday Menu of Christmas Platters (choose from Danish or Swedish) for £9.95.  

Desserts today are Ris a la mandes with cherry sauce, Kladdkaka, lussekatter, cinnamon buns, cranberry and orange cake with spiced drizzle, seasonal tart and our amazing banana cake.

See you at the shop soon.  Don't be late.

Oh, and yes, so far, there are still parking spaces just outside the shop.  So get in that car pronto.

Rebekka, Bronte, Astrid and Lovely Emilia xxx


October 19, 2010

Look, it's Jonas at the show

August 25, 2010

Visits by Jon Fosse - stuff to do 26th Aug - 12th Sep

Bored over the bank holiday?   How about being a bit cultural.

Frogme theatre company presents the UK premiere of Jon Fosse's dark family drama, set in a world of scrap assemblages, in theatredelicatessen's unique space.

You can read more here and you can buy tickets here

Reviews for Frogme's production of Winter by Jon Fosse:

"Performances of the leads are terrific. A strong production of an intriguing drama."

"This is a play you feel, rather than digest, like contemporary jazz or abstract art, and the cast succeed in pulling out the sensual magnetism out of its quietly unnerving plot." -- Bristol Evening Post


November 25, 2009

St Lucia 2009 at Scandi Kitchen


Lucia day in Scandinavia is on December 13th - a very special day in the Nordic calendar.  Origianally, St Lucia celebrated "the bearer of light" and the tradition today is still that a train of people dressed in white will walk in the dark bearing candles, singing Christmas carols.

Our Lucia evening is on 10th December where we also have late night shopping.  We'd love for you to pop by and have a glass of glogg (mulled wine), some saffran buns or Aebleskiver. 


October 13, 2009

Photography session at SK

Wowsa, so popular they are, Chris Windsors food photography sessions....  All the next 4 ones are full except ONE space on the 23rd Oct which is a DSLR session.  if interested, mail us asap to grab the last space.

You can also mail us if you want to be kept up to date with any more sessions we arrange - just pop over a mail to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk .  Sessions are for either "point and shoot" or "DSLR" - and are around 2 hours in length on Friday or Monday afternoons at Scandi Kitchen. 

Read more about Chris here www.chriswindsor.com

September 16, 2009

Learn food photography at Scandi Kitchen

We think our little open sandwiches look lovely.   But man, how tricky is it to take good photos of food?  Very.  It takes skills, precision and patience. 

If you have ever wanted to improve your food photography skills, now is your chance:  the excellent Chris Windsor is hosting some mini sessions in October for both DSLR and "Point and shoot" digital camera users.

Places are strictly limited.  Sessions are a few hours long and the first session that happened a few weeks back proved extremely popular - you can read one of the attendees review here (and see some of her great photos too, the gal's got talent!) http://kaveyeats.blogspot.com/2009/09/vacuum-cleaners-cameras-blod-pudding.html

If interested in maybe attending, pop your name down by mailing iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk - whether you are a blogger or enthusiast is not important, just a good interest in food photography.

You can read more about Chris here www.chriswindsor.com and http://www.chriswindsorgallery.co.uk 


September 10, 2009

WIN TICKETS for Finnish blues gig

Heikki Silvennoinen is playing at 93 feet East on 15th September and we have a pair of tickets to give away.  Yahoo. Tickets are only £10.

You can read more here about the event: http://www.finnsworldwide.com/blues.html

To be in with a chance to win a pair of tickets, just answer the following question:

In 2002 Silvennoinen formed the band with well known Finnish musicians Pepe Ahlqvist and Dave Lindholm. Silvennoinen has been touring with the group whole summer 2009.

What’s the name of the band

a. SF Ska
b. SF Blues
c. SF Disco

Send your answer to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before Friday 12th at 18:00.  Usual terms and conditions apply.


It's the End of the Road


Jonas, looking slightly manic and hoping he and Bronte's baby will not arrive before after the festival...

...and we're there too, at the Lamer Tree Gardens (11-13 Sep 2009).  All this weekend we'll be posting pics from our fab team who've gone to Dorset to camp out and serve meatballs and hotdogs to the masses.

Last night we were all very tired, trying to pack the van - and this morning five of us are off to the countryside to set up the tents and do a little anti-rain dance.  You see, we have not learnt from our mistakes:  last year we forgot to bring wellies.  And this year, we've forgotten them too.  So, no rain, please.

All tickets to End of the Road are sold out but the organisers do operate a ticket exchange programme, so if someone else has decided not to go, you can get their tickets - check our the website for details http://www.endoftheroadfestival.co.uk/


Sam and Henrik, tired but happy and ready to go


We're bringing everything but the kitchen sink, it seems.  Do we really need the big lamp?

