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February 06, 2014

WIN tickets to the BP exhibition Vikings: life and legend at the British Museum in London


It's the most exciting exhibition for anyone interested in the history of the Vikings. Oh yes: This spring, we're invading the British Museum in London (This time, we're a bit friendlier...sorry about the plundering last time).

The exhibition is on 6 March – 22 June 2014 at the Sainsbury Exhibitions Gallery, British Museum.

Discover the Viking world in this major exhibition – the first at the British Museum for over 30 years. Swords and axes, coins and jewellery, hoards, amulets and religious images show how Vikings created an international network connecting cultures over four continents. At the centre of the exhibition will be the surviving timbers of a 37-metre-long Viking warship, the longest ever found.*

Book tickets here

Booking strongly recommended - this exhibition is going to be super popular.

Price per adult is £16.50, children under 16 free (Group rates available) britishmuseum.org/vikings 

We've got a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky winner. To be in with a chance to win, simply answer the following question:

Which Viking is often credited with discovering North America?

a) Leif Eriksson

b) King Canute

c) Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye

Answers to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before Valentine's Day. Winners will be drawn at random from correct entries.

T&Cs: Pair of tickets subject to availability. Tickets are non-transferrable, non exchangeable and there is no cash alternative. Additional expenses are the responsibility of the prize winner. Promoter reserves the right to exchange all or part of the prize for one of greater or equal value. No cheating.

The exhibition is supported by BP. Organised with the National Museum of Denmark and the Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.

Image credit:

Sword, late 8th–early 9th century. Kalundborg or Holbæk, Zealand, Denmark. Photo: Arnold Mikkelsen. © The National Museum of Denmark. Background: Kim Westerskov/Getty Images.

*We're not sure if the viking ship arrived flat-packed. It's likely.

January 30, 2014

WIN a box of our favourite liquorice selection


To celebrate our liquorice week at ScandiKitchen, we're giving away a selection box of our favourite liquorice.

The lovely gift box contains:

Tyrkisk peber (both normal and firewood), Johan Bulow No 2 Salty, Franske Saltpastiller, Skolekridt chalks, Salty fish, Super Piratos, Lakrisal, Marabou Black Chocolate, Skipper's Pipes and Djungelvrål.

Want to win a selection of our Top Ten?  You better like licourice, then. Or know someone who does.

To be in with a chance of winning, answer the following question:

Salmiakki is a word originating from which language?

a)  Norwegian

b)  Icelandic

c)  Finnish

Email your answer before Midday Wednesday 5th Feb 2014 to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk  – usual rules apply. No cheating. No cash alternative. 

January 10, 2014

WIN tickets to Nordicana Film Festival 2014


We are so excited: Nordicana is BACK in London on 1st and 2nd February 2014.

This year the event takes place at the Truman Brewery in East London and they have everyone there this year. From the stars of The Bridge to (Sofia Helin and Kim Bodnia) to Sidse Babett Knudsen from Borgen - and even Wallander himself: The one and only Krister Henriksson.

You can get your hands on tickets HERE - but be quick: they are going to sell out, we're pretty certain of that.

We're very lucky to have been given a Weekend Pass for the whole event as well as a signed The Bridge DVD.  Want to be in with a chance to win this fantastic prize?

Just answer the following question:

The Bridge referred to in the title of the programme is the bridge between...

a) Sweden and Norway

b) Denmark and Sweden

c) Norway and Denmark

Answer by e-mail to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before Tuesday 14th January 2014 at noon. Usual competition rules apply, including no cheating, no exchange of prize, to cash alternative. Winner chosen at random from correct entries. Winner will be notified by e-mail.


June 06, 2013

WIN a pair of tickets for Nordicana film festival i London 15-16 June 2013

Nordicana in London 2013: It promises to be an amazing two days for anyone who is into Scandinavian crime fiction, film and TV. And hotdogs - because we'll be there serving hotdogs too. 

Two whole days of Borgen, Arne Dahl, Broen (The Bridge) and much, much more. Buy tickets here 

We've got two tickets to give away to one lucky person.

To be in with a chance to win, just answer the following easy peasy question:

In The Killing I, what is the name of Sarah Lund's partner / colleague?

a) Jan Meyer

b) Troels Hartmann

c) Tommy Seebach

Answers to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before Monday 10th June 2013 at noon, please. Winner will be notified by e-mail. no cash alternative. No cheating. Only one winner. Usual rules apply. No, really, no cheating, it isn't nice.



September 04, 2012

Newsletter 4th September 2012: Bork, bork, bork

The newsletter is out.  
Stuff about a drunk Norwegian on a luggage belt, a Swedish chef who doesn't sound Swedish and even stuff about cheez balls. 


August 04, 2012

Weekly news 4th August 2012: It's Crayfish season, a bit about some sports event and have some free coffee

The newsletter is out.  Have a read.




July 19, 2012

Weekly news 19th July: Olympic Special

The news is out - and it is all about the Olympics.  Almost.

Have a wee read here 


July 08, 2012

Newsletter 8th July 2012: Enjoying the rein, deer?

This is traditional Norwegian "Grilldress".  In Norway, people like to dress up before the BBQ.  

Here's our latest Newsletter. It's all about RAIN.


Do have a read.

June 19, 2012

19th June GLAD MIDSOMMAR special newsletter

Here you go, a special Midsummer Newsletter for you to read.

Go on, have a read. Just click right here 


June 13, 2012

Weekly News 13th June 2012: Seeking Swedish men, a bit about football and a peeing man gets chased by big bear

The weekly news is out.  Go make a cup of tea, sit down and read it.  You can even win stuff and we talk about football too.




May 30, 2012

Newsletter 30th May 2012: Win The Bridge on DVD, jumping on fancy beds and a bit about Sweden getting 12 points....

Hello.  The newsletter is out.  You can enter a competition to win a DVD of The Bridge, there's a bit about Eurovision and a special offer on Abba Herring - 20% off.  

Oh, and there's a photo of Sebastian in a fancy hat. 

Read all about it right here


May 15, 2012

Weekly News 15 May 2012: The Norwegian Issue


This week's newsletter is out and it is ALL about Norway. 

All of it.  Totally.

Happy Norwegian National Day for 17th May


May 03, 2012

Weekly news 3rd May 2012: A goat named Jesus, get married in Ikea and cats who look like Sarah Lund

Read all about it

Right here


April 27, 2012

Krazy Kalles Kaviar: 3 tubes for just £4 (from today until 5th May in store)


Kalles Kaviar is a staple of the Swedish diet.  Most Swedes love it and the breakfast/lunch table is not complete without a tube of creamed cod roe.

We're going a bit Krazy and are price matching that big furniture store (you know the one) for one week.  So, no need to sit in a queue on the M25 trying to get there, no need to buy a new book case... just pop by and see us at the Great Titchfield Store from today for one week until 7th May:

3 tubes of Kalles Kaviar (190g original) ONLY £4

(that is a saving of over 60%)*

See you soon, all you Kalle Lovers


The Kitchen People x

*Offer applies in-store only, not on web shop.  Max 2 x deals per customer.


We love abba as much as we love Kalles.  


April 22, 2012

Weekly News 22 Apr 2012: Kalle Special, eat earth geezers and more Scandi crime minus the jumpers

Here's the weekly news.  Do read it.  It will probably make you clever and stuff.  


Bye for now

The Kitchen People x


April 06, 2012

Weekly news 6th April 2012: Happy Easter, recipe for kladdkaka and why Cheez Doodles are pure happiness

Hello you lovely thing

The weekly news is out.  You should have a read, really.

Click right here


The Kitchen People



March 27, 2012

Weekly News 27th March 2012: Labradoodle envy, Easter fun and the Duchess gets a new jumper


The newsletter is out.  Do read it.  It's nice.

Bye for now

The kitchen people



March 16, 2012

Weekly news 16th March: Hello lovey mum, armpit hair and how the Swedes see the English

The weekly news is out.  You should have a bit of a read, you know.

Right here

Picturesss 007

March 09, 2012

Weekly News 9th March 2012: Lovely Humperdink, ruling ladies and a Swedish Snow streaker

The weekly news is out.  You should have a read.

Click here

HumpWe *heart* Humperdink.


