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January 03, 2013

WINNERS of Pimp My Gingerbread House 2012

Ladies and Gents,

Finally, the results of the Pimp My Gingerbread House 2012.

Sorry for the delay, guys – due to illness and then us not being in the same room over the holidays, we only decided on the last winners today. In fact, first thing this morning as we got back to Scandi Kitchen after the break.

All the winners have been notified by e-mail.

THANK YOU to all of you who took part – we adore this competition and will make it bigger and better next year with bigger prizes and even judging on time.

We wish we could crown you all winners but then it wouldn't be much of a competition, really - but rest assured we ohhhm and ahhhed over every single houe and we genuinely loved all the entries.

Lots of love

The Kitchen Team x


Magnus Nyhuus, age 3, with his dinosaur and shapes house. 


Emmi Wilson for the fancy girly house

Adult special prize

Melissa Hedqvist for the Moomin house

Main Adult Prize

Ruth and Luke for the RIP Snow white


December 17, 2012

More Pimp My Gingerbread House entires...



This entry is entitled RIP Snowwhite.

The full photo series can be found here 

We (myself and other half Luke) have been pretty much pogo-ing with excitement about doing our entry for the last month and stayed up late last night finishing it. A house move last week meant a week long gap between starting and finishing...Either way, we had a lot of fun with it, so thanks for the inspiration. Hope it’s not too disturbing.

So firstly, here are our pictures of our entry ‘RIP Snow White’:  http://ripsnowwhite.tumblr.com/. It’s a bit of a nightmare Disney Christmas - in short, Snow White is dead (possibly murdered) and the 7 dwarves have buried her in the garden. Festive right?

Constituent parts:-

The house: snowy roof made of flaked almonds and hundreds of thousands. Embellishments courtesy of Luke and his multicoloured chocolate icing pens, plus jelly tots and chocolate drops which we mostly ate. Walls are made of fruit jelly slices and gold sugar beads.

The rest of it: Pistachio grass, crumbled chocolate cookie path and grave soil (also in the little guy’s barrow), rich tea finger grave, and edible toadstools (nobody else seems to think that toadstools can be festive, but I do and I’m sticking with that story) 

We had so much fun doing it

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Ruth and Luke x


Here's one from Anna Khalil who writes:

Grown up entry :) 

Been making gingerbreads for a couple of years now and always good fun and lovely tradition.  

Glaedelig jul!


Final entires for Pimp My gingerbread House 2012?

Magnus Nyhuus, age 3, which is a dinosaur and shapes house.  He chose Dinosaurs because they are Santa's favourite animal. And we all know that, don't we?


Ellen and Nick from Bristol and their Fairytale house complete with bears and piggies in the windows


Here is a MerryChristmas from The Hedqvist Family - for the grown up category, we have Melissa

It is the Moomins on vacation in Sweden. They are waiting at a Swedish train station (see the flag above the door)! Mischievous Lilla My is standing on top of the train. Santa is watching from the chimney so she had better watch out.


Estrid Hedqvist's gingerbread house. She is 2 years old and she has created an "In the Night Garden" themed house! She chose this theme because it is one of her favourite bedtime stories.  The project didn't start too well as an over enthusiastic little girl dropped the pieces from the kit on the floor. They therefore had to start by doing a jigsaw to put the house together! Estrid is very happy with the result and enjoyed eating some extra Saturday candy, apparently.


Hayley North writes:


Cough. A brave entry here. As you can see, it's better viewed from the back, this house. I even had to write 'hus' on the roof, in case of any doubt. The original intention was for smooth pink walls, some nice landscaping and roof detail. A house fit for a Moomin. I then realised that I'm not that skilled and to make matters worse, I dropped the front of the house on the floor (it only just escaped being eaten by the dog) and thus it now looks like the lucky survivor of an earthquake in toy town. Even the rockery was damaged. The decorators are fans of 1970s 'artex'.

Pity vote?  God Jul.

