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October 17, 2013

WIN tickets for JA JA JA music festival 8th and 9th November

It’s on at the Roundhouse in Camden (London) 8th and 9th November.  Brilliant bands from all over Scandinavia (from Mew to Nonono to Kids astray and many, many more) – more info here 

Buy tickets here

Be in with a chance to WIN a pair of weekend tickets to the festival – just answer this question:

Which of these is a Scandinavian band at JA JA JA festival:

a)    NoNoNo

b)    Maybe Maybe Maybe

c)    Nå Nå Nå

Answer by e-mail iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before Monday 21st October 2013 at midday.

Usual competition rules apply. No cheating. three winners only. Random names drawn from correct entries. No alternative prize. One date only. No cash value. Entries must be received before midday 21st October 2013.


May 18, 2013

Eurovision 2013: Scoresheet to download

ScandiKitchen Eurovision 2013

Here's all the stuff you need for tonight's show.

Click here to Download ScandiKitchen Eurovision 2013 scoresheet in pdf (made by @schlagerfiasko)

To download a pdf of the ScandiKitchen Eurovision Bingo, click here: Download Bingo

Follow our live tweeting during the show: @scanditwitchen 

The show comes live from Malmö in Sweden and is shown in the UK on BBC at 8 pm.


May 02, 2013

Eurovision Bingo - play for Eurovision in Malmö 2013

Get all your stuff for Eurovision in our online shop here

March 22, 2013

WIN tickets to see Swedish band 'Pixie Carnations' in London

Pixie Postera3V8small

Pixie Carnation is a great folk infused indie band from Sweden and they have added a London date to their tour: They will play XOYO on 22nd April.

Formed in Malmo by Childhood friends Tobias Hellkvist and Ola Pålsson; Pixie Carnation’s debut album is the culmination of two years of recruitment, touring, writing and recording. After an EP the band took to the studio with Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm from ‘Soundtrack Of Our Lives’ to produce ‘The New World Record’, a collection of songs that affirms the band’s ascendancy and aspiration towards the hallowed ground of great pop. 

Pixie Carnation’s new album is out on May 6th

You can buy tickets for the gig in London here 

We’ve got two pairs of tickets for the gig at London’s XOYO to give away to some lucky people.

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this question:

Which of these is Sweden’s third biggest city?

a)   Borås

b)   Malmö

c)   Uppsala

Answers to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before 29th March. Winners will be drawn at random from correct entries. Usual competition rules apply. No cheating. No cash alternative. 

February 21, 2013

Eurovision 2013: The one that finally tops Lordi?

Estonia has, so far, the craziest Eurovision entry for this year's final in Sweden in May. Winny Puhh!

We dare you to manage to listen to all of it: It is quite painful.

We can't wait for the final.  Oh joy. At least with this serving as a warning, the UK might decide to pull something better out of the bag that Humperdink.

Source: PopBitch

December 12, 2012

Loreen's smallest fan?

Little Vincent (2 years and 4 months) is possibly Lorreen's biggest fan. 

After having studied Lorreen's Eurovision entry for about a year, Vincent is now to good at recreating it.

For best understanding, watch Loreen's Eurovision performance first - Vincent's doing a pretty good job!

November 19, 2012

Radi-Aid for Norway (Help those freezing Norwegians)

What a great way to get a really important message across about how we fundraise, how we stereotype and how we need to drive real change.  Please do take the time to read here .

And meanwhile, enjoy the video about Radi-Aid from Africa to Norway.

If the link doesn't work, click here http://youtu.be/oJLqyuxm96k

November 08, 2012

WIN TICKETS: Danish hip hop act Nik & Jay coming to London

Nik&Jay flyer v.4

Danish hip hop artists Nik & Jay have sold more than 1 million albums and singles in Denmark and are still, ten years into their career, the leading Danish pop act. 

In December they will be doing a one-off performance in London.

The event takes place Tuesday 11th December 2012.

Venue: The Garage - 20-22 Highbury Corner, N5 1RD London

Tickets: £22.50
 Doors: 7pm

Tickets are on sale from these places 

Since 2002, the pop/hip-hop duo Nik & Jay have forever altered the landscape of the Danish music industry, pushing the envelope with every song written and album released. The duo have won several Music Awards, have had 19 major hit singles in a row and have dominated sales charts, airplay charts and club charts for the past decade. Nik & Jay have put out four acclaimed albums with the legendary producer team, Jon & Jules, with whom they own the production company and label Nexus Music Ltd.

We’ve got a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky person.