August 19, 2009

WIN tickets for "Insane in the brain" and "Cirkus Cirkor"

Yahoo - we love competitions.  We have two pairs of tickets to give away for some Swedish events taking place in London in September and October.

"Insane in the Brain" is at the Peacock Thatre from 15th September till 3rd October

Performances: Tue - Sat at 8pm, Sat matinee at 2.30pm, Sun at 4pm - Tickets: £10 - £36

Ticket office: 0844 412 4322   www.sadlerswells.com   

A street-dance version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Dale Wasserman, based on the novel by Ken Kesey


Bounce’s explosive Insane in the Brain, a hip hop version of Ken Kesey’s classic novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, was a smash hit at its UK debut in 2008 and returns to the Peacock Theatre for a second year from Tuesday 15 September until Saturday 3 October 2009.

In the confines of a psychiatric hospital, breakdance becomes a way of expressing freedom and rebelling against the iron rule of Nurse Ratched, who prefers to give her patients a daily dose of ballet.

Bounce was formed in 1997 by a group of Sweden’s leading street dancers keen to explore the different dance styles of breaking, locking, popping, boogaloo and new school. Not afraid to use any style of dance to create fresh and exciting work, Bounce also utilises lindy hop and tap, which have influenced the street dance of today.

Watch a clip at: www.sadlerswells.com/show/Bounce-08

Cirkus Cirkor (Inside Out)

Wednesday 14 - Saturday 31 October - Tickets: £10 - £36

Performances: Tues – Sat at 7.30pm, Sat Mat at 2.30pm, Sun at 4pm

Ticket office: 0844 412 4322    www.sadlerswells.com

A huge hit in its native Sweden, and around the world on tour, Cirkus Cirkör comes to London for the very first time with its spellbinding show Inside Out.

Following the adventures of two characters who meet a circus company of bizarre and magical oddballs, Inside Out features a cast of eight multi-skilled performers who balance on knife edges and challenge gravity in a spectacular blend of acrobatics and storytelling, laced with style and humour.

We have a pair of tickets for the 15th September for Bounce and a pair of tickets for Cirkus Cirkor for the performance on 14th October

To enter the competition, answer this question:

"Insane in the brain" is based on which famous novel?

1) One flew over the hen house

2) One flew over the cuckoo's nest

3) A pig flew.  The end.

Please mail your answer to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk - and let us know what show you prefer (if no show is specified, you'll be entered for both).  Please have your entry in by Sunday 23rd August by 5 pm.

Rules and regulationsonly one entry per person, no cash alternative or alternative dates available.  All responsibility with this competition lies with the organisers and not Scandi Kitchen.  All correct entries will be entered into a draw - most likely a lot of names printed on paper and then popped into a big hat/sock/box or whatever we can find on the day.  The judges decision is final, because judges rule.   

0762_inside_out_100_credit Mats Bäcker

August 12, 2009

Queen's Park Day 2009

We love a bit of a day out.   Our good friends at KIDSEN   - the Scandinavian children's store in Kensal Rise - have a stall at the excellent Queen's Park Day on 13th September - and we've promised to supply the sweetie bits and cakes for them.

Do pop along for the day if you happen to live or be in the area - it is a great event.   Look out for the stall from Kidsen for some really good bargains and good Scandi all round chit-chat.  And maybe a kanelbulle or two.  Yummy.

More about QP day here http://www.queensparkday.org.uk/

August 03, 2009

Ray's amazing wine tasting course

We run a monthly wine tasting session at SK.  Headed by our friend Ray O'Connor (Young wine writer of the year last year and all round amazing wine expert with a sommelier background as well as working for Decanter Magazine and International Wine Challenge), we meet and taste and learn.

All levels are welcome.  The sessions change from month to month in terms of the kinds of wines we taste.  Price per person is usually around £18 and this includes all wines and snacks.

As Ray does not work for any producer or particular body, this is not a selling course and there are no wines to buy at all.  It is pure enjoyment and learning about wines together with like minded wine appreciators.

Due to holiday season, we still have 3 spots left on the course this August 12th.  Starts at 18:45 till around 21:00.  Mail iwantfood@scandikitchen.co.k if you fancy coming along.

June 16, 2009

London Midsummer Parties 2009

Midsommar i London.  Ahhhh...  So nice, let's hope for sun and shiny happy people.

Here's the list of where to go and when:

  • The Danish KFUK is having St Hans (Danish Midsummer) celebrations www.kfuk.co.uk

  • Earl of Camden (55 Parkway, NW1) is having a massive Swedish Midsummer party on Saturday – Swedish food and music and more.  Free entry.  Get there early, this one is good.