Hayley x

Ps. I am also English, not even slightly Swedish (although I do like to pretend) and  this is my first ever attempt.

 Pps. I am proud of the curtains 

For the 7-15 category we have this entry.  Jo and Isabel who are both 15 and Jo's sister, Ana, who's 12, spent last Saturday evening creating a Christmas candy cottage decorated with as many sweets as they could lay their hands on. This is what they came up with. Everything is edible, even Father Christmas.



Jonas Wilson from Warrington is 6 years old.  

Jonas decided to cover the front roof of his house in jellybeans and icing flowers, and on the side of the house he stuck on some animal decorations, prompting him to call the house the “Christmas Zoo”.


Here's Emmi Wilson (8 years old) and she's Jonas' big sister.  She went for lots of girly colours and sweeties.


Here's an e-mail we received:


Our families have been making gingerbread houses as a tradition for over ten years. It is special for us as we are sharing our Norwegian tradition with our English friends, over a fun couple of days.

Tone (12) made the smallest house, Annabelle (13) with the help of her mum made the house with the pink shutters. Neirin (19) taking the longest time made the tiled house. Mads (me) (19) made the house with a snowman outside with the help of his mum who actually baked all the gingerbread houses.

The chief project manager Terje ensured the houses followed strict building regulations and managed the assembling of the houses.

The Vallestad, Hart & Thompson families



This is my gingerbread house for the adult comp.

I have tried to make it look like my mums summer house in Sweden :)  

Kristina Crabbie



December 01, 2012

More entries for Pimp My Gingerbread House 2012

Here's Esme's entry (7).  Her mum writes:

'Please find attached Esmes entry (7yrs old). She is contesting the fact that Jesus was born in a manger. Inside their igloo Jesus, Mary and Joseph are sitting looking out at the fishing polar bear and the Xmas trees and their presents.....was great fun making ( and very messy)'



This entry is from Amrita who writes:

'I should probably point out that this is in the adults category...

This was what happened when our kit got a little broken - plus an incident of roof collapse and lack of pepparkakor house building experience.  But I think my boyfriend Jamie made the best of it, so I am entering for him!  It may not win a prize but I think he gets special points for creative efforts in the face of adversity!  And I loved it too... the marzipan bricks were delicious!'




November 28, 2012

First entry for Pimp My Gingerbread House 2012

We're so excited: First entry for Pimp My Gingerbread House 2012

This is from Vikki and the team at Underbelly.




November 23, 2012

Pimp my Gingerbread House 2012


We're beyond excited to be able to announce this year's Pimp my Gingerbread House competition is OPEN for entries.

This year, we are chosing winners in the following categories:

Under 7's (with not too much help from grown ups)  Guest Judge: Corina from www.kidsen.co.uk

7-15 years old:  Guest judge Thomas Nash (last year's Kids Winner - see his house here)

Adult - for artistic talent.  Judges: Scandi Kitchen Team

Special prize - Most genuinely pimped up creative crazy house - Judges:  Scandi Kitchen Team (all houses will enter this extra category automatically)

The great Prizes:

Big Gift Box of Scandinavian Sweeties - so many Sweeties your parents might not talk to us for months (both for under 7's and 7-15 categories).  

Main Adult Prize: A huge christmas Hamper from Scandi Kitchen & voucher for lunch for two at SK

Special Prize for creative effort: Free coffee for a month (35 coffees) OR A nice Scandi Hamper (you choose which prize you prefer)

How to enter:

1)    Build a house using the kits from Anna's - you can buy it here and also in our store on Great Titchfield Street.

2)    Decorate it - whichever way you want.  We adore creativity.

3)    Take some pictures of your house and mail us the results iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk

Deadline for submitting your entry:  16th December 2012

By e-mailing us your photos you agree that we can publish them on our blog and website. Please do not send us your whole house, a photo will do thank you.

Please include your name, age if entering the children's competitions - and a story about why you have created this particular house.   

Get some inspiration:  See some of last years houses here 





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