March 01, 2012

Weekly News 1st March 2012: Trendy Scandi, Bambi Moose and win an egg

The weekly news is out.  You should read it, really.  

Click here

Join our weekly family meeting by signning up on our webpage.  We'd love to have you with us.


The Kitchen People x


February 23, 2012

Weekly News 23rd Feb 2012: Stuffed reindeer, Princess Mary's bits and win some stuff


The weekly news is out - read all about Princess Mary's boobs and bad Danish skiers 


The Kitchen People x


February 16, 2012

Weekly news 16th Feb 2012: Drunk Swedes. topless Norwegians and cream buns.

Read the news HERE.  There's stuff about topless Norwegians in it.


February 08, 2012

Weekly News 8th Feb 2012: How to annoy Danes, the future is liquorice flavoured and a Swedish sheep-bunny

The weekly newsletter is out.  Read it right here 

Bye for now

The Kitchen people x

February 01, 2012

Weekly News 1st Feb 2012: Recipe for Semlor buns, stuff about cold Norwegians and Lionel Ritchie amuses the Germans

Here's the weekly news.

Read it.



January 27, 2012

Weekly news 25th Jan 2012: Phat cakes to be won, Swedish hovels and dancing in a gold lame jacket

The weekly news is out.  Have a read of it right here http://www.scandikitchen.co.uk/emailmarketer/display.php?M=2774&C=b60b56bf98b4dc4b847c5c35d0e5ea60&S=29&L=1&N=21.

Bye for now

The Kitchen People x

this is not jackie chan, in case you were wondering.  it's Beautiful Sebbie.

January 18, 2012

Weekly News 18 Jan 2011: International hugging day, Eurovision countdown starts - and a bit more about annoying Swedes

Here's the weekly news.  You too can get this in your inbox every week by subscribing on the front page of the website.  We'd love for you to join the famiglia.  

Bye for now

The Kitchen People



January 12, 2012

Weekly News 12 Jan 2011: Win stuff, eat cheese and take a trip to Middelfart

The weekly news is out.  And you can win stuff.  So click the link and be teleported to the wonderful world that is ours:



January 05, 2012

Weekly News 5th Jan 2012: Tell us what you think of us, Lillehammer gets famous and something about evil looking pigs

Hello lovely people,

So, feeling a bit podgy after over-doing the Christmas smörgåsbord?  You’re not alone.  We’re feeling podgy with you.  Think of it as Nature’s Insulation against the cold weather to come.  Time to get back on the rye bread and the open sandwiches.  Hold the mayo http://z6.co.uk/15f

Everybody wants to be loved

We like to dish out the hugs and cuddles, there’s little doubt about that.  Last year, we dished out at least 9,125 hugs at least). 

In January every year, we stick our little heads out, waiting for a kiss or a slap from all of you.  This year is no different:  we want to know.  Tell us.  We can handle it.  Feel free to end with a hug.  Oh, and you can win stuff too, like vouchers, free lunches and even a bottle of aquavit.

Click here to go to the annual “How are we doing” questions (there are only 8 questions; it will be over in a minute).   http://z6.co.uk/15g

Now, back to feeling the fatty bits…

We really don’t believe in diets, you know.  They never work.  It is all about swapping the biscuits for some other crunch for a while until the jeans fit again.

We’re making some changes to the daily smorgasbord to include more healthy options – but still super tasty.  Like Superfood salads with seeds and beans – and more Nordic inspired salads featuring anything from kale to beetroot and cabbage.  January also sees a return of hot smoked salmon on LEKSANDS crisp bread as well as Sebastian doing his daily 65 pull-ups in the office between 11:30-11:40 am every day.  Tickets by arrangement.  Maybe.

Who cares about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?

Okay, we admit it, it’s pretty good, the new movie.  Daniel Craig is pretty hot and we like the girl’s bleached eye brows (We predict this trend will catch on in Hackney by the middle of the year).  Still, we got really excited when we found out about this new TV series about a mobster moving to Lillehammer http://z6.co.uk/15h

This and that stuff…

•    We’re CLOSED all SUNDAYS in January (back again in Feb, dude)
•    Did you know that herring fart to communicate? http://z6.co.uk/15i
•    And this little piggies lost his marzipan ears http://z6.co.uk/15j
•    While this little piggy is just really SCARY http://z6.co.uk/15k
•    Olympics?  Who cares, it’s EUROVISON on 26th May.  Only the next many months to prepare for it and listen to Eric Saade on repeat.  We can’t wait.

See you in the shop (or online) soon

Bye for now

The Kitchen People

Scandinavian Kitchen – good food with love from Scandinavia
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p: 0207 580 7161 e:iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk
Find us on Twitter @scanditwitchen or on Facebook: “Scandinavian Kitchen”.

How did we do in 2011?


imagine - you could even win this photo - signed and everything.

It's that time of year.  Every January, we ask the same eight questions.  It takes less than a minute to fill in this survey and it is anonymous (if you want it to be but if you do add your mail at the end, you can win stuff.  Like, really good stuff like aquavit, lunches and even a voucher to Scandi Kitchen shop or online for £50).

Click here to give us your good and less good stuff.  We want to know.   We really do.  Thank you.


Deadline for your rant, rave or hugs is 18th Janaury 2012.

Thanks for your help.  We love you for it.  We love you anyway, but now we love you even more.

The Kitchen People x

December 21, 2011

Weekly News 21st Dec: Ho ho ho

Eh, we forgot to say a few things…

In all the crazy Christmas Madness we totally forgot to tell you all about the winners of Pimp My Gingerbread House 2011.

Thanks to all of you guys who entered, commented and generally made the whole competition so much fun.

The winners are:  (cue drumroll…da da da daaaaa)

Grown-Up category:  Ellen Delbourgo for her house 'Santa Vs. Monsterpus'

Kids category:  Thomas (aged 5) for his Star Wars Lego Gingerbread House (with Chewbacca guarding the Christmas Eggs)

The winners have been notified and we’re packing up their treat hampers as we speak.   You can read more about the judging right here http://z6.co.uk/z2

Julmust, glogg and pepparkaksdeg and stuff…

We’ve been good and ordered extra.  You can pop by the store on Great Titchfield Street and secure your Xmas stash if you haven’t been organised and done it already.  LAST DAY OPEN IS THE 23RD DEC so don’t delay, pop by today (wow, that’s a bit catchy, eh?)

In the news

It’s been a fruitful week in Scandinavia.  Snow is falling (saving the Christmas skiing season in Sweden), Norway gave €7 billion to the euro Crisis, Oslo has been voted the most expensive city in the world and in Rebekka’s village, a bush caught fire http://z6.co.uk/z3. It’s all big news.

Oh, and the butter crisis is still not solved:  this week, Swedes were arrested for butter smuggling http://z6.co.uk/z4

New Year’s Resolutions

The year ahead promises great things.  Not only are we all going to go Olympic mad, but we’re also all going to become better people, thinner people, happier people and generally, improve  the world around us.  Sebastian’s resolution is to go to the gym, Rebekka wants to stop swearing like the chef she is, Moa wants to learn Danish, Mari wants to stop snus’ing and Anna wants to teach Emilia to appreciate red wine.  Jonas is going to learn to sing and Bronte will finish writing at least one book. What’s your resolution? 

2012 at Scandi Kitchen will start with a bit of a less-big-bum focus:  in January we’ll have exciting new Nordic Diet inspired salads and open sandwiches, perfect for getting that good-for-you start to the year.  

We look forward to sharing with you.

In the bottom of the stocking…Ideas for last minute presents and other stuff

•    We’re loving the Royal Teabags http://z6.co.uk/z5
•    How about as shot of… http://z6.co.uk/z6
•    We’re loving this photo today http://z6.co.uk/z7

See you in the kitchen before 19:00 on Friday 23rd – or if not before then, we hope to see you back on 3rd

January, full of energy for the year ahead.