To be in with a chance to win, just answer this easy peasy question:

What’s the second largest city in Denmark?

1)            Aarhus

2)            Esbjerg

3)            Middelfart

Answers to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before 20th November, please. 

Usual competition rules apply. No prize alternative. No cheating.  

September 14, 2012

That song from The Bridge...

Choir of Young Believers wrote and performed that haunting, beautiful song from The Bridge (Broen) TV series.  Remember it?  Listen to it below.

The band is going to perform in East London on 29th September 2012 at 19:00 - the event is free (yes, really:   FREE), but do get there early as organisers are expecting it to fill up quickly.  

The details:

Rough Trade East
Old Truman Brewery, 
91 Brick Lane E1 6QL 
London, UK

More details here 

September 03, 2012

'Dear Catastrophe Waitress' - Scandi Music eve in Crouch End 7th Sep 2012 8:30 pm

Our Cath (she's the amazing lady who sorts out all things paperwork in our office) loves Scandi music and is hosting a Scandi Music night in Crouch End this Friday.

Expect such loveliness as The Cardigans, Caesars, Hakan Hellstrom, Jens Lekman, Mando Diao, Broder Daniel & lots of scandi delights.

Special Guest DJ: Rob from Another Sunny Day Indiepop Club and Sweden Made Me


It's at Kiss The Sky Bar | Crouch End N8 - 18-20 Park Road, N8 7EB London, United Kingdom

Find out more right here 


June 18, 2012

Who's LUKAS GRAHAM? He's ace. WIN TICKETS to go see him in London 20 June

Half Irish, half Danish and from Christiania in Copenhagen.  Lukas Graham is not just good; he's really good.  Don't believe us?  Have a listen below to "Ordinary Things"...  A fab soulful song that topped the Danish charts, closely followed by several other hits.

Lukas started as a bit of a child star years ago in the TV series "Krummerne", but since then, he's grown up and grown into a natural role as a talented musician.  In the past year, he's had many chart topping hits in Denmark and surrounding countries and now the rest of Europe is starting to take notice.

Lukas and his band are playing in London on 22nd June - yeps, that is this WEDNESDAY at Borderline (W1D 4JB) at 19:30.  And we've got a few spare tickets for any of you Lukas Graham curious people out there.  

To be in with a chance to win a pair (2) tickets for this Wednesday's gig, just answer the following question:

Lukas Graham is half Danish, half...

a) German

b) Swedish

c) Irish

Answer by e-mail to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before midnight tonight Monday 18th June.  Winner will be notified by e-mail Tuesday morning.

Usual competition rules apply.  No cash alternative, no alternative date, total prizes available 2 x 2 pairs.

May 29, 2012

'Euphoria' - by the Swedish Royal Army

This is how much those Swedes love Eurovision.  Their Roayl Army played a version of the winning song to celebrate.

May 25, 2012

The Final Countdown. Final.

This video has been entitled: "The worst cover version ever".  You decide.  

Practise is everything.

May 22, 2012

Eurovision semi-final 2012: 20:00 tonight on BBC3

We love Eurovision.  Mostly we love eating dill crisps with dip-mix at every Eurovision oppportunity.

This year, we especially love The Hump.  The Hump.  The lovely, little Hump.  Here he is, in all his former Orange glory:


Here's The Humperdink pretending to be Liam Gallagher

And here's the Hump getting academic


The HOT looking Humpsie Dumpsie


The mini Hump?  Is there is connection there or what?

Humpsie   Seagall

Is it a coincidence The Hump sang a song called The Lesbian Seagall?  Sorry, Seagul?


Engelbert Humperdink is not singing tongiht at the semis because Uk always qualify - so tonight, please supposrt Denmark, Finaland and Iceland:  We're trying to make it an all Scandi-esque final this year.


May 14, 2012

The Boy who owns the streets of Oslo

This chap is 17 (well, he might be 18 now, actually).  He owns the streets of Oslo with his mean drumming.

Even our Bronte likes him and she usually says most drumming is "just noise" (this is usually before she pour herself a nice glass of sherry and puts her slippers on).

May 08, 2012

Can someone please do this on the Bakerloo line tomorrow at 8:42?

Flash mob on Copenhagen's Metro last month.


April 27, 2012

Scandinavian Kitchen sessions w/ JANICE LONG

Ahhh, we love Janice.  She's uber cool.  So, when she asked if her and her gang could record some music sessions at our gaff, we said yes.  That lady has an excellent taste in music - and friends.

