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August 21, 2013

Kransekage / Kransekake - the traditional Nordic celebration cake

Kransekage / Kransekake literally means ‘ring cake’. It’s a traditional Norwegian and Danish celebration cake (Weddings, Christenings, New Year’s Eve and National Days… ) made from baked marzipan, shaped into rings and then stacked as high as required. It’s very rich so not much is needed (it’s usually served at the Coffee course – a bit as a petit four).

As you can imagine, a real kransekage is made from pure almond paste (nothing like the cheap stuff used for normal cake decorating). It’s a hard cake to make, taking many hours of shaping, baking and decorating.

We don’t make these at Scandikitchen – but we get asked about these cakes a lot and we recommend our good friend Karen from Karen’s Kitchen.

You can contact Karen’s Kitchen via her facebook page right here or ping her an e-mail.  She's vry nice and super skilled in this department. In fact, she makes great cakes for all occasions. Tell her we said 'Hi'.

If you're thinking of making your own, this is the type of marzipan you need to make the real deal: Click here to buy Anton Berg 60% 'ren rå' marzipan 

October 16, 2012

New Swedish School in West London (Saturdays only)

There's a new mini Swedish school in London and this one is located in West London.  

Every Saturday, the school will host classes for the following:

09.45-10.30 – Tussilago – Children 1-2 years old

10.45-11.45 – Vitsippor – Children 3-4 years old

12.00-13.15 – Blåklockor – Children 4-9 years old

The price is £100 for a term (13 Saturdays) for the youngest group, £130 for the middle group and £150 for the eldest group.

For more info, have a peek here 

February 22, 2012

It's nice when friends do really, really well...


Our good friends at KIDSEN in Kensal Rise London just won the super title of the UK's Best Children's Store in the annual Telegraph Awards.  

The owners, Corina and Franco, even had to go meet Mary Portas, which in itself can be rather scary because she knows a lot of stuff about a lot of things.

If you have not been to Kidsen yet, you are overdue a click onto their amazing website www.kidsen.co.uk, full of goodies for Children: toys, clothes and other useful stuff in abundance.

We first met the team behind KIDSEN when they walked into Scandi Kitchen on a lazy sunny Sunday a few years ago and asked Bronte questions about what it is like to own and run a small independent shop.  Since then, we've been firm buddies and we are so super-duper proud of KIDSEN and their achivement at tonight's awards.  

It just goes to prove that things do come to those who really deserve it - and we know of nobody else who deserves this more than KIDSEN

Well done from all of us at Scandi Kidsen.  Eh, Scandi Kitchen x

Now, go click and support a great independent shop 


May 25, 2011

Little shops we like # 2,381

We like bags and we like nice people.  These bags are designed by a nice young Danish bag designer called Lone and her label is called LaLoLondon

We *heart* these bags and the fact they are Made in Hackney, London, by a Dane.  By hand and with a lot of love.  Without the horrifying price tag. 


April 21, 2011

Catch the SunSnoozer on TV: Birgitte's invention.

Theo-02 We met Danish Birgitte yonks ago as she used to work down the road from Scandi Kitchen.  Not only is she a super nice lady but she is also bright, funny and clever.

After she had her daughter Esther she invented a solution for her pram so she'd no longer have to drape a muslin cloth over the hood of the pram to shield her child from the sun. 

At the moment you can catch Birgitte as she appears on BBC Two’s new series Britain’s Next Big Thing, hosted by retail magnate Theo Paphitis.  There you will see her pitch to retail chain Boots.

We love Birgitte's product.  You can find out more about Baby Beamers Sun Snoozer cover here

Also avialable at JoJoMaman Bebe


March 31, 2011

Stuff we love: Studio Yra

We know Lina and we really like her.  More than being just an amazing all round Swedish lady, she is also a super duper talented designer.  We just wanted to make you aware of these amazing candle holders that you can now buy in up market places such as Selfridges.  Oh yes. 

You can see more about Lina's studio here

Close up vL

March 01, 2011

Job going at Kidsen

Our super favourite shop in London, Kidsen, is looking for full or part time staff for their store in Kensal Rise.  If you're into Scandinavian Children's wear and toys - and you are looking for a job - then have a peek at their advert here:

Download KIDSEN

Kidsen is located in NW6 on Chamberlayne Road.  They stock everything from Miniature to Hummel to MiniRodini and they have loads of Pippi Longstocking goodies too.  They are a must for buying children's shoes as well, offering not only a super range of kids' shoes but also a measuring service by trained staff - check them out online www.kidsen.co.uk


October 21, 2010

Peppersmith looking for a good'un

We love Peppersmith chewing gum.  Not only are they really lovely people, they also make exceptionally amazing gum.  Oh, and it is good for your teeth too: what a bonus.