    The Finns are having a Midsummer picnic on Saturday in Hyde Park also – 12:00-19:00 – bring Finnish flags! (200 metres from Speaker’s Corner) B.Y.O

  • The SSC is organising the big Hyde Park Midsummer picnic from 12:00-16:00 B.Y.O http://www.scc.org.uk/index.php?page=eventsSCC&event=130

  • www.Scandinavianparty.com is hosting their evening event at the Zoo bar

  • June 02, 2009

    Last time Denmark met Sweden, it was a dark day for football

    A silly Dane decided to have a go at the ref, using his fist.  Not clever. Denmark got disqualified, Sweden went through.  Now, on 6th June, it's time for a new match and the two sides will be ready to play fair (except if they decided to arrange the result amongst themselves, a bit like Eurovision most years... )

    Watch the game at Harcourt Arms, Sports Cafe and Zoo Bar in Leicester Square.  See you there!

    June 01, 2009

    Midsummer in London

    Midsummer in Scandinavia is a huge event.  From the people of Sweden jumping around a big maypole pretending to be little frogs, to the Danes burning pretend witches on huge bonfires... Everyone has their own way of celebrating.

    Here in London, several events will be taking place and we'll add to this list as we hear of new ones - so keep checking back. 

    Danish Midsummer Party and bonfire: At the Danish YMCA in Hampstead.  23rd June from 19:00 - click here for detials www.kfuk.co.uk

    Swedish Midsummer Party by JCC (SWedish Chamber of Commerce) - on 20th June in Hyde Park (12-4).  Bring your own picnic and stuff, free event.  There'll be a pole there for your to dance around once the aquvit kicks in.

    Scandinavian Midsummer Party - by www.Scandinavianparty.com - tickets need to be bought in advance.  20th June 2009 at the Zoo Bar. 

    St hans

    February 16, 2009

    Swedish Eurovision madness

    Sweden is serious about Eurovision.  In fact, so serious that there are no fewer than 6 evenings of singing to decide on the one song that will represent Sweden at this year's Eurovision.

    You can watch it all at the Swedish Pub the Harcourt Arms in Harcourt Street - and all the dates you need -as well as how you can buy tickets for these events - is on thier website


    See you there

    The Kitchen People

    December 09, 2008

    St Lucia day of celebration


    13th December every year is the celebration of St Lucia (or St Lucy) – a festival widely celebrated across Scandinavia.  Girls dress in white robes and carry candles in a long procession and sing the hymn about Lucia. The candles symbolise the fire that refused to take St. Lucia's life when she was sentenced to be burned.   Traditionally a Catholic festival, it is thought that this tradition survived in Scandinavia because it is celebrated during the very dark days of winter.

    Some people believe that back in the day when us Scandies celebrated Yule (or Jol) at Winter Solstice, it was both a season of giving, kindness and celebration - but also a season of fear of dark forces – the scariest night of all at that time was called the Night of Lussi – Lussinatta.  Some believe that the festival of light is from this time to fend off the evil forces.

    Whatever you choose to believe, for us it is really all about saffron buns and trying to persuade Henrik and Seb to wear Lucia costumes and crowns of candles.  So far no luck.

    In Sweden, a traditional kind of bun, Lussekatt ("St. Lucia Bun"), made with saffron, is normally eaten on this day.  It’s rather yummy – and we’re serving these all week in our little store so do pop by for your fix.




    November 25, 2008

    Fizzy fancy - 3rd December

    Ray is back.  He's our good friend who pops along once a month to do a wine tasting class/session.  Ray was voted the Young Wine Writer of the Year and has been Head Sommilier at prestigies places such as Gordon Ramsay's Maze.  Currently, he works for the International Wine Challenge. 

    This year we've leart about everything from Chablis to Pinot Noirs - and last month we did a tour of Australia (well, no, not physically, just the wines, you know).

    On Wednesday 3rd December sees the last class of the year and Ray the Wine Expert's decided we're in for a huge treat:  we're doing fizzy stuff - so if you want to know your Prosecco from your Champagne, this is the event for you.

    You can read more about Ray and previous events here http://scandikitchen.typepad.com/scandikitchen/2008/06/super-plonk-win.html

    There are strictly 15 spaces only - as with all the other classes, we keep the numbers small.  Spots cost £30 a head for this event - to reserve a spot mail ilovehering@scandikitchen.co.uk

    Raymond Ray the Wine Expert in the field

    November 13, 2008

    Den Danske Klub i London / The Danish Club in London

    Did you know that there is a Danish Club in London?  Indeed - and it's been there since 1863 and is the oldest Danish club outside Denmark. 