You can find the details of the Janice Long Scandi Kitchen sessions right here on the website:



April 22, 2012

Eurovision 2012: This song ensures UK will not be last this year

The song from San Marino is up there with the worst Eurovision Songs of all time

Come to my house and click on my mouse?  Really?

March 14, 2012

How Sweden sees England

Here's a clip from Swedish TV.

It's all about Eurovision.  

Thanks to David Jorgensen for this clip.  

March 08, 2012

Eurovision 2012: Update

Tomorrow evening, Sweden’s roads will be empty.  Nobody will venture outside.  Sales of Estrella crisps will be up by 500%.  Why?  Because it is Melodifestivalen final, the evening when Sweden (after 5 long regional heats) finally choose their song to represent them in Eurovison.

Our bets are on this one

This year for the Eurovision final in Baku, we quite like Russia’s old grannies - mainly because they are only doing Eurovision to raise funds to repair their church

We are totally in love with Engelbert Humperdink (bet he thought he was going to be the oldest one there, but nope...)


Norway’s entry (Is it Eric Saade?)

Denmark’s entry written by one of Bronte’s mates

In case you missed the other news, Ireland this year is represented by Jedward.  Again.

Catch all the latest Eurovision goss on Mr Jørgensen’s www.schlagerfiasko.nu


March 01, 2012

Bronte loves Lionel.

She's gets weird fads, our Bronte.  A few weeks back, it was Engelbert Humperdink.  Now she's back to Lionel.  

Danish singer Rasmus Seebach just recorded a song with Lionel, even if he doesn't get to actually sing much, but he does get to dance around a lot in the backkground and touch his chest and stuff.  He looks like he really, really, really wants to sing a bit more.  Poor Rasmus, Lionel hogged the micro.

And if you haven't had enough Lionel after that, try "hello" below.  Clever.

February 16, 2012

Take on Me - North Korea style

This is what Take on Me by A-ha sounds like, played on accordions by a group of North Koreans.  Impressive.

January 18, 2012

Eurovision 2012

It is no secret that we love Eurovision and all the glitter balls that come with it.

Right now, the Scandi countries are in full swing choosing their acts to send to this year’s final in Baku, Azerbaijan.  The Eurovision finals will take place 22nd, 24th and 26th of May 2012.

The most excellent Schalgerfiasko is a great place to keep up to date with the latest gossip, songs, interviews and other interesting stuff, so pop by there if you need to find out if Norway is preparing to send along a violinist or of Sweden may ask Carola to enter.  Again.  With her wind machine.   

Our Bronte is hoping her friend Lars’ song will win the Danish entry this year (on Danish TV this coming Saturday, by the way) – it is sung by a lovely girl called Soluna Samay.  Bronte is very proud to be almost-directly-linked to the Danish Eurovision and may even bring out her  Clap-Hat again. 

Meanwhile, the trip to Baku is not proving to be popular with that many die-hard Eurovision people this year (if rumours are to be believed) so it may even be possible to get tickets (yes, Eurovision shows usually sell out immediately).

Some random facts about Azerbaijan

  • Azerbaijan is so far away from Western Europe that the competition starts at midnight for them so we can watch it at 8 pm.
  • They love their chess and Garry Kasparov the famous chess champion comes from there
  • Azerbaijan is one of only TWO countries that start with, but do not end with, the letter A (guess the other one)
  • Baku has several Irish and English pubs.  You’re set.
  • The national dish of Azerbaijan is Yarpag Dolmasi and Plov.    Plov is another name for Pilaf.
  • Flights to Baku are currently around £400 for the Eurovision week.  £800 if you want to fly direct. Phew.

Get planning....



November 21, 2011

Special 50% off tickets to go see Robert Wells' Rhapsody in Rock at Royal Albert Hall

Fancy going to the Royal Albert Hall to see Swedish pianist Robert Wells? At 50% discount? Now you can.

Swedish Superstar - ROBERT WELLS - Rhapsody in Rock – China Edition at THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY - EXCLUSIVE – Monday 28th November 2011

Scandinavian Kitchen customers and friends are offered 50% discount to Robert Wells - Rhapsody in Rock - China Edition. To book and buy tickets, simply go to The Royal Albert Hall Tickets page here and enter discount code 9322 or if you go to the Box Office personally or call then please quote stu456, and please mention Scandinavian Kitchen when booking.

This will be a truly amazing evening, so please tell all your friends and come along to watch Robert Wells, one of Sweden’s biggest stars, play at the world's greatest music hall, London’s famous Royal Albert Hall – this is for one night only, so don’t miss it.