The guys at Peppersmith are so super busy launching nationwide in fancy places such as Waitrose that they are looking for some urgent help in the shape of a Head of Business Development - with experience is sales both grocery and impulse.  You can read more about the job here

Here is a picture of the Peppersmith guys.  Handsome fellas.  Do you feel hairy enough to join them?


June 09, 2010

Little shops we like # 522: Lotta From Stockholm

Lovely Lotta is a Swede who's living in London.  She has set up a site selling all kinds of amazing stuff - including Swedish clogs and jewellery from Sagen.

Go on, have a wee look at her site - it's rather nice

Check out the site here


May 24, 2010

Little shops we like #877 - Jennie the make up artiste

We know a nice girl called Jennie from Sweden and she is a super duper make up artist and qualified hairdresser.  She works freelance and when she's not busy doing films and other production work, she takes care of private client's hair and make up.  Anything from weddings to teaching people about how to apply make up - or just making sure your hair looks super duper at all times (she come to your house to do it all).

We've known Jennie for a while and she is really nice.  If you are looking for someone to help you out with make-up and or hair, she's a good one to keep onyour speed dial.

You can see more about some of Jennie's work here - which is also where you can find all her contact detials.



May 11, 2010

Little shops we like # 812:


Danish Birgitte gave birth to lovely Esther two years ago - and one of the things that never stopped bugging her was the fact that, despite all these fancy pancy inventions for babies, nobody had invented a simple sunscreen cover for the prams.

So, Birgitte did it herself.  Her product has just launched and it already proving to be a hit with the Mums.

Having known Birigtte through all the stages of this project: from idea to concept to proto types and testing, we are super proud that she's not only launched the product but that she has done so on her own terms and sticking to her original vision.  It's all about the baby and about protection from the sun both in terms of UV rays as well as just avoiding baby getting the sun in her eyes when out for a walk.

As the Sun Snoozer says: no more muslin cloths needed for the pram.

Finally.  Thanks, Birgitte.

You can read more about Baby Beamers Sun Snoozer here


March 17, 2010

Little shops we like # 451: Sing in Swedish with the kids

Here's a good idea for those of you ex-pat Swedes in London with kids.

The lovely Cecilia does sing-song sessions in Swedish and gets all the kids involved with muscial instruments and interacting through the Swedish language and teaching the kids about Swedish culture.

We've seen her in action at the North London Swedish School - and thinks she is great.

If you want to get in touch with her pop her over an e-mail sweefly@gmail.com or on 07856 504 476.

Classes are for kids from 0-10 years of age and cost depends on group size.

March 11, 2010

Little shops we like #295 (almost)

This week, we're liking the brand Floppy Buddha, set up by Swede Annika Andersson.  Cute clothes for babies.

You can check out the whole collection by clicking here



December 01, 2009

Litte shops we like # 14 - Jake the man

Jake is our good friend and he is great at carpentry.  He's done loads of work at SK and we're happy to have him as our Little Shop we Like. 


Jake in front of some of his handy work - our new grocery shopping area

If you want to contact Jake, you can do so via us.

October 13, 2009

Take La Chance... (little shops we like # 13)

This is not really a "Little Shop" but more of a bit of a success story from Denmark.  La Chance are exclusive Danish designed bracelets and they are really lovely - and recently they have been getting really good press in the UK...

The original La Chance Chinese Lucky Charm is made up by ceramic pieces shaped around the 12 Chinese Zodiacs for 12 years of luck. It is glammed up with 14 carat gold or white gold plated beads and Swarovski crystals.

Each of the 12 animals has accordingly to Chinese astrology each their personality and special abilities.
The legend is that before leaving this world, Buddha invited all the animals of the world to a feast. Only twelve animals arrived. And Buddha decided that a human being born in each animal’s year would inherit its traits. Therefore are people born in the year of the ox known as stubborn, hard working and decision makers, while those born in the year of the dog are loyal and faithful.

And a bit of name dropping too - these bracelets have been seen lately on Dannii Minogue, Sarah Harding, Peter Andre, Depeche Mode, Fearne Cotton, Miss England, Emmanuel Adebayor (Man C football God), Pixie and Peaches Geldof, Stacey, Lucie and Rachel from the X factor, Rcahel Stevens, Kid Rock, Boris Becker, Jesse Metcalfe - and the list goes on.