    Located in the prestigious Arts Club in Dover Street, the club organises events for Danes and Friends of Denmark throughout the year and provides a great meeting place in the centre of London for both grabbing a bite to eat (they have monthly Danish Buffets and serve daily smoerrebrod's platter too).

    This autumn they have their annual Danish Club Fair - it's this Tuesday 18th November and it is open to both members and non members.  You can buy stuff from Denmark including Danish food and hampers - in fact, we have a little stand there so if you fancy stocking up on kjejner and curry herring before Christmas, then it is a great opportunity to come along and see what the club can offer you - and maybe even end up becoming a member yourself.

    When:  Tuesday 18th November from 14:00-16:00 and from 18:00-20:00 in the Garden Room.

    See you there.

    More about the club here http://www.danishclub.co.uk/


    November 11, 2008

    Scandinavian Christmas Fairs in London

    Every year there are several organisations that hold Christmas fairs for both the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish communities in London.  These are really great events for all the ex-pats living in the UK and for a non-Scandi to attend it's a real cultural introduction.

    Here's the low-down of this year's fairs and when they are taking place (this list will be updated as we find out more)

    Finnish Church Christmas Fair            21-23 Nov and 26-29 click here

    Danish YMCA &Church Christmas Fair  29-30 November click here

    Swedish Church Christmas Fair           20, 22, 23 November click here

    Norwegian Church Christmas Fair        21-22 November click here

    These events tend to get rather busy but are really good fun and is a great way to not only met Scandinavians but also to support the community organisations that work so very hard all year round making sure people who come to the UK are not left alone and provide excellent fascilities ofr mother's groups, au pairs, elderly people and so on.  Do pop over and have a look and pick up some goodies.

    Other Fairs to note:  This year the Danish Club in Dover Street will be holding a fair on the 18th of November - this is a fantastic opportunity to pop down to the club and meet old friends or indeed if you've never been, this is an open event and you can pop over and just have a nosy round to see if being a member is something you feel like doing. 

    At this fair you will be able to buy lots of Danish food and goodies - from herring to remoulade to sweets - there'll even be hampers full of Danish food click here to be Danish - we'll be there and you can order stuff for Christmas or buy on the day.

    There's also a fantastic Swedish Christmas fair in Barnes this year on 22nd November click here - we'll be exhibiting there and you can buy all the stuff you need or Christmas (if we run out, you can place orders).

    September 02, 2008

    Keeping us busy...

    Wowsa, we're busy doing lots of things at the moment - we've even had to write a list to keep track of it all:

    • Ray the Wine Expert's Pinot Noit tasting evening on Thursday 18th September at 18:30 - still spaces (around £20 a head, booking essential)

    • We're doing food at the End of the Road festival  next week from 12th-14th September - if you managed to get tickets, do pop by for some meatballs, herring or salmon at the Swedish Lounge.  Don't forget your wellies.

    • Scandi Mum evening on Thursday 4th September - let us kow if you will be there (it's free but booking essential)

    • Crayfish parties - the season is in full swing, we still have stock of the little buggers £9.50 a box - as well as aquavit, hats, bibs and vasterbotten cheese.

    • Mamma meetings at SK - we're always looking for more groups to use our space so let us know if interested (it's free)

    September 01, 2008

    BoConcept and Scandi Kitchen team up again

    We like those lovely people at BoConcept and once again, after the success of the event back in the summer, we're teaming up again to help celebrate the launch of their new catalogue. 

    Pop by on Saturday at the Notting Hill store for some nice Scandinavian Kitchen canapes and sweets / snacks and to get £100 off if you spend over £1000 - you'll need a voucher for that one, though (you can pick one up at Scandi Kitchen all week).


    August 19, 2008

    Postcard from Heather & Jo #5

    _MG_1927 Stockholm Culture Festival "Carnival"

    All good things come to an end and so it was time for us to leave. Following the grand finale of the Culture Festival on Saturday night, we awoke to the pouring rain (being British I believe it is my duty to always talk about the weather) and the knowledge that team GB were third in the Olympic medals table. Go team GB!

    On reflection, we think Sweden has the answer to London's knife crime problem - Swedish female police officers; that is if the two we saw are a good representation. Gone would be the thoughts of knifes, in the hope of being searched thoroughly by a female police officer!

    Our final day took us to Stockholm's City Museum where we learnt about the city's "filth" and "prohibition" - even chocolate was banned and servants could be jailed for wearing silk! The horror!

    As we stocked up on choolate with Daim (no longer prohibited), Stimorol chewing gum and Swedish literature, the call came for us to reluctantly catch our flight. I did try to take SK to new heights of the mile high club (not that one!) and serve tea in my SK t-shirt, but was not successful. I think I lacked the lucky SK mug, so will try again next time. In retaliation I ripped a page out of SAS's 'Scanorama' magazine, to help plan my next holiday to Sweden. If I were to only travel to Sweden for my annual holiday every year, I would be very happy.