This spectacular concert will be filmed for Television for Sweden and China so will be seen all over the world.

November 11, 2011

St Lucia celebrations at Scandi Kitchen 2011


13th December every year is the celebration of St Lucia (or St Lucy) – a festival widely celebrated across Scandinavia.  Girls dress in white robes and carry candles in a long procession and sing the hymn about Lucia.

The candles symbolise the fire that refused to take St. Lucia's life when she was sentenced to be burned.   Traditionally a Catholic festival, it is thought that this tradition survived in Scandinavia because it is celebrated during the very dark days of winter.  Some people believe that back in the day when us Scandies celebrated Yule (or Jol) at Winter Solstice, it was both a season of giving, kindness and celebration - but also a season of fear of dark forces – the scariest night of all at that time was called the Night of Lussi – Lussinatta.  Some believe that the festival of light is from this time to fend off the evil forces.

 Across Scandinavia, people celebrate St Lucia with singing traditional songs – and bearing candles.  We appreciate that it is hard to attend Lucia events outside Scandinavia, so we put on several mini Lucias every year for those of you who fancy a Lucia-fix before Christmas – or perhaps is just curious to know what it is all about.
Cecilia is a professional jazz singer and she together with five of her singer-friends make up the Scandi Kitchen Lucia Train.  They will sing songs such as Jul Jul, Staffan, Sa mork ar morgondagen,A child is born and more.

The shop will close during each event.  All the lights will be switched off and we will enjoy the singing and the candle light.  Tickets cost £5 each and all the cash goes directly to the singers.  Each Lucia event lasts about 30 minutes.  Please note that there is a strict limit of 40 tickets per session as we simply do not have any extra space.  

There will be no tickets sold on the door on the day.  Children under 8 go free, but please, pretty please, advise us in the notes if you will be bringing younger children because we need to make sure we have space allocated for them.  Please also note that Lucia sessions start promptly on time and the doors will close at start time.

You can buy your tickets from the online shop here - make sure that you choose "collect from store" on checkout or else you will be charged postage.  Your order confirmation is your ticket, just bring it along on the day.

These are the sessions:
Saturday 10th December   8:45, 9:30, 18:30, 20:00
Sunday 11th December 8:45, 9:45, 16:30, 17:30
Tuesday 13th December 18:00, 19:30



July 03, 2011

Norway to deport toe-nail citizen?

Thanks to Schlagerfiasko for this clip.

Surely, she says Toe Nail?  Tonje?  Toe Nail?

We are presuming this is a spoof; if not, we'll be happy to help Norway deport this criminal and strip her of any rights to the oil. 



ABBA: What about [Ken] Livingstone?

310281_f520 SK's new uniform?  From l to r:  Sebastian, Anna, moa and Claes.  Maybe.

Last week, Bjorn Ulvaeus of ABBA (not Benny, the other one, you know, the one with no beard and extra tight trousers) revealed that ABBA’s songs had hidden political messages in the lyrics.

“It was our curse that we were regarded as simple and happy” he said and went on to explain that for example the song “The Visitors” was about the Soviet Union and about freedom.

“These walls have witnessed all the anguish of humiliation
And seen the hope of freedom glow in shining faces
And now they've come to take me
Come to break me
And yet it isn't unexpected
I have been waiting for these visitors” (repeat over 19 times)

We’re very surprised.  We never knew the deeper meanings of ABBA and now we shall proceed to analyse all the songs as we listen to them again (and again) during our working day at the cafe.

Upon reading this article we also did a bit of googling about interpreting ABBA lyrics.  It’s worth doing, even for the excitement of realising what Dancing Queen is really all about. 

Still, a few dubious ones popped up....  Maybe political?

What about Livingstone

What about Livingstone?

What about all those men?

Who have sacrificed their lives to lead the way

Tell me, wasn't it worth the while

Travelling up the Nile

Putting themselves on test

Didn't that help the rest?

Wasn't it worth it then?

What about Livingstone?

Money Money

I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay
Ain't it sad
And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me
That's too bad
In my dreams I have a plan
If I got me a wealthy man
I wouldn't have to work at all, I'd fool around and have a ball

Dum Dum diddle

Dum-dum-diddle, to be your fiddle
To be so near you and not just hear you
Dum-dum-diddle, to be your fiddle
I think then maybe you'd see me, baby
You'd be mine
And we'd be together all the time
Wish I was, dum-dum-diddle, your darling fiddle
But I think you don't know that I exist
I'm the quiet kind, woah-oh

 (read the article in Danish here - if you read Danish, that is... if not, you may enjoy the pictures only sorry.)


