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January 31, 2012

Fria: Swedish for Gluten Free


FRIA gluten-free bakery has been baking gluten and milk free products since 1996.  Their tagline "You can't tell the difference" really does hold true:  these are amazing gluten free products that tastes just like "normal" bread.  Hailed by many people who suffer from Coeliac disease and other allergies as a "true taste winner".

All FRIA breads come frozen:  Just remove what you need from your freezer, leave to defrost at room temperature - and then enjoy it.  

For the past year, Fria has been making a big impact on the UK market.  By an immense public demand, the products are now more and more readily available.  And now, throughout the whole month of February, you can get your FRIA gluten free breads at three-for-two at Scandinavian Kitchen.  

At the Great Titchfield Store (www.scandikitchen.co.uk), you can now get your hands on:

Grova: A best-seller among gluten-free breads. A fiber-rich, dark sliced sandwich loaf enriched with linseed and a hint of caraway seeds. 
500g. Approximately 16 slices.

Grov Minibaguette: Dark roll, fiber-enriched with sunflower seeds, linseeds and buckwheat flakes. 
280g. 4 per pack

Pizza: Pre-made, half-baked pizza base. Create your own, personal pizza with your favorite toppings, bake it in the oven and enjoy.
350g. 2 per pack.

Kanelbulle:  Wonderfully rich and sweet cinnamon buns. Ideal with coffee, tea, hot chocolate or a glass of juice.   230g. 4 per pack.

Kladdkaka:  This Swedish style chocolate brownie cake has a rich chocolate taste with a hint of vanilla. Serve as it is, or top with whipped cream and fresh berries - it's a guaranteed success at parties for children of all ages. 400g. 1 per pack.

We'll add more products throughout the month - but for now, pop along and try these ones out for yourself.   

Don't take our word for it:  Have a look at this video from the 2011 Olympia show and see people's reaction for yourself.  

FRIA at the Allergy & Gluten Free Show, Olympia 2011 from Fria Gluten Free on Vimeo.

Read more about FRIA here - and follow them on Facebook too.



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