    Until next time....

    August 17, 2008

    Postcard from Heather and Jo #4


    Enjoying my Polkadrom ice cream

    As we discovered on our final morning in Göteborg, where we thought we were getting away without paying for things, everything during the culture festival is in fact put on for free! An excellent idea we thought, especially for all the travelling families we saw. We opted to explore the city museum in our final hours and what a fantastic place this is! Most reccommended thing to do in Göteborg after the "Hagabulle". The viking exhibition with the only viking boat on display in Sweden was excellent, as was the history of family life in the city.

    As the rain comes down on our last day in Stockholm, we are greatful for the better weather that this wonderful city has given us over the last two days - warmth and sunshine.

    Our train journey from Göteborg was swift and we arrived at our hostel to find ourselves in a strange room with no windows or ventilation, however, it did have a proper matress and not a slice of foam to sleep on! That said I at least, have slept better here despite these factors. Although it's very disconcerting every morning waking up in pitch black!

    Since arriving in Stockholm, we have spent our hard earned money in Gamla Stan, on Drottingholm and in it's vicinity. We have solved the mystery of the cover of the new Stig Larsson books (why does the first English translation have the cover of the second Swedish book in the trilogy - the clue is in the direct translation of the Swedish title!) and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Although sadly the chance to eat some crayfish has not presented itself, I'll have to tuck in back at SK. Any chance you can put some aside for me?!

    Like Göteborg, Stockholm has it's Culture Festival this week, which we have been able to enjoy in Gustav Adolfs Torg seeing a concert by Che Sud Aka, that had us dancing on the streets and last nights finale of Opera selections, which was to be followed by a carnival featuring three different themes; Brazilian, Latino and Caribbean. Whilst the opera was great, sadly the carnival was billed to be more than it turned out to be, no carnival costumes except on the three lorries and just a mass of Stockholmers, mostly the young following each lorry in normal clothes, as the Ung08 festival had just finished. Most disappointing of all, no fireworks! Ah well, we can't have everything.

    A trip to Sweden is never complete without an escape to the archipelago and we took the boat to Fjäderholmen, with it's craft shops, Swedish whisky and restaurants. What has, after 2 pieces of Princess Torta, 2 vanilla buns and half a hagabulle each, become a "cake tour" of Sweden, was in Fjäderholmen, supplemented with a "Polkadröm" ice cream (picture to be added tomorrow). Whilst expensive, it was a sight to be seen and very delicious. Perhaps it could be used as a template for SK ice cream? - Flavours to include blueberry and elderflower, we suggest.

    We have been looking out for words that read funny in English, but have failed to come up with anything new. What does make us smile is the sight of young Swedes in groups looking "hard and cool" (gosh I sound like my mother!) which they do well, until they start speaking Swedish! It's too nice a language to listen to and just doesn't have the right effect!

    Time to enjoy our final hours in Stockholm. Last postcard tomorrow.

    August 13, 2008

    Postcard from Heather and Jo #3

    Heather, SK t-shirt and the elusive "Hagabulle" - Can I have a semla this big please?!

    We awoke to sunshine and a new day, although by the end of breakfast it had already clouded over again. Nevertheless, off we headed Jo, SK t-shirt and I in search of the elusive 'Hagabulle'. So much had been promised by the information book in the hostel and thankfully we were not disappointed. It was huge (see photo above) and we had to share it (although we were not prepared to share it with the wasps, who were stalking us yet again!), too much for one person after breakfast! I challenge Tobias to make a giant semla for my birthday in February!

    Our stomachs very full we headed off to the guided city walk, which was part of the Göteborg Culture Festival (previously the Göteborg Festival, but too many Swede's used it as an excuse for getting very drunk and so the word 'Culture' was added!). Our guide from the Stadsmuseet was very funny and in summary, we learned that all you need to know about the history of Göteborg is that there was a fat man, a man who brought potatoes, it burnt down several times (although they were told to re-build in brick the Swedes did not, hence multiple burnings!) and that it was built around the same time as Cape Town, New York and Jacarta, by the Dutch and so the streets are on a grid pattern in the centre at least!

    Our swift history of Göteborg complete and having escaped with only a spitting of rain so far, we went in search of willow weaving only to find not only was it not on, but that it cost SEK100 entry fee.....we think not, cheap skates that we are we are saving our hard earned pennies to spend in SK! Mildly disappointed we headed off to the Konstmuseet to look at Scandinavian art and were mightily impressed, especially when we got away without paying the SEK60 entry fee to the special exhibition that was on!  We do not endorse such activity of course, but hey, no one asked for tickets, who could blame us and that's 3 pieces and a drink in SK! We left into the glorious sunshine we had not seen since Copenhagen, but this soon set and we were left cold again and still being hassled by the damn wasps and we didn't have any food or drink this time. Time for dinner. As the rain pours down outside, I don't think we will be heading out again!