May 16, 2011

Swedish band Royal Republic in London 31st May 2011

We got a note about a Swedish band playing at the Water Rats Pub in London.  Fancy going to watch them?  We quite like the idea, so maybe see you there.  You can buy tickets here

This is what has been said about the band:

'Royal Republic have advanced at light speed in their homeland into one of Swedens hottest tips thanks to their explosive energy, a certain irresistible charm and an arsenal of songs aimed at your head like guided missiles. Now theyve loaded up the trucks with their tight-as-a-bugs-ass live show and their Britpop, punk and funk-influenced repertoire to conquer the fabled rest of the world!

Founded at the end of 2007, Royal Republics sound is not only refreshing; its refreshingly different, as evidenced by the rapturous reactions to their September 2009 debut single, All Because Of You. Big, twangy guitars stab their way along a rumbling, tumbling bassline, all punctuated by knockout punch drumming and adorned by frontman Adam Grahns distinctive, streetwise vocals for an unmistakable dose of uniquely Royal Republic über-coolness.'


May 04, 2011

Eurovision 2011: 10th, 12th and 14th May

We're getting excited.  Not only does ALL the Scandi countries have pretty good chances this year, we have also sneaked at the competition:

JEDWARD is representing Ireland.

As for lyrics, okay, we know we shouldn't talk when it comes to Eric Saade's Immmmm-possible lyrics in "popular", but still, check out these lines:

I am lame, psycho from the brain (Georgia)

Wait, I’m ready at the gate
Don’t tell me it’s too late
Her fire starts to melt my heart
She’s clean. Not part of any scene (Moldova)

And you look so good on the floor. Put my mind in a dirty zone (Russia)

And I’m gonna every day give you all my love (Belarus)

We're not mentioning that our secret favourite, Finland, has this line: 'Peter is smart, he knows each European country by heart.

Tune in on 10th and 12th May for the semis - and the 14th for the big finale.  We know that the UK will keep the interest this year seeing as they automatically qualify for the final.  Phew. 

Snack wise, don't forget to stock up on dip mix, dillchips and other goodies in our shop before the event.  There is no eurovision without obscene amount of snacks.



April 27, 2011

Go Osmo!

This lovely Finnish chap called Osmo Ikonen did a showcase at Scandi Kitchen last week.  Sorry we couldn't tell you about it before, it was all a bit hush hush and industry only. 

He was a very nice man and we enjoyed having him here very much.  Go Osmo, we say.  Nice to know Finland is not all hard rock hallelujah.

April 15, 2011

Eurovision 2011: One month to go...

We like a bit of a prediction here at SK.  Eurovision takes place in Dusseldorf in less than a month's time.  May we be a bit bold and predict France as the winner?

Not because it is very 'Eurovison' or anything, but it is sung in Corsican by a young handsome tenor. 

Still, for once, we actually think Finland is going to do pretty darn well.  Not a monster in sight.  Okay, lyrics are a bit da da dummy, but the sentiment is sweet.

March 08, 2011

Eurovision Watch: Update for March

Sweden is the last Nordic land to decide its Eurovision entry this Saturday. Before then, however, Melodifestivalen has to overcome a difficult few days caused by a technical problem that caused some people to vote for the wrong performers in the 'Andra chansen' (second chance) round.   It was a schlagerfiasko (ahem) all round, as the four favoured acts (at least in the Harcourt) were all knocked out. Even über-producer RedOne's Love Generation girls failed to win.

So we're left with The Moniker (annoying Pop Idol contestant dressed like George Harrison in his Indian period channelling the very worst of Eurovision 'humour' - yes, even more so than Jedward) and Sara Varga, singing a lovely, bossa nova-infused song. It also happens to be about domestic violence. Anyway, the results are still being debated - if you really want to get into it, pay a visit to Schlagerfiasko.nu - I have been cogitating for days.

So, the two hot tickets for the final are Danny Saucedo's In The Club and Eric Saade's Popular. Danny's on first, Eric's on last. Danny dances. Eric smashes glass - and there's rain.

But can either of them win?

Post by Schlager David.  He's the King of Schlagerfiasko - check him out.

Pretty eric

March 01, 2011

So, now Denmark has decided...

Eurovision fever - and most of Scandinavia has by now decided who they are sending to Germany for the final.