Bye for now and God Jul,

The Kitchen People

Scandinavian Kitchen – good food with love from Scandinavia
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December 15, 2011

Scandi hello 15th Dec: How to make butter for Norway, someone stole the eels and GOD JUL to you all

Hej dear friends

We don’t mean to panic you in the slightest, but there’s just 8 days left till we close the shop for the Christmas Holidays.  Our seasonal opening hours can be found right here http://z6.co.uk/x2

Lately, we’ve been super festive and we’ve gotten to know the entire back catalogue of Scandinavian Christmas songs (all 238 of them, thanks, Mr Jørgensen, for this delightful playlist gift) – and we’re now considering only playing the Icelandic version of “Last Christmas” on repeat for the remaining days.

Is butter really that important?

Of course it is.  When we run out of the Swedish “Bregott”, all hell breaks lose (don’t panic, we still have some).  We can only imagine the torment of the utterly butter-less Norway at the moment (a kilo of butter is currently going for hundreds of quid on the black market).  Still, we found a way to fix it:  Make your own  http://z6.co.uk/x3

The Web-Shop is closed.

Kiwi Andy and Swedie-Roy have been working flat out most of this month, trying to keep up with the demand for goodies to be shipped.  Sweat, tears and frantic carrying – along with pallets and pallets of goodies. 

If you didn’t manage to place an order in time, pop by the shop and stock up: we have plenty of stuff in stock and are still expecting several more deliveries in before Christmas.

Sebastian our Store Manager says:  ‘Please, you Danes, come and remove those darn Æbleskiver from my freezer as they take up too much space’.  Oh, and the last of the pinnekjøtt is in now – as well as a new delivery of marsipangrise, julemarsipan, medisterkaker, julebrus and of course Stryhns Danish leverpostej.  Actually, just pop by to help Seb find some space.  And peace.  “Today would be good” he says. 

We don’t reserve stock - so pop by sooner rather than later.

Last day to enter Pimp My Gingerbread House 2011

Today is the last day – at midnight tonight the judging will commence.  We’re looking for two independent judges to help us be objective.  Rewards given.  Mail bronte@scandikitchen.co.uk if you want to help decide.

Newest entries can be seen here http://z6.co.uk/x4

A bit of this and that

•    Who stole all the eel?  Order yours from us.  We also sell whole sides of gravadlax and smoked salmon http://z6.co.uk/x5
•    A normal night out in Stavanger?  Shame on you http://z6.co.uk/x6
•    Fancy a “MILFSHAKE” anyone?  Company in hot water over product name in Sweden http://z6.co.uk/x7
•    One of the most searched for things on the Swedish internets in 2011 was Pancakes and Justin Bieber.  Although probably not in the same sentence.

All I want for Christmas…

Rebekka wants a pony, Camilla wants world peace.  Mari would like 5 kilo of butter.  Bronte wants a headband with a torch so she can run in the dark and scare dog walkers.  Sebastian wants really tight underpants.  Jonas wants tight underpants too but not as tight as Sebastian’s. Andy wants a day off.   We all want to wish you, dear friends, a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – and see you on the other side…

See you in the kitchen soon

Bye for now

The Kitchen People

Scandinavian Kitchen – good food with love from Scandinavia
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December 09, 2011

Scandi hello 9th Dec 2011: It’s time for LUCIA, Norway is utterly butterless and the BBC is looking for Swedes for a TV Show

Hello lovely festive people,

Hold the front page across the world:  Norway is running out of butter.

Yeps, you heard right:  no more butter for the Norwegians.  They ate it all.  Not a scrap left to put on the lefse.  Who do you think they are blaming?  Fat people.  Yes.  And lazy cows.  Maybe even fat, lazy cows.  Don’t forget to pack a pound or two of butter in your suitcase if you are heading to Norway this Christmas… http://z6.co.uk/up

Still tickets for a few of the LUCIA performances for tomorrow and Sunday morning

Tomorrow at 9:45 AM, we still have some tickets left if you want to join the fun.  We also have a few spots for the Sunday morning show.  Tickets are just £5 and all the dosh goes to the wonderful singers. 
Get hold of your tickets here  http://xurl.at/648

Yes, we’ll be serving mulled wine and saffron buns throughout the day tomorrow and Sunday. 

Jingle all the Way, push the others out of the way

Remember that film with Arnold Big Muscles where he has to fight other Dads to get that special toy in the store?  Christmas here at Scandi Kitchen is nothing like that.  We’ve had nobody fight over herring or cherry sauce yet, because we’ve really stocked up this year.

So, pop by and get your hands on anything from Julebryg to Blossa glogg, prinskorv, julskinka, flaeskesteg, leverpostej, mulled wine concentrate and now we also stock Scandinavian retail packs of both prawns and crayfish in brine. 

We have yet another Norwegian delivery coming in next week – and more Danish goodies on Tuesday.  Check out the online store for current stock available online www.scandikitchen.co.uk/shop 
Please note the online shop closes on the 15th December – so please have your orders in by 14th December to guarantee a Scandinavian Christmas…

Are you Swedish and maybe slightly smug?

Then Matt Lucas, of Little Britain, would like to hear from you.  The BBC are looking for 3 Swedes to take part in a new comedy show where Sweden has been nominated the “Smuggest Nation”.  Care to defend it, people? http://z6.co.uk/uq

Calling all pimps:  Last chance to enter Pimp My Gingerbread House 2011

We’ve seen some amazing entries – and some funny ones, some cute kid ones, some tasteful and less tasteful ones…  This year’s Pimp My Gingerbread House has been a success – and there is still time for you to enter – the deadline is the 15th Dec. 

Build your house, send us a photo and you are in with a chance to win.  We have both a kids and a grown-up category.

More here on how you can enter http://xurl.at/65z

A bit of this and that
•    Go on, have some Swedish Sausage http://z6.co.uk/ur
•    Now, go have some Obama Sausage IN Sweden  http://z6.co.uk/ut
•    A British ex-pat in Denmark’s view on English Christmas http://z6.co.uk/us

See you in the kitchen soon

Bye for now

The Kitchen People

Scandinavian Kitchen – good food with love from Scandinavia
61 Great Titchfield Street W1W 7PP

p: 0207 580 7161 e:iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk
Find us on Twitter @scanditwitchen or on Facebook: “Scandinavian Kitchen”.

December 04, 2011

Scandi hello 4th Dec 2011: Sunday Christmas platters, moose poo and a bit about gingerbread houses


Hejsan friends

Happy 2nd Sunday in Advent.  Now we can finally talk about Christmas, mulled wine and saffron buns.  The tree is up in the little shop (Norwegian pine, what else?), the windows are decorated with snowflakes and we’re trying to persuade Sebastian to wear a Santa hat (but so far, no luck).

Today Sunday we’re be serving our Christmas platters – as well as warming mulled wine.  Why don’t you pop by for a little treat?  Open from 10-16 (food served until 15)

Pimp my Gingerbread House 2011 – the weekly update
We’ve had some amazing gingerbread house photos in this week – sneak a peek here http://xurl.at/68b

There’s still plenty of time for you to have a go at assembling one of the easy-peasy kits and decorating it the wackiest or prettiest way you can think of. 

We’re currently considering finding a celebrity judge to pick our winners.  Except we can’t ask Sandi Toksvig and her NewsQuiz team to do it, they may just pick their own entry http://xurl.at/68c

3 things you didn’t know until now (also known as “stuff to bore your colleagues with”)

The longest word ever used in an official document in Denmark is Speciallægepraksisplanlægningsstabiliseringsperiode.  Yes, it actual means something.  Beat THAT, Wales...  Herrings communicate by way of farting  (this just makes us love them more).  Denmark controls 1419 islands near its mainland, of which 443 are named and 72 are inhabited.

Stuff you may know, but might not know, about stuff we stock

There’s so much new stuff – and a fresh delivery is just in from Denmark.  Isn’t it just easier if we write a bit of a list?  Flæskesteg, æbleskiver, rullepølse, cherry sauce, saffron powder...  Marzipan, Swedish Christmas ham... Gravad lax, eel, smoked salmon...  Another Swedish delivery in on Tuesday too – and more products being added all the time.  Yes, we will get more Julmust, yes we will get more pepperkakor and yes Jonas has ordered enough prinskorv to feed a small army.

We now also stock reindeer fillet (possibly THE most tender meat you can buy), reindeer loin and renskarv.  We have a new brand of gravad lax in stock too – and we also still have medisterpølse from both Norway and Denmark in stock in the store.