    Postcard from Heather and Jo #2

    00003 Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal Winning Garden 2007 - Linneas Garden at the Botanic Garden's in Göteborg

    It seems that unlike Bronte and Jonas who enjoyed some of Sweden's best summer weather this year, we are enjoying some of it's worst! Plagued by rain, wind and wasps, we are making the mot of things and have been lucky. Now in Göteborg after a coach journey up the coast, we are staying in a very nice hostel. Although rain threatened, we ventured to the infamous Botanic Gardens yesterday, which we enjoyed apart from the damn wasps, again! There is a fantastic waterfall at the end of the gardens, but all illusions of the lovely natural wonder were destroyed when I climbed to the top and saw the big pipe fueling the waterfall. We were impressed with how realistic it was nonetheless. In the evening, although rain threatened yet again, we went to explore the delights of the Gö teborg Cultural Festival and were justly rewarded in Götaplatsen, with a performance by Swedish group Money Brother www.myspace.com/moneybrother  that had us all dancing to this energy filled 10 piece band, although with that many members, the money ain't gonna go far brother!
    We followed this up with watching 'Abba the Movie' - with the bag full of sweets we had brought from what was adult heaven, let and child paradise - on a giant screen in the square until just before midnight, when we crawled back to the hostel, taking only one wrong turn!

    Having had our fill of Swedish music and with slightly better weather for now, we are off to take a Scandi Kitchen t-shirt for a tour of Göteborg, find out next time what it got up to!

    August 12, 2008

    Win tickets for EUROBEAT - the muscial


    Many of us Scandinavians long for that time of year when Eurovision comes round and we get to vote for our neighbours.  Sadly, it's only once a year - and some of us struggle to find stuff to do the rest of the time. 

    Enter EUROBEAT - the musical.  The story goes that an Australian man was so dissapointed he was not allowed to enter, so he wrote this musical instead.  Basically, Les Dennis and Mel Giedroyc (of Mel&Sue fame) present a mock Eurovision contest and you even get to vote afterward, meaning no two shows are ever the same.  The show is on at the Novello theatre from 4th September till 15th November and has got great reviews all round. 

    You can read more about the whole thing right here

    We've been lucky and have secured 10 pairs of tickets for the show over the next weeks to give away.  Every week in our newsletter we'll publish a question for you to enter the competition - all you have to do is send your answer to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk and we'll pop your name into the hat*


    a) Five times

    b) Twice

    c) Every year.  It's the taking part that counts and we're all winners, deep down.

    *The terms and conditions of the Eurobeat competition are simple:  You answer the question right, we’ll pop your name into a hat.  If we cannot find a hat, we may well use a sock of maybe an empty box of some kind.  We’ll ask one of our friends to pick a name out of the sock/hat/box and that person will win 2 tickets to go see the musical.  We’ll then let the musical people know your name and put them in touch with you and they’ll arrange a good day for you to go see the show – this will be between 4th and 19th September only.  There’s no cash alternative to the prize and if you forget to buy popcorn, don’t blame us.  Employees of Scandi Kitchen are not allowed to enter this competition, so Sebastian, even if you enter in disguise, you will not win.  Max one pair of tickets per person.


    July 14, 2008

    NNight party this Friday 18th July

    How the Scandies like to party.  NNight are hosting another evening of fun and frolics at the Soho Revue Bar.

    A band called The Blaggers are playing - you can find out more about the evening's events here.  If you want to come along, you need to e-mail guestlist@nnight.com.  Tickets are a fiver per head.

    NNight is a non-profit venture - all proceeds to go fund sports activities for Scandinavians in London*

    *we think this is mainly football related, but perhaps they also support the old Viking sport of Knattleikir?  We think they should - although we're not really sure what it is but we like the name and are still trying to pronounce it.

    Celebrated in style


    Henrik Rock Star

    Our first birthday was celebrated in style at Scandi Kitchen.  We served nice herring and even nicer lagkage (layer cake) all day to ayone who fancied it and we even had a little soiree in the evening for some close friends from the hood and around.

    The best bits from our birthday were:

    • All the nice flowers and cards we got - thank you to everyone who brightened up our day, we love them
    • Knowing we have lots of friends
    • A few of you feeling the warmth afte a few aquavits in the evening - we liked the dancing.  And hugging.
    • Jonas sticking his whole face in one of the lagkager

    Photos are courtesy of Anu, Camilla and a few that we took - but mainly Anu and Camilla.  Thanks for remembering your cameras, girls.