Here's Denmark's bid.  For more stuff about Eurovision, there is only one place to go: http://www.schlagerfiasko.nu

February 16, 2011

Eurovision Watch: Update

Sanna Eurovision season is well and truly in full swing in the Nordic lands now. Indeed, three of the five countries have already chosen the acts that they’re sending to Düsseldorf. Meanwhile, the Melodifestivalen juggernaut thunders on in Sweden, while the Danes wait patiently to do their choosing over the course of a couple of hours. None of this marathon contest nonsense for them.

The big news so far is from Norway, were Stella Mwangi’s Haba Haba took 36% of the votes to win. It’s a fabulous, African-inspired sound that was a world apart from the rest of the entries. Its popularity is such that Norway is the only country where Lady Gaga isn’t number one in the iTunes chart, because Stella refuses to budge. Haba!

Finland has picked a 19-year-old lad called Axel to sing an eco-ballad called Da Da Dam. He’s performing with the name Paradise Oskar, and from a mediocre selection, it’s probably the best song to represent the country. And he’s a lovely chap as well.

Iceland was hit by the sudden death of Sjónni Brink, one of the participants in its Eurovision search, which seemed to change the entire focus of the competition. Despite having Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir (she came second in Moscow a couple of years ago), Iceland went for Sjónni’s song, Aftur heim (Almost Home), which was performed by his friends. It’s unclear whether the song will be allowed to go to Germany yet, but I don’t think anyone cares really – it was a very emotional moment when Sjónni’s widow, Þórunn Erna (also the song’s writer) accepted the prize.

Meanwhile, Denmark will have Ace Of Base’s Jenny Berggren in competition, while Sweden is falling in love with schlager again. Sanna Nielsen topped the leader board last Saturday, while Jenny Silver’s ABBA-tastic Something In Your Eyes is also tipped to be in the final. With Shirley Clamp and Linda Bengtzing also back, it’s all very exciting.

To hear the three winning songs from Norway, Finland and Iceland, visit Schlagerfiasko.nu at schlagerfiasko.nu/scandikitchen/

February 01, 2011

Tina Dico goes on tour...

TinaDickow3Tina almost never sleeps on stage

One of Denmark's most successful singers at the moment is Tina Dico. And guess what? She's off on tour around the UK.

Tina's new album is called Welcoem Back Colour and this is her 7th album - released in the UK on 14th February 2011.

You can see Tina at the following venues:

16.02.11 Birmingham Glee

17.02.11 Bristol Louisiana

18.02.11 Manchester Band on the Wall

19.02.11 Nottingham Rescue Rooms

20.02.11 Milton Keynes Stables

23.02.11 London Cadogan Hall

24.02.11 Cambridge Junction

26.02.11 Brighton Komedia

27.02.11 Norwich Arts Centre

Tickets are at www.musicglue.com/tinadico

We have a pair of tickets to give away to a lucky winner. You can even choose your venue across the tour dates in the UK.

To be in with a chance to win, please answer the following question:

Tina wrote a track named after a London street. Is it:

1) Goldhawk Road

2) Great Titchfield Street

3) Cricklewood High Street

Please send your answer by e-mail to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before 5th February 2011 INCLUDING YOUR CHOICE OF VENUE.

Usual competition rule apply. No employees of Scandi Kitchen can enter the competition, correct entries will be pulled out of a fancy hat and randomly chosen by a lady wearing a very glittery frock and so forth. Only one entry per person. No cash alternative. The judge's decision is final so don't try any of your funny business. Ba da bam.

January 25, 2011

Eurovision 2011: coming soon

It's Eurovision time again soon, and you know how much we all love the season here at Scandinavian Kitchen. This year, we've asked the folks at Schlagerfiasko (schlagerfiasko.nu) to keep us up-to-date with who we should be listening to, and they'll be telling us all about it from next week.

In the meantime, the best event of all is about to take place over six weeks in Sweden from 5th February. Melodifestivalen is bigger than X Factor and Talent combined, and has the whole country watching. As always, the Harcourt Arms will be screening it live, so if you fancy joining Schlagerfiasko there, visit www.theharcourt.com for details.

Nicole Bronte as Nicole of Ein Bisschen Frieden fame

July 22, 2010

Two best things in the world: Elvis and Smorgasbord

It's almost too good to be true:  Elvis singing about smorgasbord.  Bronte got very excited: she loves Elvis - and never knew about this song until today.  She actually loves Elvis so much that in two weeks, she's dragging Jonas to Las Vegas and they're even getting married by The King in one of those little chapels.  Yeps, really.