We’re experiencing high volume so while we try to get all parcels out on an overnight, some may be delayed by a day or so.
Check out the shop here www.scandikitchen.co.uk/shop

Bits and pieces
•    Lucia tickets still available – get yours before they go http://xurl.at/68d
•    Did Elvis have a Swedish daughter or is it all nonsense? http://xurl.at/68e
•    An easy recipe for lussebullar http://xurl.at/68f
•    Remember Ray the Wine Expert?  Join his Christmas Quiz http://xurl.at/68g
•    Moose poo is the new black http://xurl.at/68h

See you in the kitchen soon

Bye for now
The Kitchen People

Scandinavian Kitchen – good food with love from Scandinavia
61 Great Titchfield Street W1W 7PP

p: 0207 580 7161 e:iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk
Find us on Twitter @scanditwitchen or on Facebook: “Scandinavian Kitchen”.

November 23, 2011

Scandi hello 23rd Nov 2011: Where Santa lives, the BLOSSA mulled wine is in - and why we're all so good at English

Blossa vingloggoh holy Blossa. 

Ho ho ho, friends.

Let Christmas begin with us asking the question:  Where does Santa really live?

The Danes will claim he lives on Greenland, where as the rest of Northern Europe says Lapland.  In America they claim he lives in Alaska, but we know they are all wrong about that.  The Dutch think he’s from Spain, of all places.   Anyone care to enlighten us?  How do we spin this as to not offend anyone?

Pimp it up, baby

Everyone’s doing it, you know.  Rebekka’s submitted her very own X-Factor Gingerbread house.  The people from the BBC News Quiz with Ms Toksvig have made a house, Thomas who is just 5 has made a cool house with Chebacca guarding the eggs – and loads more coming in.  What’s yours going to be like?

Enter the Pimp My Gingerbread Competition before 15th December and be in with a chance to win a trip for two to the moon.  Actually, that is a lie but the prize really IS good:  lots of food and sweets. 
More here on how you can enter http://xurl.at/65z

Glögg, glögg, glögg

Sit still, all your über-excited Swedes:  Yes, the Blossa mulled wine is here.  Yes, we’ll have several different kinds, including the vintage 2011 with (wait for it) coffee flavour.  From today onwards you will be able to satisfy your cravings and stuff yourself full of ginger biscuits at the same time. 
We’ll also be stocking our own spice mix – as well as the Danish mulled wine extract.  Oh, and brunkager, pebernødder and klejner are in this week too. 

Check out the online store for more goodies www.scandikitchen.co.uk/shop

Three Yule facts to bore your colleagues with this afternoon

1.    The reason Scandinavians celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve and not the 25th is from the old Viking belief that “a new day starts at sun down” – so we get to celebrate it as soon as darkness falls on the 24th. 
2.    There was no tradition with Christmas presents until about 80 years ago. 
3.    Santa is the only one in the world who likes mince pies (probably).

Lovely Lucia

We love celebrating Lucia in Scandinavia.  Every year on 13th December, trains of girls and boys march in the darkness, carrying candles and sing Christmas carols.  In Denmark we eat æbleskiver (little pancake dough balls) and in Sweden we eat saffron buns called Lussebullar. 

Lussebullar will be available from the cafe from next week.  Æbleskiver will be available when we find out where the Christmas gnome has misplaced our pallet.  Last seen in Aarhus on Friday.  Let us know if you encounter someone who looks like he’s eaten over 2000 little dough balls; we’d like a stern word.
Tickets for Lucia at Scandi Kitchen are still available – here’s how you get your hands on yours http://xurl.at/648

This and that and a bit of other stuff

•    Knitted by Grannies in Denmark http://xurl.at/660
•    Sweden’s Royal Family is now on Facebook.  Go on, de-friend them, just because you can  http://xurl.at/661
•    No show for snow in Sweden so far http://xurl.at/662
•    Bananadrama in Sweden http://xurl.at/663
•    The people in The Killing swear too much http://xurl.at/664
•    Why us Scandies are so good at English http://xurl.at/665
•    Rebekka wants one of these calendars http://xurl.at/666

See you in the kitchen soon

Bye for now

The Kitchen People

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November 11, 2011

Weekly News 11th Nov 2011: J-Day has arrived, a bit about Berlusconi and Pimp My Gingerbread House 2011




We can take it no longer.  Our warehouse is bulging with stuff from all over Scandinavia and most of it is telling us that Christmas really isn’t very far away at all. Sorry if you’re not quite ready, because WE are. Jul, jul, jul.  

Pimp my gingerbread house

It’s the event of the year for some of us.  This year, Pimp my Gingerbread House is a real competition and you can win a real prize.  

It’s simple:  we want to see your creative skills in action.  We have a competition for both kids and adults, so there is no excuse not to get gingerbread-house-building.  

More here on how you can enter http://xurl.at/645

J-Day for all

Every year in the little country that is Denmark, one day is known as J-Day.  Nope, it is not the National Celebration of Jonas, it is the national celebration of Julebryg.   Tuborg Julebryg to be precise.  You can now get your Julebryg Christmas Beer fix at our place.  

While we do have a nice amount of stock, it is pretty guaranteed that we will run at  some point, so best to get your skates on and order now.  If you order for pick-up in store, please allow 24 hours – and make sure you tell us when you’re coming. http://xurl.at/646

Join us for LUCIA at Scandinavian Kitchen

Following the massive success of last year’s mini Lucia events at Scandi Kitchen, we’re repeating the Lucia sessions this year.

The lovely Cecilia, a professional Swedish Jazz singer, is joined by five of her singing friends and they will do several Lucia sessions in December.

Tickets are £5 each and all cash go to the singers.  Note that tickets are super limited and can only be bought online here http://xurl.at/648

Bits and pieces

•           Note that PINNEKJOT (extremely limited supply) will be up for sale from MONDAY morning from the webshop.

•           Moose of the week http://xurl.at/649

•           Sweden is playing England at Wembley on Tuesday. Are you going?  We are.  http://ticketing.thefa.com/

•           Pippi in non-PC waters http://xurl.at/64a

•           Our Xmas catering menus are up on-line http://xurl.at/64b

•           Go Berlusconi http://xurl.at/64c

See you in the kitchen soon

Bye for now 

The Kitchen People

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Find us on Twitter @scanditwitchen or on Facebook: “Scandinavian Kitchen”. 

October 28, 2011

Weekly news 28th Oct 2011: Scandi hello: Elkoholics Anonymoose, Scandi trick or treat - and some penguins in woolly jumpers

Penguin jumper

Seb and Victor after a trip to the Crown and Sceptre...



We don’t really celebrate Halloween, you know.  So there.  Still, like burgers and pizza with too much cheese, we are being influenced by this American tradition in Scandinavia too.  This week we learnt that in Norway, “Trick or Treat” is called “knask eller knep” which amused the Danes here because that is actually quite rude...  So, this week, amuse any Danes in your office by asking them “knask eller knep” and you may get more than you bargained for.

Elkoholics Anonymoose and more...  

Those Swedish moose are continuing their autumn rampage across Sweden.  This week, they are back in Gothenburg, having fun in poor Peter Lindgren’s Garden.  Picture not for the faint hearted http://xurl.at/61g

Toughest God?

Our chat last week about the Toughest Nordic God ended well.  We had loads of suggestions in – even crowning Sebastian as a Nordic God, which we think is rather fitting too.  

The winner of lunch for two at Scandi Kitchen is Mark Pilbeam, for he was the first to send us the well known Thor inspired rhyme:

The Thunder god Thor,

Went to war,

Astride his favourite filly.

"I'M THOR!" he cried,

And the horse replied,

"You forgot your thaddle, thilly"

We agree: a horse with a lisp is indeed the coolest thing.  

Where’s Santa?