If you have a look at La Chance's UK pages on Facebook, you can enter their current weekly comptitions to win a bracelet - it's definitely worth doing for your chance to own one of these beauties... 

More info click here http://www.la-chance.info

For the facebook competiton, look here http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=42716022396



September 02, 2009

Our favourite Scandi Kids shop is selling online

KIDSEN1We love Kidsen in Kensal Rise - they have all the Scandinavian children's clothes and toys and nursery stuff that we love.  And now they've gone onto selling on-line, so if you don't quite fancy a trip to West London, you can shop from the comfort of your own armchair.

Kidsen stock all the really cool Scandi brands - from Miniature clothing to BRIO toys and prams and even all the Pippi Longstocking stuff.

Have a look at their new fancy pancy website here http://www.kidsen.co.uk/


The coolest doll's house in the world - the Stockholm Lundby

August 05, 2009

Little shops we like #11


Lars Gregersen makes ceramics.  A trained potter from Denmark, he is now UK based and he makes some really lovely stuff - from vases to cups and mugs and everything inbetween.

We really like his stuff and wanted to share his site with everyone - you can check out his full collection here www.soendergaarddesign.co.uk



July 06, 2009

Little shops we like # 10 - Gretanord.com


A lovely girl called Emilie runs a wonderful  online store called Greta Nord, which stocks and sells lots of hand crafted Swedish fashion accessories.  Try them for the wonderful clogs, funky hats and really nice jewellery.

You can find out more stuff by clicking here http://www.gretanord.com


June 23, 2009

Little shops we like # 9 - mind your chops, the knife's sharp...

We sometimes get accused of featuring little businesses that are all about clothes and fancy stuff.  Well, not today:  our friend Chris and his Swedish wife Rebecca run a little business taking care of people's knives.  Yes, really - companies like these do exist and this one in particular is a really wonderful and friendly service.

We've been using them at SK for years now - but a while ago they launched their domestic service too - and can pick up from any London address and return to you in a few days.  

So, if you need your Globals sharpened before you carve that Gravad lax, try them out - they are worth it (although, mind your fingers afterwards, Chirs and Rebecca do a terribly good job).


May 05, 2009

We love it when two good things find each other...

Certain things belong together.  Cinnamon and buns.  Hot and dogs.  Egg and Kalles Kaviar.

We were very pleased this week when we heard that two of our "Little shops we like" have started working together, namely the most excellent Scandinavian children's shop in Kensal Rise KIDSEN and the lovely brand called "Nothin' but a muffin".

You can now find the Nothin But a Muffin stuff in KIDSEN - from their bibs to towels and sleeping bags.

KIDSEN is here (on Chamberlayne Road - just across from Kensal Rise station) and Nothin' but a Muffin is here


April 07, 2009

Little shops we like # 8 - Nordic Balance

The lovely Johanna runs a company called Nordic Balance - a well-being company that encourages balance in everything they do- from  personal training to nutritional advice, massage, yoga, sports conditioning and pilates. It all comes together to form a holistic approach to training, focussed not only on your body, but also on your eating, your state of mind and general wellbeing.

Nordic Balance has long been popular with both locals and ex-pat Scandies alike - and the feedback we have gotten is great, so if you're looking to kick start your fitness or general wellbeing, give them a buzz to see if they are right for you.  If you quote Scandi Kitchen when you get in touch they will give you a complimentary initial assessment and nutritional advice as well.

Their website is http://www.nordicbalance.co.uk


November 13, 2008

Little shops we like # 6 - Nothin' but a Muffin

Two great gals, Corinne and Lesley, decided a little over a year ago that there was a gap in the market for really great quality baby stuff in funky patterns and designs - and not just pink and light blue.

So, they set about designing a range of durable and adorable things - from bibs to towels to sleeping bags.  The result is the company Nothin' but a Muffin and they've just launched their range and online shopping on their website - click here for more info

It's really great stuff and all handmade - well worth a look to see if there's something in their for your own kids or as a great Christmas present.


September 29, 2008

Little shops we like #5

P1080032 Corina from Sweden has worked as a TV producer for many years and then decided to start a family.  With her two daughters now 2 and 4, she has decided to open her own childrens' shop in London.  And the result is fantastic.