Enjoy the King and his smorgasbord dance.  We wonder if Mr and Mrs Aurell to be will choose this one as their song at the Chapel? 

May 17, 2010

Eurovisionn 2010: Want to go?

For many years, Bronte has wanted to go to see a real Eurovision show.  Back when she was a nipper in rural Denmark, she stood there, every year, in front of the TV singing pretend songs into a hair brush.  She dreamt she could be as famous as German Nicole (Of "Ein bisschen frieden" fame) and have golden shoes like the guys from Herreys. 

Sadly, Bronte's singing days never came - and she never made it to Eurovision Live.  Never the less, over the next while leading up to the Big Event in Norway, we'll be re-visiting some of Bronte's favourite Eurovision moments. 

This is one of the only times Germany ever won eurovision, by the way.  It's their own fault:  they kept sending bands called "wind" and people with mono-brows and curly mullets.

Anyway, in a last ditch attempt to see if it would be possible, Bronte tried to get some tickets.  The result?  YES, you can still go - if you don't want to sit next to anyone you know (fair point).  Grand price for two tickets for the final will set you back only 3,300 Norwegian Kroner.  That's about £350 of today's money.


If you find that this is a bit steep, billettservice.no also offer you tickets for the School of HØVIK who are putting on the show GLASNOST at the Culture House in Bærum.  So there. 



March 30, 2010

Running order for Eurovision 2010

Eurovision news: the running order of this years songs has been announced.  The only song guaranteed a spot in the final is Norway.  First semi (25th May) is with Iceland and Finland, the secodn semi (27th May) it’s Denmark and Sweden.  The final is on 29th May.  Cancel all prior engagements.



March 11, 2010

Sabatta the band

The Kick Out the Jams Festival takes place on the 19th March at 229 Club (Great Portland Street).  This is your chance to see the band Sabatta, who’ll be performing their showcase (as one of twelve bands). Sabatta have got rave reviews for their performances and their last album and magazines like Kerrang are saying they are one of the Must Se acts of 2010.  So, if rock is your thang, you should check it out.

The event will be held at the 229 Club, 229 Great Portland Street,
London, W1W 5PN (020 8333 7777) Doors open at 7:00 pm

Purchase your ticket and be sure to select SABATTA as the band you are
coming to see here:

We've got a pair of tickets to give away - if you fancy going, be first on the trigger:  first reply to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk gets them.

Usual competition rules apply. 

Eurovision 2010: Iceland

So far, we've featured Denmark, Norway and Finland.  To be fair, this year we have less chance than ever of winning.  Not to worry:  as long as someone makes the final, we have an excuse to stay in and scoff dill chips with dip mix and shout at the TV.

Sadly, whilst Iceland has wonderful geysers and prtty people, it has a pretty rubbish Eurovision entry this year.  It sounds a bit like Bonnie Tyler stuck in a nineties EuroPop beat produced bya  spotty teenager from Bavaria.  Not pretty, not pleasant.

Still, who watches Eurovision for the music, eh?

Next week:  Sweden.  Finally.  They've only had 37 regional contests, 7 semi finals (maybe) and the final is on Saturday.  As in tomorrow.   Bring out the godis.

Hmmm... this is the 2008 entry. Not that it's similar...

March 04, 2010

Eurovision 2010: Norway.

When we first watched the Norwegian entry for this year's Eurovision we got concerned that one half of Jedward had become taken refuge in Norway.  although, a closer look reveals this is sadly not the case.

The sound card on our PC is not working, so we could not hear the wonderful song - but the lyrics are meaningful and deep and the dude's frequent gazes at the screen tells us this man has had a crash course in "blue steel".

We're dissapointed to find no Russian style dancers, mono brows or women playing harps/accordians/trumpets. 

Verdict: Boring.


August 12, 2009

A Swedish plague?

This track was a huge hit across Scandinavia this summer.  Some of us wish we'd never heard it and had spent a week in Majorca listening to Latino Beats # 4 and Ricky Martin's Un, Dos, Tres instead.

We had Basshunter in Scandi Kitchen last week - they were filming an interview with him. Basshunter is also Swedish and did stuff such as this track, also a huge hit across Scandi land a few years back (Sebastian has the extended version on vinyl if you want to hear it).   It was eventually made into a UK hit also - called "Now you're gone".

Come back, Roxette, all is forgiven.

July 06, 2009

A-ha, there you are...

We see quite a few famous people in and around our area, but we're never quite been as excited as when Morten Harkett stopped by.  The A-ha boys even signed a Norwegian flag for us, posed here by our Louise (who is back for the summer, by the way).