He’s not here yet, silly:  It’s October.  In a few weeks, you will be able to start ordering for Christmas pickups – from pinnekjot to lutefisk Christmas hams, flaeskesteg, Julebryg, Blossa glogg, Marsipangrise, julmust and julebrus and a massive stock of Gingerbread houses.  In the meantime, have a look here and get familiar with the online shop www.scandiktichen.co.uk/shop 

Bits and pieces

•           Penguin of the week http://xurl.at/61h

•           Corporate sponsoring at its best http://xurl.at/61i

•           Red Heads need not apply http://xurl.at/61j

•           Julebrus and Julmust... Soon http://xurl.at/61k

•           We’re SO fashion, you know http://xurl.at/61l

•           The Killing Season 2 starts 12th November on BBC4.  

See you in the kitchen soon

Bye for now 

The Kitchen People

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October 21, 2011

Week news 21st Oct: Scandi hello: MAN SPECIAL Tough guys, criminal penguins and where’s our Thor?

Manly sebSeb with flower in hair.  Lovely Seb.

Hejsan people,

Did you hear that after this mini spell of winter weather, rumours has it the weekend ahead promises 20 degrees and sunshine?  Do we trust the weather men?  We’re going to wear our speedos under our winter coats, in case the weather changes really quickly.  Give a thought to Longyearbyen in Norway, where Saturday promises -15 degrees in 24 hour darkness.

Lonely Seb
This week, in solidarity of our Sebastian, we’re doing a MAN special of the newsletter.  With our Jonas and Andy being at the warehouse a lot and Victor only in once a week, Seb is left with all the lovely ladies of Scandi Kitchen.  As nice as that is to be surrounded by an army of ladies, he is starting to suffer from lack of man talk.  So, welcome to the SK MAN Newsletter special.  Roar. 

If you’re popping by today, feel free to man-talk with Sebastian, he’ll appreciate it.  (Although don’t talk about football stuff, he doesn’t know anything about football.  Just other man-stuff).  

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the toughest of them all?
Who’s the toughest of the Nordic Gods?  We couldn’t decide.  So we thought we’d ask you.  Give us your opinion and the most humorous answer wins lunch for two, cups of builder’s tea and a piece of manly cake for dessert http://xurl.at/5zh

Thor, where art thou?
The MEN need help at the warehouse, either from a seriously strong lady or a very man-ly Thor who likes the cold – and who can drive and can speak a Scandinavian language.  As things are hotting up in the Scandi Warehouse in South London in time for Christmas, we’re looking for a special someone to help out.  Got the power?  Can you ride a chariot across the sky and make Thunder?  It’s you we’re looking for  http://xurl.at/5zi

Inside Scandi Kitchen this week...
Bronte hammered some nails in the wall with a sledgehammer, Moa did a lot of heavy manly lifting, Anette drank manly pints, Rebekka belched loudly and moved some boulders.  Or something.  It was manly anyway, all the stuff we did.  Sebastian flicked his hair the way only Sebastian can do.  It smells so nice, his hair; like a summer meadow.

We also welcome the lovely Mari from Norway.  Yes, another girl http://xurl.at/5zj

A bit of this and that
•    We’ve got Danish meatballs on the lunch menu today.  Meatballs and 3 sides £6.95 – perfect Friday fodder.
•    Manly penguin of the week:  Crime pays http://xurl.at/5zk
•    The most manly advert we know http://youtu.be/owGykVbfgUE
•    Dramatic manly rescue of sheep (baaah) in Norway http://xurl.at/5zl
•    Mosty manly purchase of the day:  an oil rig in the North Sea http://xurl.at/5zn

See you in the kitchen soon

Bye for now
The Kitchen People

Scandinavian Kitchen – good food with love from Scandinavia
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October 13, 2011

Weekly news 13 Oct 2011: Scandi hello: Happy Danes, BunJour Mondays and a Hurda Gurda Murder

Sample1sebHejsan people,

Who would have thought that on the same night, Denmark would beat Portugal and Sweden would beat Holland at football?  The two little football-(but relatively rubbish at it)-countries suddenly felt all cheerful again and hopes of European Cup Glory re-appeared.  Thoughts of glorious 1992, Schmeichel and even a few thoughts about Larsson crossed our minds.  Once again, we have hope.  England will play Sweden at Wembley in November.  Get ready.

Thor loves crisp bread but doesn’t like to show it
Our campaign is nearing completion.  The nice people at ICO Design are still tweaking – but we had two posters made for this week’s Scandi show.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the two first adverts feature our very own Seb and a great guy called Simon as Thor.  We still have much more up our sleeve, but here you can have a peek at the first posters to emerge.  Seb will be on display at the café all week, both in person and as a poster (minus the tight white shorts) http://xurl.at/5xq

Jan Meyer:  still alive?
It was an eventful weekend at the Scandinavia show at Earl’s Court.  It was a great chance to get together with heaps of other scandophiles and mingle a bit – and it was also a great opportunity to have a chit chat with two of the stars from The Killing (Series 1):  Sarah Lund and Jan Meyer. http://xurl.at/5xr
This week’s murder http://xurl.at/5xs

Bunday Monday and BunJour
With winter around the corner, we’re hotting this up a bit and we’re continuing our weekly Monday Funday Bunday – with a coffee and a freshly baked cinnamon bun for just £3.  Yeps, it’s on every Monday.  Because Monday is Funday is Bunday.  Just another manic  Bunday.  BunJour, Bun Jovi.  

Also in the shop this week:  it’s the end of the crayfish season and we’ve got a few boxes left.  Pop by in-store and pick up two boxes of crayfish for just £15.  Cheap as chips, but not actually chips.    Just lovely crayfish cooked in brine.  In store only, though – so pop by for some claws.

Inside Scandi Kitchen this week...
Jonas played football, Sebastian played ABBA on the stereo, Rebekka’s boyfriend played the villain in a film, our new girl plays the trombone and Victor is playing the field. 

A bit of this and that
•    You better be happy like the Danes http://xurl.at/5xt
•    We need a part time office admin person (based North West London) 8-10 hours/week – mail bronte@scandikitchen.co.uk for details (must be Scandi speaking)
•    Trine Hahnemann’s book Scandinavian Cookbook is back in stock http://xurl.at/5xu
•    Our Christmas menus will be out next week – watch this space.
•    Ryan Despair in trouble in Norway over bad pay http://xurl.at/5xv

See you in the kitchen soon

Bye for now
The Kitchen People

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*You like small print, do you?  So do we.  And our mums read it too (hello mum). 

October 06, 2011

Weekly news 6th October 2011: Scandi hello: Seb likes tight shorts, welcome to the cold and come see us at the Scan Show this weekend

New Picture

Hej friends

Ahhh, finally:  The cold.  Enough of this summery weather and Indian summers already, it plays havoc with us Nordic people.  We can’t control ourselves.  By this time of year, we prefer 24 hour darkness, snow up to the knees and watching Bergman/Trier films on repeat.  Bring on winter:  We’re ready.

Scan Show – come see us   
Our Emilia has been working hard to finalise our stand at the Scan Show this coming weekend.  We’ll be there doing our thing at stand 134, which is near the food seating area. 
If you have not yet bought your ticket, do so now at half price here (don’t wait till the day or you’ll have to pay full price) http://xurl.at/5vu

Thanks to all of you who took part in the competition for free tickets.  We had an unprecedented amount of responses.  The winners were informed by e-mail and have picked up their tickets.  We’re sorry if you didn’t get any and we still hope to see you at the show *

Smile for the camera, baby
Last week, we shot the photos for our very first ad campaign.  We have had amazing help from the nice people at Ico Design – and we’re very happy and excited about this new chapter in the Scandi kitchen history.

One of the stars of the show is our very own handsome Sebastian.  He likes wearing tight tennis shorts, apparently. http://xurl.at/5vv

You’re the bun that I want
Monday was the day of the cinnamon bun.  Actually, at our place every day is the day of the cinnamon bun.  We can’t imagine not starting the day with a whiff of freshly baked ‘kanelbulle’ – and so it seems, the rest of the UK are following suit with press last week discussing the humble Swedish bun’s rise in popularity.  Bun fest every day.

If you fancy a bit of bun baking, we’ve got the fresh yeast, we’ve got the Scandinavian flour, the cinnamon and the pearl sugar. Oh, and a great recipe http://xurl.at/5vw

Do you know Robert Wells?