Based in Kensal Rise, KIDSEN stocks everything you need for babies and toddlers - it is basically a one stop shop that sells anything from prams to clothes to food.  Lots of the stuff they sell is imported from Scandinavia - so it is a great place to go for the extremely popular Scandinavian designed kids clothes.  KIDSEN has also been chosen as a partner for BRIO buggies and prams that are launching in the UK very soon, so if you're on the look-out for a pram, it is a great place to stop by.

You can read more about KIDSEN here


September 22, 2008

Little shops we like #4


Anna Wetterlin is a Swede, living in London.  She set up her own company designing and selling Swedish style children’s moccasins – meaning no more slipping and sliding for the kids running around inside.

With a background in fashion, Anna set about designing the wonderful little Moccis, as she calls them.  Moccis are made of ecotex certified materials and the leather soles allow the little feet to move freely and for the baby’s muscles to develop properly. 

Anna’s Moccis are doing well and are currently available in UK, Ireland, Germany and Sweden.

You can find out more about Anna’s super-cute Moccis here


September 02, 2008

Little shops we like #3


This post refers back to an older post about nice little shops

One of the things we get asked about most from the people in the Scandinavian community is childcare.  Generally, in the UK, this can be a bit of a minefield but it gets harder when you need childcare that speaks the same language as your kids and you don't happen to be living in your own country.

Nordic Childcare is set up by Minna and Minna from Finland - both are highly educated childcare specialists and have worked with children for many, many years.  Nordic childcare and babysitting provides ad-hoc babysitting as well as planned ones - and they can also find bespoke Nannies and Aupairs who have the linguistic skills families may require.

All Minna and Minna's people are not only CRB vetted (police checked), they have strict reference checks and most are either studying towards childcare qualifications or already have them.  We have heard good stuff back about Nordic Childcare after passing on their detials to people who have enquired via us.

You can contact Nordic Childcare on the address below or pop along to the Mamma Evening this Thursday where they'll also be there.

Nordic Child Care Ltd, 235 Fulwell Park Avenue, Twickenham TW2 5HD

By email:       info@nordic-childcare.co.uk

By phone:      020 7221 7079 / 07833 761658 / 07779 290385


August 11, 2008

Postcard from Heather and Jo #1

_MG_1791 Jazz band in Malmo

Hello from Sweden, SK regular Heather and her friend Jo here, on holiday in Sweden via Copenhagen, sending you a few postcards over the coming week (sadly no photo today as can't attach camera to PC).

On arrival at Copenhagen airport, I found it rather funny to see a little sardine tin like pod full of smokers squashed in, smoking that cigarette they have not had for a few hours. You could barely see them for all the smoke!! The joys of the smoking ban, maybe these will start popping up at London airports too!!

We wondered through the large shopping street without spending a single ore, past shops with names we found funny such as a shoe shop called 'Dope' and a ladies clothes shop called 'Kinky Bitch', who know's what those shoes were made from or who the clothes were for, but we didn't hang around to find out. We would like to come back to Denmark and don't want a Danish criminal record! I'll leave the criminal record to my borther who is at Climate Camp in the UK!

Our boat tour of Copenhagen's canals in the glorious sunshine would have left us very sunburnt had we not found some free suncream at a basketball event by the town hall. That however may have covered up our blushes at seeing the Little Mermaid's behind!! An ice cream later and we were off to Malmö.

Described by some as being the Copacabana of Sweden we were looking forward to sunning ourselves on Malmö's long strech of beach. Frankly if that is what the Copacabana looks like, we don't want to go!! Admittedly the pouring rain and driving wind did not help!

A lovely outdoor performance by a jazz saxophonist did end our visit in a memorable way and as we leave we have seen a poster on the back of a bus saying "Live in the Grand Canyon of Malmö"! Clearly the city is not satisfied with having the tallest building in Sweden and has designs on being much grander. I love it! I look forward to the "Las Vegas of Malmö", the "Big Ben of Malmö" and the "Ayres Rock of Malmö"!

Off to Göteborg........

July 17, 2008

Little shops we like #1

Reborn1Welcome to a new thing here on our blog.  There are lots of really cool businesses we have found out about since opening Scandi Kitchen - some are Scandinavian, some are British - but all are small and going for it. 

We really want to celebrate people who take the initiative to do different things, to do stuff they are passionate about.  So, over the next while you'll find us writing a bit about other places we think you should check out.

Introducing a Danish girl who has a fashion shop on Etsy (an on-line portal for selling hand-made stuff).  She makes clothes out of stuff that "has been something else before" - extending the life of some un-loved curtains, old coats made into dresses et cetera - really innovative.  She also has a kid's label where she customises stuff for little babas.

Check out her stuff here and here



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