    More photos here


    About 700 canapes were eaten at our little party - these are the crayfish and coriander tunnbrod rolls - very popular indeed.


    Seb was doorman, Josh popped by and Phil the Photographer didn't take many photos but did spend time trying to get away from Jonas wo was on a mission with a lagkage...

    July 09, 2008

    It's our birthday - we are ONE on 10th July


    We can hardly believe it ourselves:  it's been a year already.  A year of lots of excellent Monmouth coffee, a serious amount of herring and quite a few open sandwiches.   

    Stuff we've achieved since opening on 10th July 2007:

    • Had a baby (well, the owners Jonas and Bronte have anyway...Astrid will be a year old on the 11th July... she arrived 21 hours after the shop did)
    • Grown three moustaches (Henrik, Jonas and Seb) and removed one (Seb)
    • Tried to be funny in 52 newsletters (phew...)
    • Served enough coffee that if you stacked all the mugs on top of each other they'd reach the top of the London Eye over 7 times
    • Realised that curry herring really is the new black
    • Henrik's worn out 3 pairs of shoes running around the store
    • Sebastian's learnt 119 words in Danish (at least)

    Much more has happened, we're sure - it's been a very eventful year.  Thanks to all of you guys for your support, we've had such a blast and we can't wait to get stuck into year two.

    If you are in the area today (61 Gt Titchfield Street, London W1W 7PP) - Thursday 10th July - pop by the store for a chit-chat, maybe some herring or some cake and a nice hug.  We do so like hugging.


    Our Henrik Rockstar and our Jess.

    July 07, 2008

    Are you a bit Sexy?

    Virgin 1 are doing a show about Sexy Europeans.  Nice.  They are looking for a whole load of Swedes (someone please tell them that Danes and Norwegians are sexy too?) to come along to the "Walker of St James" pub at Piccadilly on Saturday 12th July between 12-4 pm and be in the audience when survey results are read out about the different European romantic performances.  You'll be flying the flag for your nation.  Sounds like a bit of fun on a Saturday afternoon. 

    The producers are also looking for individuals to be interviewed for the programme -  more details on this to follow on where/when/how/and no, you cannot be on the programme wearing an ABBA wig and sunglasses so your mum won't recognise you. 


    July 01, 2008

    Lovely innocent smoothies


    Bronte went to Fruit Towers (as innocent's head quarters are called) today - she's worked at innocent for many years but now she is finally full-time Scandi Kitchen.

    To celebrate, the Cheese CLub at innocent had a Scandinavian day today - and we brought along several interesting cheeses that we also stock at our little shop:

    Sweden:  Vasterbotten, a 12-14 month ages hard cheese not unlike parmesan in texture but so seriously tasty on crispbread it is hard not to eat the whole packet.

    Norway: Brunost - brown cheese, literally.   Whey, cream and milk is boiled until the sugar in the milk turns almost into caramel and this gives the cheese it's distinct colour and sweet flavour.

    Denmark:  Gamle Ole - stinky, stinky cheese.  Strong.  Lovely. Great finish.  Blaa Kornblomst: Blue cornflower, a lovely creamy blue cheese with a great finish.  Not too strong, but still with a good bite (Organic from a small Danish dairy).  Last but not least:  Esrom cheese.  Some claim it is the king of Danish cheeses; strong, and as our Tobias desribes it: "with a nice flavour of cow shed at the end".  Yummy.

    It's tradition at innocent drinks' Cheese Club to vote for the favourite at the end of a long tasting session and Gamle Ole was a clear winner. 


    Fruit towers, where Bronte used to work and where people love smoothies and cheese.  A lot.

    June 09, 2008

    Scandinavian Party - double bill

    The nice people from Scandinavian Party are really going for it - there's a double bill party on Saturday 14th June starting at 16:00 with the football (Sweden versus Spain) and then the usual Scandi Party starts afterwards and goes on until 3 am. If you work that out in beer terms, well, it's a lot of beer. 

    The party takes place at the Zoo bar in Leicester Square.  To get your ticket, mail guetlist@scandinavianparty.com - you can find more info on www.scandinavianparty.com

    June 05, 2008

    Super Plonk wine evening

    So, our wine evening ended up not being so much just for Scandi Mums but just a good bunch of people who got together to learn from our friend Ray the wine dude. And wowsa, did we learn stuff - from how and why to swivel the glass to how far to stick your tooter into the glass and what grapes are used for what.  It was really interesting and we're planning another evening for beginning of September.