He’s a rather good pianist.  He’s from Sweden but will be playing the royal Albert Hall in November.  Fancy a bit of culture in your life and a night at the Royal Albert?  We’ve got two pairs of tickets to give away.  Yes, really http://xurl.at/5vx

Inside Scandi Kitchen this week...
Bronte walked a marathon for Cancer Research, Rebekka walked to work, Victor walked home from the pub, Sebastian walked the line and Jonas walked into a door.

Bits and bobs
•    Three things you probably didn’t know about the Nordics:   Faroe islands only have 48,642 inhabitants, the film JAWS is not, after all, called The Super Cod in Norwegian and the kid’s TV show Lazy Town is produced in Iceland.
•    No more Chinese racism on the Swedish sweetie bags http://xurl.at/5vy
•    Ryan Despair to fly to more airports in Sweden http://xurl.at/5vz
•    Going away?  Send your sourdough on holiday in Sweden http://xurl.at/5w0
•    Mr Nobel wasn’t all about blowing things up, you know http://xurl.at/5w1
•    Danish Christiania (free state) is 40 years old http://xurl.at/5w2

See you in the kitchen soon

Bye for now
The Kitchen People

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*You like small print, do you?  Well, well.  We found a sneaky extra pair of tickets for the SCAN SHOW.  First person to pop by today Thursday and hug Seb and tell him he’s got eyes that sparkle like a summery Swedish lake gets them.  Only one pair of tickets, so be quick.  First person = gets the tickets.   The rest of you will have to make do with a Seb hug, which is not bad at all, actually.

September 21, 2011

Weekly news 20th Sep 2011: Moose attends swing party, George Clooney sees sense plus, win tickets for the Scandinavia Show

_S5O8988 Hej friends

Last week, Denmark got its first ever female Prime minister (her name is Helle and she swings to the left. A bit). She seems like a nice lady. This leaves Sweden as the only Nordic country without ever having had a Lady in Charge. Still, Sweden has Carola Häggkvist and that beats everything hands down.

Other Scandi news: A Danish director swears on British TV (naughty) http://xurl.at/5t3 and George Clooney gets close to a Norwegian lady http://xurl.at/5t4

Want to feel a bit Scandinavian?
Only a few weeks to go to the Scandinavia show at Earl’s court. The organisers have masses of stuff planned – and of course we’ll be there too, strutting our stuff and hoping to have our picture taken with the lady in the fancy jumper.

We’ve got 10 pairs of tickets to give away http://xurl.at/5t5

Open Sandwich Maker WLTM similar
Our Olivia has decided to move back to Sweden in November and we’re looking for a new Tastebud/Kitchen Angel to join our Kitchen Team from mid October onwards. Day time work (although early 6.30 am starts, so only for morning people), Wed-Sun work with Mon and Tue off. Nice. Read the whole advert here http://xurl.at/5t6

Moose at Swing Party in Sweden
Last week, we told you about the moose that got stuck in a tree in Gothenburg after snacking on too many fermented apples and getting drunk. This week, we bring you the story about the moose that had a party in someone’s back yard and things got a little out of hand… http://xurl.at/5t7

Goodies in...
Andy and Jonas down at the warehouse are super busy this week: not only do we have a big delivery in from Sweden, we also say hello to a whole load of Norwegian goods later this week. Yeps, indeed, more stock of solo, brunost, smash and the likes. Did you know we now also stock the Norwegian brand Sorlandschips? http://xurl.at/5t8

Also, we still have crayfish left and some hats and bibs and stuff…but it’s getting to the end now, folks, so be quick and order if you are planning a party.
Order online for home delivery – or for pick up in store. Easy peasy www.scandikitchen.co.uk/shop

Inside Scandi Kitchen this week...
Rebekka moved house, Bronte finally moved her smelly shoes, Victor and Anette moved back to London (welcome back to us). Sebastian moved the pick and mix stash, David got a fancy excel job and decided to move too (we’ll miss you, David) and a lovely chap called Andy moved to London from New Zealand and decided to become Scandinavian for a while and look after our warehouse (welcome Andy). Phew.

Bits and bobs
• The one who has the last laugh gets evicted http://xurl.at/5t9
• Norwegian Wild man is fake http://xurl.at/5ta
• Fantastic new Swedish bicycle helmet http://xurl.at/5tb
• The Danish Household (thanks, David) http://xurl.at/5tc
• Don’t leave your gun at IKEA http://xurl.at/5td

See you in the kitchen soon

Bye for now
The Kitchen People

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August 25, 2011

Weekly news 25th August 2011: Scandi hello: Off with their heads, the issue of a small moose and do you look a bit like Thor?

Hejsan friends

Do you look like Thor?

We’re working with some clever friends of ours to produce the first ever Scandi Kitchen adverts. It’s very exciting. We’re a bit stuck, though, because we need a few rather photogenic souls to photograph and, well, we’re having to admit that while we all feel beautiful on the inside, perhaps we don’t have what it takes to shine in print.

In particular, we are looking for a few ABBA’esque looking girls, a man who looks like Thor and someone who could pass for a sour looking Scandi crime detective (think Sarah Lund or Wallander). 
Send your pics to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk. You don’t need to come equipped with a massive portfolio – just a face that photographs well. Previous experience not necessary. Sadly, we can’t pay the world and you won’t have a chair with your name on it, but we do promise to make it up to the chosen people in hotdogs, Gevalia coffee and hugs.

Off with their heads

A German eatery didn’t recognise the Swedish King and Queen when they popped by for a late lunch one afternoon – and promptly told them to try the pizzeria up the road. Well, do you think you’d recognise them if they popped by your house unannounced?http://xurl.at/5ny

To slurp or not to slurp?

The 500 year old tradition of the kräftskiva – or Crayfish Parties - is all about getting stuck in, peel those little tasty crustaceans and, if you are a real crayfish aficionado, slurp loudly and suck the heads to get the taste of the dill brine. 

We still have stock left of crayfish hats, bibs, serviettes and of course the crayfish themselves priced at just £9.95 a box. You can also stock up on the essential crisp bread to go with it, the cheeses and of course the aquavit.

Order online for home delivery – or for pick up in store. Easy peasywww.scandikitchen.co.uk/shop 

Mad about food

A new big foodie event is taking place in Denmark this weekend, it’s called MAD about food – a whole island is set aside for this. It’s a bit like Roskilde Festival but for cooks and foodies. Wellies advised as it will probably rain – although Rene from we’ve-got-more-stars-than-anyone Restaurant Noma will be there swooning around and ensuring his personal rays of sunshine will shine on us earthlings.http://xurl.at/5nz

Inside Scandi Kitchen this week...

Rebekka worked on the autumn changes for our menu. Sebastian flicked his hair even more than usual in smooth and Swedish hair-flick manner (film to come next week). Bronte was concerned to discover that Richard Clayderman has recorded an ABBA tribute album. Moa got really into crayfish spirit and decorated the whole shop - and Jonas met his hero, Jan Hedh the Swedish Master Baker. 

Some other stuff

• We love this Sign of the Week http://xurl.at/5o0
• Liqourice making the top eleven weird foods in the world? Tastes like motor oil? What’s wrong with a top ten anyway? These people know nothing of the powers of the salmiakki http://xurl.at/5o1
• Struck by lightning – twice on one day http://xurl.at/5o3
• We wonder if this means we can now all get refunds on our trip to Copenhagen because the little mermaid is tiny? http://xurl.at/5o2

See you in the kitchen soon

Bye for now 

The Kitchen People

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August 18, 2011

Weekly news 18th August 2011: Skeletons in the closet, crayfish by mail and meet that lady from The Killing…

Hej du,

Back from holiday? Where’s our postcard? Welcome back to reality and the start of autumn. No more tanned waiters, no more Club Tropicana (where the drinks are free*) – but it IS the crayfish season and there is plenty of fun to look forward to for the next month or so: Most fun involves little red crustaceans and possibly a few friends who know the lyrics to Scandinavian drinking songs.