End of the Road Festival 2009

Woo hoo - we can't wait.  Thsi is SUCH a good festival.  This year, the End of the Road festival is on in Dorset from 11th, 12th and 13th September.  There's a fantastic line up and magically, still a few tickets available - so don't delay in getting yours.

Scandi Kitchen was there last year, serving up the hot dogs and the meatballs and we'll be there again this year as well. 

You can read more here about this wonderful event: http://www.endoftheroadfestival.com/

Okkervil-River - of the many great bands that will be playing the festival this year


June 30, 2009

Here's a mix tape I made just for you...

Back in the days of double cassette players, most of us (or at least the ones of us who were born then) made mix-tapes.  Some for our own pleasure and some for the people we fancied.  What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and what a shame we don't do that anymore.

Well, sort of.  Henrik and Jonas are making mix tapes at the moment.  Well, mix CDs, really.  They compiling a list of our best Scandinavian classics and they need your help.  Did you put ABBA's "The Winner Takes it All" on your mix tape to Freddie from Farnborough when he dumped you for Suzie with the big boobies?  Or did you listen to Whigfield and dance your little bottom off on holidays in Spain?  We want to know about it.

Okay, share and share alike, here are some of ours:

Bronte was into a band called Dodo and The Dodos and played their songs endlessly during one particularly heartbreaking summer (1988).  She is not sure she ever made a mix tape for the boy in question, though.

Henrik made mix tapes for a girl called Carolin and Jonas for all the girls in his class that were called Maria (most of them).  Both included the song by Europe called "Carrie".

Over to you - we want to know your fave cheesy Scandi tunes and ideally, why.  It's for our own special mix tape.

Thanks - and here's Dodo and the Dodos.  Powerful stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VkQTvbMvOc

June 16, 2009

I'm a Barbie girl...

Oh yes.  Seb is so happy:  Aqua has reformed.  Whether it was the bank balances that started to dwindle or it was the music that pulled them back together, we don't care.  With lyrics such as these, how could you not want them back together to terrorise us for another while?

"When Eminem was just a snack
And Michael Jackson's skin was black
Back when the coolest thing in store, oo-oh-oh
Was a Commodore 64"

More here:


June 09, 2009

Looking for Joey...

Back in the Eighties, Jonas went to his first ever concert.  It was Europe and the song of the moment was The Final Countdown.  He had curly hair and so did Joey Temptest, the lead singer.  Peas, pods and all that.

We've just heard heard that the guys are touring again - more details on their website here about their gig in Derby on 16th August http://www.europetheband.com/fyrabugg.html

The guys at Scandi Kitchen are excited, of course.  Will it be the same as back then?  Will Joey Tempest still have big curly hair?  Will they wear tight trousers?  Will they do The Final Countdown on their new tour?

Do you have any cringy EUROPE stories?  We'd love to hear them and may even rewards you in nice coffees if we see fit.

A bit of trivia:  Did you know that Joey Tempest's real name is Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson?  Talk about killing the magic.  Sorry.

Joey Jonas 

Jonas Aurell     /   Joey Tempest

Who's who?

May 12, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - forget Scandinavia, this is the song...

We've done the work for you to find the truly worst song of Eurovision 2009. Forget all we ever said about Sweden's Scary Lady and the zzzzz.. sorry, Danish Ronan Keating (we were dosing there for a second...).

Nope, Holland is our winner.  Both lyrically, visually and videocally (can you even say that?)

Best dance moves as well.  We're reassured to know this is one of Holland's highest selling artists.  No surprise there, then.


April 27, 2009

Almost time for Eurovision 2009

We're excited, as per usual:  It's nearly Eurovision time and nearly time for in-country votings, eating grill chips with holiday dipmix and flying the flags of Norway/ Sweden / Denmark / Finalnd and Iceland. 

The bookmakers are actually making Norway the favourite this year - but here are the 5 clips so you can make up your own mind.

The semi-finals are on 12th and 14th May and the final is on 16th May.  Unfortunately, Terry Wogan will not be commentating this year, but hopefully Graham Norton will be just as sarcastic in the job.

NORWAY - little chap with the violin trying to appeal to the Eastern block voters

DENMARK - Ronan Keating re-incarnated, except not as good

SWEDEN - scary women. We're hiding.

ICELAND - Zzzzzzzzzz

FINLAND - euro-chewing gum mixed with some lordi style guitar that sounds like Aqua on speed


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