    More about Ray here


    ..and tom cruise is this tall...


    everyone thinks they're a great "I'll get that artistic shot" photographer by the 7th glass of vino.... sadly, it's not so true. Note the greasy fingerprints.  Classy.

    May 28, 2008

    Swedish Midsummer Party


    It can be difficult to explain a real "Svensk Midsommar" party - this commercial from IKEA in Germany was banned by the Ikea Top Dudes in Sweden for not showing the right image.  We think this looks quite fun, actually.

    If you're planning a traditional party for Midsummer in London, you can get everything you need from us (except the maypoles).

    If you fancy taking part in a Swedish Midsommar Party in London this year, there are several brewing to happen in Hyde Park - we'll keep you posted as news come in. 

    May 24, 2008

    Eurovision tonight - reminder

    Woo hoo - most of us have qualified for tonight's final in Eurovision, which makes the whole event much more exciting than Euro 08 (unless you are Swedish, of course, the only Scandi country to qualify...).  Hmmm... maybe not.  Anyway, if you're looking for a place to watch the Eurovision Song Contest final tonight in London, do pop down to the Sport's Cafe in SW1, they have everything from "små grå"/salmiakki shots to Scandinavian crisps (KIMS, Estrella, Cheeze doodles) and that infamous 1980's invention: holiday dipmix. 

    More about Eurovision 2008 here

    May 22, 2008

    Scandi Mums wine tasting on 4th June - still spaces

    We still have some spaces for our Scandi Mum's wine tasting event on the 4th June in the evening - if you are interested in coming along, mail bronte@scandikitchen.co.uk - you can read more about the event here and see a lovely picture of our wine expert, Ray, sitting in a crate of freshly pressed grapes. 

    May 20, 2008

    Midsummer buffet - what a treat!

    We've been inundated with requests to provide food for upcoming Midsummer celebrations in London - and we've put together a Swedish-inspired menu for those interested. 

    Please note that we only do a limited amount of catering and spaces are being booked out fast - so if interested, do chat to us sooner rather than later - mail iwantfood@scandikitchen.co.uk.

    Eurovision 2008

    It's finally here.  We can hardly contain our excitement.

    The official Eurovision site, as cheesy as they come.

    Where to watch it in London: the Sports Cafe - on the big screen, you can book tables are by country by calling them on 0207 8398300.  If you prefer just to be amongst Danes, pop over to the Danish YMCA to see it - or if you want to be very Swedish, you can go to the The Harcourt - entry is £6.

    Alternatively, pop by the shop for one of our Eurovision Survivial Kits containing flags, sweets and crisps and stay at home and watch it with Terry Wogan.

    We'd absolutely LOVE to head your views and who you want to win - do post your comments.

    STOP PRESS - are you Swedish or Danish?  Graham Norton's looking for YOU to be on Friday's TV show which is being filmed Wednesday AM - e-mail Angela as soon as you can on angelah@sotelevision.co.uk.  The theme for the show is Eurovision.   You may be required to do a bit of karaoke - but the producers promise it is all fun and laughter and really good fun,

    The Scandinavian entries for 2008 are:

    Denmark - Toblerone advert

    Sweden - ABBA meets Carola with a wind machine

    Norway - Mariah Carey copy cat, stuck to the floor with glue.

    Finland - cough medicine, Finnish lyrics - it may be a song about summertime and running through meadows - who knows?

    May 16, 2008

    Get 20% discount at BoConcept furniture store - and some free food too

    The fantastic furniture store BoConcept have teamed up with Scandi Kitchen for a weekend of Danish food and Scandinavian snacks.   On top of this, you can get 20% off at the BoConcept Notting Hill store merely by printing this file and bringing it along on the 24th, 25th and 26th May.  So, while you decide on that new table/sofa/cushion, have a bite to eat and maybe a glass of vino.  See you there.

    Nnight party this Friday

    There's a party at the Soho Revue Bar organised by www.Nnight.com tonight, Friday 16th May - see the website for more details.  Get your dancing shoes on and make sure you mail Guestlist@nnight.com as early as possible today to get your name on the guestlist (or you won't get in).  The crowd at these parties is mainly young, Scandinavian professionals based in London and it's a great opportunity to network (if this is what you like to do on a Friday night - otherwise, feel free to just hit the beers and talk rubbish to the person next to you).

    Nnights are not for profit and all proceeds go to fund sports activities for Scandinavians in London.  Tickets are a fiver a head.  No dancing penguins allowed.

    May 06, 2008

    Danish Club - Sunday buffet 11 May

    If you are a member of the Danish Club in London, note that they are doing their monthly Danish buffet on Sunday 11th May - you need to reserve space to pop along (and it is members only) - have a peek at their website for info http://www.danishclub.co.uk/


    Twitter Updates from Bronte