Up until now, the people from places such as Bognor Regis, Scarborough and Midsumer have been without easy access to our Crayfish stash. No longer, dear friends, seeing as we now offer crayfish on overnight delivery to most of the UK http://xurl.at/5m6

Skeletons in the closet
In Sweden you can now buy a house with built in skeleton in the closet. Sounds like a pretty cool things to us; the only skeletons we have in our closets are Seb’s blue Speedos, Jonas’ collection of plastic Smurfs and Bronte’s Best of Europe CD. http://xurl.at/5m7
Vicky is preggers
We’re so pleased that the entire collection of Swedish newspapers and magazines has stuff to write about for the next many years: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is pregnant and expecting a little prince or princess in March. This is bound to increase her popularity even more, especially in light of Knugen’s continued lack of popularity owning to a few kiss and tell biographies. We say name the kid Carola if it’s a girl. It’s fitting.

Meet the moody detectives from The Killing
Yeps, really: Meet Sarah Lund and Jan Meyer at this year’s Scandinavia Show at Earls Court. It is not certain if she will be wearing a Faroese jumper at the event or not.
Get your tickets form the Scandinavia Show website – half price if you buy in advance. http://xurl.at/5m8

Are we going to be there? You betcha we are.

The best of the rest
• Are you near the Swedish School in Barnes? Pranav who owns the local corner shop next to the School now stocks over 25 different Swedish products – from Cheez Doodles to Marabou to Senapssill. Go Pranav. Find the shop on Verdun Road SW13 9AN
• FRIA Gluten free breads and cakes back in stock – from sliced loaves to kladdkaka and baguette.
• Things that made us giggle today http://xurl.at/5m9
• Mickey Mouse stops SAS flight http://xurl.at/5ma
• A nice little article http://xurl.at/5mb
• Swedish inmates complain of poor TV http://xurl.at/5mc
See you in the kitchen soon
Bye for now
The Kitchen People
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*not the best business idea in the world.

Disclaimer: No longer want the newsletter? Follow the link below. No need to make it more complicated than that. Also, we hate spam and we never do it. So, if you are walking around, expecting us to come up and whack you in the face with a whole load of offers for glow-in-the-dark garden gnomes or pants with extra stretchy waistbands via mail order, well, this will never happen. Learn more about evil garden gnomes here http://xurl.at/5md

August 08, 2011

Weekly news 8th August 2011

Scandi hello: Cucumber season special, Swede splits the atom and a bit about crayfish

Hejsan friends

Welcome to Cucumber season. This time of the year, when most of Europe are sunning themselves and chatting up charming waiters, news stories reach an all time low. In Denmark, we refer to this as “Agurketid” meaning Cucumber Season. In Sweden it is called ‘nyhetstorka’ (news drought).

This is the time of year you are most likely to read stories about UFOs over Hackney, world record burping attempts and stories about killer penguins.

The Scandi Kitchen weekly hello is back after a few weeks break. Hello again. If you are stuck at work, we hope you manage to get out for some sun soon. If you are reading this from a sun lounger in Malaga, do have a pina colada on us. You’re looking lovely, darling; that shade of pink sunburn really goes with your Speedos. Nice. http://xurl.at/5eh

A Swede attempts to split the atom...

You have to give this guy ten out of ten for trying. A Swedish chap decided to turn his flat into a nuclear reactor and spent six months playing around with uranium in his kitchen trying to split the atom before “checking” with the authorities that it was indeed legal to do so.
‘Eh, no, not really’ was the answer. http://xurl.at/5ei

Sunday closed till mid September

Don’t forget we are closed for Sunday Brunch during the holidays. Back with Sunday openings from 11th September onwards.


Words fail us. http://xurl.at/5ej

In the shop this week...CRAYFISH

‘Tis the season, dear friends, for hosting massive crayfish parties, drinking aquavit and singing silly songs http://xurl.at/5eu

We have stock in store now of the 1 kg boxes of crayfish priced at £10.95. Please note that to pre-order, pay and reserve, you need to do this via the web shop. When you order, add a note to let us know your pick up date from the store (we need 48 hours minimum). Once paid for, your order is secure and will remain under lock and key at our warehouse until it is time for you to pick up.

We also have stock of the all important Vasterbotten cheese and, of course, aquavit.

Penguin of the week

Pondus proved super popular in the last newsletter. In fact, we got a call from the nice people at Northern Bank who kindly donated a few Pondus savings penguins for the store. We’re now all saving for Saturday Godis and Friday beers. Thanks, nice people at Northern Bank.

Due to a lack of penguins this week (they are all on holiday in Tenerife) Penguin of the Week will be back next week. If you encounter any peculiar penguins with a story to tell, do let us know. http://xurl.at/5el

The best of the rest

See you in the kitchen soon
Bye for now
The Kitchen People

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July 13, 2011

Weekly news 13th July 2011


Our reigning hot dog eating champions (8 each in one sitting)

Scandi hello: How to make a hot dog, Pondus the Penguin and we’re four years old

Hello friend

Four is a magic number.  Did you know the number FOUR in English is the only word that has the same number of letters as the number?  Other ways to talk about 4 includes quartet, tetra and quad.  There are four seasons, four wings on a bee and our Camilla only has four toes on one foot.

We were four years old last Sunday.  We opened our doors back on 10th July 2007.  We think we’ve come a long way since then and we’re still loving what we do and all of you guys we do it with all the time. http://xurl.at/51d

Summertime and the living is easy...

We Scandies love our summer holidays.  In fact, many Scandinavian countries (it feels like) simply close for a full three weeks in July and everybody heads off to their cabins or head south for the sun.  We’re not closing this summer but we will be taking Sundays off during the school holidays.  So, from 24th July until 4th September inclusive, Sundays are closed.  We suggest a picnic in the park, a trip to the zoo (they have penguins) or maybe even cleaning the garage.  It could do with a tidy, you know http://xurl.at/51e

In the shop

This week we have a special on Wienerkorv (Scandinavian hotdog sausages).  Yeps, dear friends, two for one from Wednesday till Sunday.  You can grab yours both online and in store, but be quick because this is a super offer that means instant barbeque success and reasons to wear Grilldress.  To make a real Scandinavian hotdog, here’s a bit of a guide http://xurl.at/51f

To buy sausages (and other stuff) online:  http://www.scandikitchen.co.uk/shop

Penguin of the week

Our penguin this week is called Pondus and he wears a red scarf.  Bronte can’t quite remember if he really did use to go for tea at the Queen’s castle or if she dreamt it.  Still, he’s a cool fella is our Pondus: he goes to birthday parties and looks suitably bored. http://xurl.at/51g

The best of the rest

-Swedish ladies in semi final world cup football – it’s tonight and we’ll all be watching http://www.thelocal.se/34896/20110713/
-What a nice thing to say http://xurl.at/51h
-The snus loophole closes in Denmark http://xurl.at/51i

See you in the kitchen soon
Bye for now
The Kitchen People

Scandinavian Kitchen – good food with love from Scandinavia
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July 04, 2011

Weekly news 4-10 July 2011

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Scandi hello: Pea soup fight, Norwegian Toenail lady and Bjorn hides political messages in Mamma Mia

Hejsa du,

This week we learnt that there are two people in Sweden who are named “Bulle” which means “Bun”. There are also two people named “Kanel” (cinnamon). And one poor dude named “Socker” (sugar).
Still, this does not beat the Norwegian first name of “Odd” or “Bent”, or how about the Swedish name Jerk for your first born?

Mamma mia, here we go again

We have long known that the answer to all life’s questions can be found in ABBA songs. We bow to Benny & co and we are happy they have enriched our lives with songs such as “I do, I do, I do”, “Money Money Money” and “Gimme Gimme”. We even like the lesser known “Hej Gamle Man” . Last week, Bjorn revealed their songs are not to be boxed as silly pop songs: they all have hidden political messages... Fernando? http://xurl.at/4yt

Give me my Thursday pea soup, or else...

Food is all about culture and roots. When people ask us why we started Scandi Kitchen we say it’s because we found a temporary remedy for homesickness for the Scandi ex-pats. Food is Mamma, food is home, food broadens your horizons and lets you taste a country’s culture and innermost secrets.

In Sweden, all soldiers in the Swedish Army eat pea soup and pancakes on a Thursday. It’s as Swedish as Volvo and fermented herring and nobody should mess with that. Except one big catering firm did and they lost out. http://xurl.at/4yu

In the shop

This week, David wants everyone to know that goods from Norway are coming in mid week, so if you are running out of brown cheese, it is a good week to stock up. There will also be a special offer on Norwegian Fiske pudding. New stuff includes Norwegian Sørlandschips. They are crisps, but they are Norwegian and this means they are better than Abba, Aqua and Ace of Base put together.
Don’t forget we’re still in the middle of Korv Mania (Swedish Sausage Season) so stock up on the best BBQ sausages in town (don’t forget to wear Grilldress if you are Norwegian). http://www.scandikitchen.co.uk/shop

Penguin of the week

Lance the Tourist Penguin is still lost in New Zealand. Thanks to all of you who sent in Penguin stories. This week’s Penguin of the week is one that tickles. And one that slaps. http://xurl.at/4yw

A little bit of this and a dash of that

  • Highest viewing in Norwegian TV history? 134 hours direct transmission of a cruise through the fjords (yes really) – highlights here http://xurl.at/4yx Perfect if you are planning an armchair holiday from the comfort of Winchester.
  • Danes think sunbathing in the buff is a bit rude http://xurl.at/4yy
  • The UK Guild of Food Writers pop by http://xurl.at/4yz
  • Is her name Toe-nail or not? http://xurl.at/4z0
  • Please note that we will be closed on SUNDAYS from 24th July (inclusive) until beginning of September.

See you in the kitchen soon
Bye for now
The Kitchen People

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December 07, 2010

The reason we get up in the morning...

On Saturday we had a visit from a young English lady named Madeleine.  She and her parents have been coming to see us once in a while almost since we opened.  It is always so nice to see them.  They all love Scandinavia and we always have a good chit-chat about their holidays in the Nordic countries.

This weekend, Madeleine left us this note.  We realise that it is because of things like this that we get out of bed in the morning.  Thanks, Madeleine, for reminding us.

Madeleine letter



July 21, 2010

Food + Lovers + London = essential bliss

Food lovers1

It's got all about amazing food.  It's for people who love food.  Possibly one of the most essential books if you live in London (aside from your A-Z), Jenny Linford's book "Food Lovers London" has been a staple in thousands of foodie  households for years and years.

But things change in the food shop world, especially after a big grim recession.  Old places close down - but new exciting ones open up too.   Jenny's been busy updating her book and the launch was at Scandi Kitchen last week for the new edition.

A sleek new look, an easier to read format and more amazing photographs than ever, this book is worth every last penny.  Use it to eat your way around London and find exciting new ingredients.  Try out new exiting cuisines.  Use the book to discover new areas of London.  Last but not at all least:  support small shops who need new customers to stick around:  they provide an essential service for everyone by being the ones who introduce the new stuff to our pallets before the big supermarkets step in. 

We've got a signed copy of Food Lovers London to give away to one lucky person.  Just answer this question to be in with a chance to win:

Ouzo is a Greek specialty.  What is it?

a) A flirty waiter wearing an open shirt and a smile?

b) An anise flavoured liquor

c) A cheese used in greek salads

Send your answer to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before Friday.  Usual competition rules apply. 

BUY THE BOOK at Scandi Kitchen or get your copy here from amazon

the lovely Michaela from Scandi Kitchen (she's in the kitchen, which is why you probably haven't seen her much)


July 06, 2010

Food Lovers London: essential reading if you like food. And, eh... London.

Back in the day, Bronte was one of those curious people who liked going to specialist food shops and buy exotic things to eat - from trips to the Greek delis to the Spanish places; trips to Chinatown for the best Asian ingredients.

One day she stumbled over a book called Food Lovers London - and it soon became her bible when out shopping in London.  it was packed with amazing information, details of little gems of shops and where to go/what to eat and when to do it.  It was also the book that inspired her and Jonas to open Scandinavian Kitchen.

Written by acclaimed food writer Jenny Linford, Food Lovers London is now to be re-published and updated with all the latest information.  Jenny has been revisiting all the places and making sure the readers get the most up to date information about specialist food places in London.

And guess what?  Yeps.  We're in it.  Not only are we IN it, there is also a picture of our Michaela in it.  Oh, and even more exciting:  guess who is hosting the official launch party for the book? 

Yeps.  We are.  on July 14th, at Scandi Kitchen in the evening.  This event is strictly invites only (publishers, journos, people-in-the-know), but because we're hosting it we have 2 x 2 tickets to give away to some very, very lucky people to attend. 

The event starts at 7 pm.

To be in with a chance to win one of the two pairs of tickets, please answer the following question:

Chorizo is a dried sausage originally originating from:

a) Sweden

b) Spain

c) Switzerland

Answers to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk by this Saturday evening, please.  Usual competition rules apply.

The book is available to buy at all good bookshops and at Amazon too.  We will also be selling it in the shop as soon as the new edition is out.


Food write Jenny Linford.  What she does not know about food is not worth knowing.

June 30, 2010

All-singing, all dancing person wanted...


Our cafe is full of great people: from our customers to the people who work here, we pride ourselves in being not just about the food, but also about surrounding ourselves with super people.

At the moment we’re looking for a special someone to join us full time, starting end of July/August time – this is because our Micha is leaving us for pastures new. The job on offer is one that covers both front of house and also the kitchen, so there’s scope to get to know both sides of the business and really get stuck in.

Responsibilities include:

• Making open sandwiches, salads, rolls and other lunch prep needed daily, such as pastries and cakes

• Keeping the kitchen clean to a very high standard

• Champion stock rotation and stock control

• Help out with catering orders when needed

• Make excellent coffee to a super high standard (high level training provided)

• Serve and be ultra nice to our customers

• Keep Front of House looking lovely and very clean

• Handle cash and help cash up and close the shop

• Help stock up our goods both for cafe and grocery

• Advise customers on Scandinavian food


The person we’re looking for has the following skills and qualities:

• Experience of retail and/or food customer service

• Ideally some experience of working in a kitchen

• Good knowledge of Scandinavian food

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

• Speaks/reads at least one Scandinavian language and is fluent in English

• Good numeracy and logic skills

• Can think on your feet and work under pressure and stress

• Knows all the lyrics to "she's got the look" - backwards. Na na na naaa na.

A lot of our Scandinavian customers miss home and any applicant who has been away from ‘home’ (meaning country) for a while gets bonus points as it brings an understanding of what it is like to live abroad. We welcome in particular applications from people who have already been customers of ours so you know what we’re all about (although this is not essential, but a nice to have).

Hours of work are between Monday to Saturday (5 days/week) and the shifts are between the hours of 7:00-20:00 and are anything from 7 to 10 hours long. The pay is £6.88 an hour.

As this is a full time permanent role we are unable to accept applications from people wishing to do summer jobs or similar: we are looking for someone to stick around till Christmas, ideally longer.

To apply, please send your current CV and a little note about you and why you want to work at Scandi Kitchen to: bronte@scandikitchen.co.uk. Deadline is 3rd July.

We’re sorry, but if you have not heard back from us a week after the deadline, the job wasn’t quite right for you this time around.

January 19, 2010

Nordic Diet by Trina Hahnemann


Our boys and Trina (with some jars of red cabbage in the background)

We love Trina, she writes really nice books about Scandinavian food.  This instantly makes her one of our favourite people, seeing as we're all about spreading the herring-word around the planet.

Her first book, Scandinavian Cookbook, was lush - and the photos by Lars Ranek were amazing.  Her new book, just published this month by Quadrille, is all about the Nordic Diet and how to follow it and maybe, just maybe, end up looking a bit like Helena Christensen (maybe, only maybe).

Trina popped by on Monday to say hello to us and to sign a few books.  The Scandi Kitchen guys were all very pleased, as you can see.

To be in with the chance of winning a SIGNED copy of the NORDIC DIET book, answer the following question:

The infamous 80's rock band Europe had a poodle haired lead singer.  What was his name?

A: Joey Tribiani

B: Joey Tempest

C: Joey the Pink Poodle

Send your answer to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before Friday this week and we'll enter you into the competition.  The usual rules apply (no cheating, no cash alternative, only one winner, no you can't swap your prize for an evening out with Henrik, although he will sign the book as well if you request it).

If you fancy seeing Trina in action, she is hosting a cooking event at the most excellent Divertimenti on 30th January - it is only £40 a head www.Divertimenti.co.uk



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